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Knitted DROPS dog coat in ”Karisma” with cable pattern.

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Size: XS - S - M
The measures of the dog:
Chest width: approx 28/32 – 40/44 – 48/52 cm
[11/12½’’ – 15/17” – 19/20½”]
Back length: approx 24 – 32 - 40 cm
[9½” – 12½” – 15¾”]
Examples of sizes of dogs:
XS = Chihuahua, S = Bichon Frise, M = Cocker Spaniel

Materials: DROPS Karisma from Garnstudio
100-100-150 g color no. 21, light gray

DROPS circular needle size 4 mm [US 6], 40 cm [16’’] (sock needle in size XS) –or the size needed to obtain the correct knitting gauge.

DROPS double pointed needle and short circular needle size 3 mm [US 2or3]

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Pattern instructions

NOTE: This pattern is written in American English. All measurements in charts are in cm. For conversion from inches to cm - click here. There are different terms for crocheting in American and British English. If this pattern includes crochet, click for "crochet terms" here. For this pattern in British English, please click here.
Knitting gauge: 21 sts x 28 rows in stockinette sts = 10 x 10 cm [4’’ x 4’’].

Pattern: See diagrams M.1 to M.3 The diagrams are shown from the RS.

Rib: * K2, P2 * , repeat from *-*.

Workin the round from the neck and down.
Cast on 60-80-100 sts with double pointed needle size 3 mm [US 2or3] and light grey.
Work in Rib for 8-10-12 cm [3 1/8”-4”-4 ¾”] (= Collar which will be folded double).
Change to small circular needle size 4 mm [US 6] (sock needle in size XS).
K 1 round at the same time inc. 16-32-54 sts evenly distributed = 76-112-154 sts.
Continue the pattern as follows:
Size XS: M.2, P2 , M.2, P3, M.3, M.2, M.1 (= mid back), M.2, M.3 and P3.
Size S: * M.2, P2 *, repeat from *-* 2 times, M.2, * M.3, M.2 *, repeat from *-* 2 times, M.1 (= mid back), * M.2, M.3 *, repeat from *-* 2 times.
Size M: * M.2, P2 *, repeat from *-* 3 times, M.2, * M.3, M.2 *, repeat from *-* 3 times, M.1 (= mid back), * M.2, M.3 *, repeat from *-* 3 times.
At the same time when the piece measures 12-16-20 cm [4 ¾”-6 ¼”-8”] split the work for the forelegs as follows: Put 10-16-22 sts on a thread or a stitch holder (= underneath the stomach), bind off 1 P st, continue to work over the back piece and bind off the last st at the other side = 64-94-130 sts (= back piece).
Work back and forth over these sts for 6-8-10 cm [2 3/8”-3 1/8”-4”] (the piece measures 18-24-30 cm [7”-9½”-11 ¾”] in total).
Put sts on a stitch holder and put sts from the stitch holder underneath the stomach back on needle.
Cast on 1 new st each side of these sts = 12-18-24 sts.
Continue knitting the pattern back and forth with 1 P st each side. When worked 6-8-10 cm [2 3/8”-3 1/8”-4”] put all sts on needle = 76-112-154 sts.
When the piece measures 24-31-38 cm [9½”-12 ¼”-15”] bind off 12-20-28 sts mid underneath the stomach.
Now work the piece back and forth on needle – at the same time bind off each side on every other row: 3 sts 1 time, 2 sts 2-3-4 time, 1 st 2-3-4 times, 2 st 2-3-4 times and 3 sts 1 time = 32-50-74 sts left. The piece measures approx. 30-39-48 cm [11 ¾”-15 ¼”-19”].

Put the remaining sts on a small circular needle size 3 mm [US 2or3] and pick up sts around the binding off edge to a total of approx 84-108-140 sts.
Work Rib for 2-3-4 cm [3/4”-1 1/8”-1½”], bind off loosely.

Pick up approx. 36-44-52 sts on double pointed needle size 3 mm [US 2or3] around 1 opening.
Work Rib for 2-3-4 cm [3/4”-1 1/8”-1½”], bind off loosely with K over K and P over P. Repeat for the other opening.


All measurements in charts are in cm.

= K from the RS, P from the WS
= P from the RS, K from the WS
= Cable: Put 1 st on cablee needle behind the work, K3, P1 from cable needle.
= Cable: Put 3 sts on cable needle in front of work, P1, K3 from cable needle.
= Cable: Put 2 sts on a cable needle behind the work, K2, K2 from the cable needle.
= Cable: Put 3 sts on a cable needle behind the work, K3, K3 from cable needle.

Nancy Dumont 02.07.2019 - 06:26:

Why are the number of stitches for Size S and M less than the number of stitches in the pattern. The larger needle has 112 stitiches for size S but the pattern computes to 156 stitches for a round. Also the mid back is not in the middle of the pattern.

DROPS Design 02.07.2019 kl. 08:59:

Dear Mrs Dumont, work the 112 sts in size S as follows: *M.2 (= 4 sts), P2*, repeat from *-* 2 times (= 6 sts x 2 = 12 sts), M.2 (= 4 sts), * M.3 (= 14 sts), M.2 (= 4 sts) *, repeat from *-* 2 times (= 14+4 x 2 = 36 sts), M.1 (= 24 sts), * M.2 (= 4 sts), M.3(= 14 sts) *, repeat from *-* 2 times (= 4+14 x 2 = 36 sts) = 12+4+36+24+36= 112 sts. M.1 should be the middle of back piece on jumper, but is not in the middle of the round. Happy knitting!

Jeannine 27.02.2019 - 13:17:

Goedendag ik heb een vraagje moet ik het patroon m3 ook herhalen nadat ik de 22 rijen gebreid heb vanaf rij 1 als dat zo is kloppen de steken toch niet meer mvg. J.R.

DROPS Design 27.02.2019 kl. 19:32:

Dag Jeannine,

Je herhaalt steeds de patronen in de hoogte en je herhaalt ze in de breedte zoals aangegeven staat voor de maat die je breit. Omdat M.3 minder naalden in de hoogte heeft, zitten er uiteindelijk meer herhalingen van M.3 in de hoogte.

Martina Koch 25.02.2019 - 20:14:

Hallo DROPS-Team. Gibt auch eine Anleitung in der das Bauchteil hinten unten gesplittet ist? Ein Rüde wird mit diesem graden Abschluss ein Problem aufgrund seiner Anatonomie haben wenn er sein „kleines Geschäftchen“ machen muss. 🤔 Liebe Grüße

DROPS Design 26.02.2019 kl. 10:53:

Liebe Frau Koch, das Bauchteil ist immer kürzer als das obere Teil, es sollte so passen, aber sonnst können Sie auch die Anleitung nach Wunsch anpassen, gerne kann Ihnen Ihr DROPS Laden damit helfen. Viel Spaß beim stricken!

Anna 10.02.2019 - 10:28:

Milloin tassureiät tehdään ja miten

Cilli 07.02.2019 - 15:47:

Hallo, Hat jemand diesen Schnitt bereits für einen königspudel umgesetzt? Bin mir bei den maßen nicht sicher. Gemessen halsumfang 48cm, Rückenlänge 66cm Brustumfang 74cm. Vielen herzlichen dank für die Hilfe

Emily Wechsler 03.02.2019 - 21:38:

This is an adorable sweater. However, I do not think the pattern could be written in a more complicated way! I mean, THREE charts, all with a different number of rows. I suggest using markers to make it easier to figure out where you are. Also, if Susan hadn't asked about the leg holes, I would not have known to put the first stitches on the holder. I am starting over for the third time and hope to get it right this go round! Then it changes to back and forth but with two stitches less!!!

Rita Lagesø 24.01.2019 - 17:04:

Glæder mig til prøve jeres opskrifter, jeg er blevet anbefalet af min nabo Lisbeth, da hun har mange fine opskrifter af jeres. venlig hilsen Rita Lagesø.

Daniela Thornhill 19.01.2019 - 17:18:

Hallo Mienchen, Das bedeutet *Muster M2, 2 Maschen links* 2 mal wiederholen, also insgesamt 3 mal nacheinander. Hab den Pullover gestrickt, aber ich mache ihn nochmal in der beschriebenen Wolle und in Größe M.

Sarah 19.01.2019 - 15:38:

Why isn’t there a size for large? Would it be possible to update the pattern with sizes for larger dogs? It’s so cute! Thank you!

DROPS Design 19.01.2019 kl. 17:10:

Dear Sara, since thi is an older pattern, it is highly unlikely it will be updated for other sizes. However, there are other dog-coats that are avialable in size L, and you can try to use thicker yarns and needles to achieve a bigger result. Happy Knitting!

Vera Hellerud 19.01.2019 - 13:21:

Hei. Det gjelder ikke bare denne oppskriften, men ønsker veldig en oppskrift med 4 ben 🙂

DROPS Design 21.01.2019 kl. 07:59:

Hei Vera. Ønsket ditt er videreformidlet til vår designavdeling. Hilsen DROPS

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