How to purl stitches

How to purl stitches

This is how you work purl stitches:

Figure 1: Hold the needle with the stitches in your left hand. Place the yarn over the needle and your left index finger and keep the yarn in place in the palm of your hand using your ring- and little finger. Make sure that the yarn is always in front of the left hand needle when purling.

Figure 2: Insert the right hand needle into the back of the first stitch (from left to right) on the left hand needle to make a new purl stitch – remember to keep the yarn strand in the front.

Figure 3: Place the yarn from the index finger over the right hand needle.

Figure 4: Pull the yarn through the loop with the tip of the right hand needle.

Figure 5: You now have the new stitch on the right hand needle, but the old stitch is still on the left hand needle.

Figure 6: Slide the old stitch off the left hand needle and pull lightly on the yarn strand behind the new stitch.

Figure 7: Continue like this until you have worked all stitches off the left hand needle and all new stitches are on the right hand needle.

You have now completed the first row purl stitches. Turn the piece, move the needle with stitches to your left hand and start working a new row of purl stitches with your right hand needle.

See this video for extra help

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