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Avery by DROPS Design

DROPS jacket with round yoke and pattern on yoke in ”Silke Alpaca”. Size S - XXXL.

Size: S - M - L - XL - XXL - XXXL
Finished measurements:
Bust: 82-90-98-108-118-132 cm / 32¼’’-35½’’-38½’’-42½’’-46½’’-52’’
Full length: 58-60-62-64-66-68 cm / 22¾’’-23 5/8’’-24 3/8’’-25¼’’-26’’-26¾’’

Materials: DROPS SILKE ALPACA from Garnstudio
color no 1340, light beige: 550-600-650-750-800-900 g

DROPS DOUBLE POINTED and CIRCULAR NEEDLE (40 and 80 cm / 16” and 32”) size 4.5 mm/US 7 – or size needed to get 17 sts x 22 rows in stockinette st = 10 x 10 cm / 4’’ x 4’’.

DROPS Buffalo horn buttons no 537: 6-7-7-7-8-8 pcs.

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Not sure which size you should choose? Then it might help you to know that the model in the picture is approx. 5 ft 7 in and uses size S or M. If you are making a sweater, cardigan, dress or similar garment, you will find a graphic with the measurements of the finished garment (in cm) at the bottom of the pattern.
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Pattern instructions

NOTE: This pattern is written in American English. All measurements in charts are in cm. For conversion from inches to cm - click here. There are different terms for crocheting in American and British English. If this pattern includes crochet, click for "crochet terms" here. For this pattern in British English, please click here.
Row 1: * P1, K1 *, repeat from *-* and finish with P1.
Row 2: K over P and P over K
Repeat row 2.

GARTER ST (back and forth on needle): K all rows.

GARTER ST (in the round): K 1 round, P 1 round.

Because of the weight of the yarn all measurements should be made while the garment is hanging.

Make buttonholes on right front band. 1 buttonhole = bind off 3rd st from mid front and cast on 1 new st on return row.
Make buttonholes when piece measures:
SIZE S: 7, 16, 26, 36, 46, 56 cm /
SIZE M: 7, 15, 23, 31, 40, 49, 58 cm / 2¾”,6”,9”,12¼”,15¾”,19¼”,22¾”
SIZE L: 7, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51, 60 cm / 2¾”,6”,9½”,13”,16½”,20”,23 5/8”
SIZE XL: 7, 16, 25, 34, 43, 52, 62 cm / 2¾”,6¼”,9¾”,13 3/8”,17”,20½”,24 3/8”
SIZE XXL: 7, 15, 23, 31, 39, 47, 55, 64 cm / 2¾”,6”,9”,12¼”,15¼”,18½”,21 5/8”,25¼”
SIZE XXXL: 7, 15, 23, 31, 39, 47, 55, 64 cm 2¾”,6”,9”,12¼”,15¼”,18½”,21 5/8”,25¼”

PATTERN: See diagram M.1 The diagram shows the pattern from the RS. See diagram for your size.

Worked back and forth on circular needle. Cast on 159-173-187-203-223-245 sts (includes 5 front band sts each side towards mid front) on circular needle size 4.5 mm / US 7 with Silke Alpaca. P 1 row from WS and continue in MOSS ST – see above – with 5 front band sts each side in GARTER ST – see above. Front bands are worked in garter st throughout. When piece measures 6 cm / 2 3/8’’ continue in stockinette st with front band sts as before. Insert 2 markers in piece, 42-45-49-53-58-63 sts in from each side (back piece = 75-83-89-97-107-119 sts.) Remember BUTTONHOLES on right front band – see above. When piece measures 10 cm / 4’’ dec 1 st on each side of both markers (= 4 dec per row) and repeat the dec on every 9-9.5-10-10.5-11-11.5 cm / 3½”-3¾”-4”-4¼”-4 3/8”-4½” a total of 3 times = 147-161-175-191-211-233 sts. Dec by K2 tog. Continue until piece measures 33-34-35-36-37-38 cm / 13’’-13 3/8’’-13¾’’-14¼’’-14½’’-15’’– SEE MEASUREMENT TIP!
Now bind off 8 sts each side (= 4 sts on each side of marker) = 131-145-159-175-195-217 sts left on needle. Put piece aside and knit the sleeves.

Worked in the round on double pointed needles. Cast on 49-51-51-55-57-59 sts on double pointed needles size 4.5 mm / US 7 with Silke Alpaca. Work 6 rounds garter st – see above. Insert a marker at beg of round (= mid under arm). When piece measures 10 cm / 4’’ inc 1 st on each side of marker and repeat the inc on every 9-4.5-2-1.5-1.5-1 cm / 3½”-1¾”-3/4”-½”-½”-3/8” a total of 2-3-5-6-7-8 times = 53-57-61-67-71-75 sts. When piece measures 23-23-22-22-21-21 cm / 9”-9”-8¾”-8¾”-8¼”-8¼” (less for the larger sizes because of wider shoulder) bind off 4 sts on each side of marker for armhole = 45-49-53-59-63-67 sts. Put piece aside and knit the other sleeve

Slip sleeves on the same circular needle size 4.5 mm / US 7 as body piece where bind off for armholes = 221-243-265-293-321-351 sts. K 1 row from RS (with front bands as before), AT THE SAME TIME dec 11-13-15-3-11-21 sts evenly = 210-230-250-290-310-330 sts. K 1 row from WS and now continue in M.1 from RS (see diagram for your size) with 5 garter sts each side. After 1 vertical repeat of M.1 there are 100-109-118-122-130-138 sts on row. K 1 row from RS, AT THE SAME TIME dec 8-17-20-24-24-32 sts evenly = 92-92-98-98-106-106 sts. K 5 rows on all sts and bind off loosely.

Sew openings under arms. Sew on buttons.

This pattern has been corrected. .

Updated online: 17.04.2009
Chart text:
Symbol 4 and 5 has been exchanged.
M.1 S+M+L: New row 19


All measurements in charts are in cm.

= K from RS, P from WS
= P from RS, K from WS
= work 2 sts in 1 st
= K2 tog
= RS: slip 1 st as if to K, K1, psso. WS: slip 1 st as if to P, P1, psso.
= 1 YO between 2 sts
= RS: P2 tog. WS: K2 tog
= work 3 sts in 1 st as follows: P1, K1, P1
= P3 tog
= slip 1 st as if to K
= place yarn in front of piece (= towards you) slip 1 st as if to P, place yarn behind piece (= away from you).

Kira 18.10.2018 - 14:57:

Hello, it said my comment was too long so again: Chart M1 is there a decrease between row 11 and 12 as the row gets shorter in the graphic? Also row 13, p2tog purl 16, so a repeat of 18 st or p2tog at the start of row and then purl the rest of row? Same for row 15, k 15 st slip 1 stitch, repeat all 17 stitches? Or only a final slip 1 stitch at very end of row? Thank You!

DROPS Design 18.10.2018 kl. 16:01:

Dear Kira, when working M.1 you will repeat the sts in M.1 as shown in diagram (you can insert a marker to separate each diagram on your needle so that you can always check the number of sts). You will then increase 2 sts in each M.1 on the first row. Then, on row 11 you will decrease 8 times but work only 4 yo's = you will decrease 4 sts in each repeat. On row 13, work: *P2 tog, P16*and repeat from *-* over each repeat. And so on for each row in M.1. Happy knitting!

Dominique 06.06.2018 - 08:28:

Bonjour, pour l\'empiècement, avant de commencer le diagramme il reste pour la taille L 250 mailles, les 10 mailles de bordure sont elles comprises dans ces 150 mailles \r\nmerci pour votre réponse \r\ncordialement

DROPS Design 06.06.2018 kl. 10:08:

Bonjour Dominique, les 10 m de bordure devant sont comprises dans les 250 mailles, mais vous ne devez pas diminuer au-dessus des 5 m de chaque côté, tricotez-les simplement comme avant. Bon tricot!

Rebecca 16.01.2018 - 04:27:

Would you be able to tell me the measurements for the sleeves if I wanted them long, to my wrists and not 3/4 length? Thank you!

DROPS Design 16.01.2018 kl. 09:19:

Dear Rebecca, we are unfortunately not able to adjust every pattern to each individual request but you can adjust sleeve length to your own measurements getting help from similar patterns with same tension. Happy knitting!

Jessica 28.09.2016 - 21:11:

Bonjour je ne comprends pas bien l'EMPIECEMENT des manches. Auriez vous une vidéo pour m'aider ? Merci

DROPS Design 29.09.2016 kl. 09:08:

Bonjour Jessica, quand les manches sont faites, on les remet sur la même aiguille circulaire que le dos et les devants (cf vidéo ci-dessous) et on va tricoter 1 rang sur l'end en répartissant des dim, 1 rang end sur l'env puis on continue ainsi: 5 m point mousse, on répète M.1 en largeur jusqu'à ce qu'il reste 5 m, 5 m point mousse. Bon tricot!

Anja 12.04.2016 - 15:42:

Kan ik dit patroon ook breien van BRUSHED ALPACA SILK?

DROPS Design 13.04.2016 kl. 16:40:

Hoi Anja. Ja, dat kan. Je kan hier lezen hoe je de hoeveelheid materiaal berekent en vergeet niet om een proeflapje te breien.

Véro 07.04.2016 - 19:32:

Bonjour, Je trouve ce modèle très joli. Existe-t-il en français car moi et l'anglais ... heum heum ! Merci d'avance de la réponse. Véro

DROPS Design 08.04.2016 kl. 08:32:

Bonjour Vero, changez la langue du modèle en cliquant sur le menu déroulant sous la photo "Choose your language:English" et sélectionnez "Français". Bon tricot!

Jessica 02.09.2015 - 22:14:

Bonjour, Je suis bloquée dès le début. Je ne comprend pas si les 223 mailles montées (je fais le xxl) comprennent le 5 mailles bordures ou je dois les rajouter ? Merci de votre réponse

DROPS Design 03.09.2015 kl. 09:18:

Bonjour Jessica, les mailles de bordure des devants de chaque côté sont comprises dans le nombre de mailles à monter. Bon tricot!

Celine 25.04.2014 - 20:18:

Bonjour,quelques questions : une maille envers sur l'envers =une maille envers ? une maille envers sur l'endroit =une maille envers? une maille endroit sur l'endroit =1 maille endroit? et enfin 1 maille endroit sur l'envers= 1 maille envers? Merci de votre aide !

DROPS Design 26.04.2014 kl. 09:58:

Bonjour Céline, 1 case blanche = 1 m jersey end (à tricoter à l'end sur l'end et à l'env sur l'env), 1 case avec une x = 1 m jersey env (à tricoter à l'env sur l'end et à l'end sur l'env). Ainsi, au 1er rang, tricotez les m à l'end, au 2ème rang, tricotez les m à l'end également (car rang sur l'env, ainsi elles apparaîtront à l'env sur l'end). Bon tricot!

Kayla 04.04.2014 - 22:42:

It looks like there's a typo in the dimensions. Instead of 16 1/2", should it not say 46 1/2"?

DROPS Design 05.04.2014 kl. 10:08:

Dear Kayla, you are correct, this will be updated asap. Thank you. Happy knitting!

Melanie 05.09.2013 - 15:41:

I'm starting row 34, a WS row, in M.1 and I am confused about moving the thread forward and back as directed. Since it's a WS row I should be purling and slipping every other stitch but the part about placing thread towards me, it's already there because I'm purling the stitch before and then place it away from me after I slip the stitch, but the next stitch is a purl so it needs to be in front again and nothing is accomplished? Also, should the stitches be slipped knitwise or purlwise?

DROPS Design 06.09.2013 kl. 09:45:

Dear Melanie, text to this last symbol has been edited so that you should slip 1 st as if to P. Thank you, happy knitting!

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