DROPS Baby / 16 / 1

Little Peach by DROPS Design

Set of knitted poncho with hood and booties for baby and children in DROPS Eskimo

Tags: hood, ponchos, sets, socks,

Size: 1/3 - 6/9 - 12/18 months (2 – 3/4) years
Materials: DROPS ESKIMO from Garnstudio
250-250-300 (300-350) g color no 30, pink

Size: 1/3 - 6/9 - 12/18 months (2 – 3/4) years
To fit foot length: 10-11-12 (14-16) cm [4”-4 3/8”-4 ¾” (5½”-6 ¼”)]
Materials: DROPS ESKIMO from Garnstudio
50-50-50 (100-100) g color no 30, pink

DROPS CIRCULAR Needle size 8 mm [US 11] (60 cm [24’’]) – or size needed to get 11 sts x 15 rows in stockinette st = 10 x 10 cm [4’’ x 4’’].
DROPS CROCHET Hook size 10 mm [N/15] – for tie strings.

DROPS POINTED Needles size 7 mm [US 10 ½] – or size needed to get 12 sts x 16 row in stockinette st = 10 x 10 cm [4’’ x 4’’].

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Pattern instructions

NOTE: This pattern is written in American English. All measurements in charts are in cm. For conversion from inches to cm - click here. There are different terms for crocheting in American and British English. If this pattern includes crochet, click for "crochet terms" here. For this pattern in British English, please click here.
GARTER ST (back and forth on needle): K all rows.

Row 1: * K1, P1 *, repeat from *-*.
Row 2: K over P and P over K. Repeat row 2.

INCREASING TIP: Inc 1 st by making 1 YO. Work YO into back of loop on return row to avoid a hole.

Worked from top down, beg with hood.
Cast on 37-39-41 (45-47) sts on circular needle size 8 mm [US 11] with Eskimo. Work moss st – SEE ABOVE – back and forth on needle with 3 garter sts – SEE ABOVE – each side.
When piece measures 19-21-23 (25-27) cm [7½”-8 ¼”-9” (9 ¾”-10 5/8”)] K 1 row from RS, AT THE SAME TIME dec 3-3-3 (7-7) sts evenly (do not dec on the 3 garter sts each side) = 34-36-38 (38-40) sts.
Insert 4 markers in piece as follows (as seen from RS): M-1 after 4 sts, M-2 after 13-14-15 (15-16) sts, M-3 after 21-22-23 (23-24) sts and M-4 after 30-32-34 (34-36) sts. Now piece are measured from here.
K 1 row from WS.
Continue in stockinette st back and forth on needle with 3 garter sts each side towards mid front, AT THE SAME TIME on first row from RS inc as follows – SEE INCREASING TIP: 1 st AFTER M-1, 1 st BEFORE M-2, 1 st AFTER M-3, 1 st BEFORE M-4 (= 4 inc).
Repeat the inc on every other row another 15-17-18 (20-21) times = 98-108-114 (122-128) sts.
AT THE SAME TIME when piece measures 6-7-8 (9-10) cm [2 3/8”-2 ¾”-3 1/8” (3½”-4”)] continue in the round in stockinette st - P the 6 sts mid front on first round, and then work them in stockinette st. After all inc are complete work 1 round stockinette st on all sts and continue in moss st for 4-4-5 (5-6) cm [1½”-1½”-2” (2”-2 3/8”)]. Work 1 round stockinette st and bind off loosely.

Sew hood tog at the top, sew in outer loops of sts top avoid a chunky seam.

Crochet a string of ch measuring approx 1 meter [1.1 yds] with 2 threads Eskimo. Thread string through row after the garter st on neckline. Tie a knot either end.

Worked back and forth on needle from toe towards the heel.
Cast on 16-16-18 (18-20) sts on needle size 7 mm [US 10 ½] with Eskimo. Work stockinette st with 1 garter st each side until piece measures approx 4-4½-5 (6-6½) cm [1½”-1 ¾”-2” (2 3/8”-2½”)] – adjust so that next row is from RS.
REMEMBER THE KNITTING GAUGE! Now work 2 sts in each of the middle 2 sts (to make bootie wider at top of foot) = 18-18-20 (20-22) sts, P return row. Now slip the first 9-9-10 (10-11) sts on a stitch holder.

FIRST SIDE: Work remaining 9-9-10 (10-11) sts on row. Work return row and cast on 5-6-6 (7-7) new sts at the end of row – work new sts in garter st and work remaining sts as before = 14-15-16 (17-18) sts. Continue as follows: * 1 row on the first 5-6-6 (7-7) sts, turn piece and work return row, 1 row on all sts, turn piece and work return row *, repeat from *-* until piece measures 10-11-12 (14-16) cm [4”-4 3/8”-4 ¾” (5½”-6 ¼”)] where longest, bind off.

THE OTHER SIDE: Slip sts on stitch holder back on needle, K 1 row from RS and now cast on 5-6-6 (7-7) new sts at the end of row = 14-15-16 (17-18) sts. Continue as described for first side until piece measures 10-11-12 (14-16) cm [4”-4 3/8”-4 ¾” (5½”-6 ¼”)], bind off.

ASSEMBLY: Fold bootie double and sew tog mid back and under foot – sew in outer loops of sts to avoid a chunky seam. Run a thread round the toe, tighten and fasten.


All measurements in charts are in cm.

Comments (304)

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Em Murphy 13.12.2018 - 19:16:

I'm trying to figure out how the tie strings are attached. There is no place to "thread" it. Is it one tie that goes around the outside back of the neckline/hood? That seems a little sloppy. It would seem better to make two and sew them in. Please clarify the instruction. Thanks.

DROPS Design 14.12.2018 kl. 08:28:

Dear Mrs Murphy, the strings will be fastened in the garter stitch ridge you worked between hood and body (= when you dec from RS and add markers and then K 1 row from WS). Happy knitting!

Leslie ODay 09.12.2018 - 22:36:

I don't see when in the pattern I join the ends to knit in the round.

DROPS Design 09.12.2018 kl. 23:19:

Dear Leslie, you start to knit in the round from: 'AT THE SAME TIME when piece measures 6-7-8 (9-10) cm continue in the round in stocking st - P the 6 sts mid front on first round, and then work them in stocking st.'. Happy knitting!

Liz 02.12.2018 - 10:33: https://www.garnstud ...

Hi. So I've knitted this up. I have 3 garter rows at each end of every row, starting with the hood continuing down. From the picture this is clearly incorrect. Where should the garter stitches be after the hood? Should I have knitted it rounds after the hood, rather than rows?

DROPS Design 03.12.2018 kl. 09:38:

Dear Liz, the 3 stitches worked in garter stitch on each side of the hood will be then the 3 sts on each side of neckline on the poncho. When you join piece in the round you will then purl the 6 sts on mid front (= the first 3 sts at the beg of the round + the last 3 sts at the end of the round) to make a small edge below the vent on neckline. Happy knitting!

Willems 30.11.2018 - 22:01:

Ik ben kkaar met breien maar hie maak ik het koordje vast. Er is geen tunneltje

Hayley 24.11.2018 - 16:53:

Hi the part that starts the poncho, it says "every other row " does this mean inc on all knit rows on the rs ?

DROPS Design 25.11.2018 kl. 10:27:

Dear Hayley, yes, every other row means every second row, or every right side row. Happy Knitting!

Hayley Skipworth-Gray 20.11.2018 - 21:00:

Hi I have just started the hood but it says garter stitch 3 each side . Is that each side of each row as in 3 at the beginning of the row and 3 at the end. And repeat this on next row?

DROPS Design 21.11.2018 kl. 08:00:

Hi Hayley, Yes, you work 3 garter stitches at the beginning and end of each row and these are continued throughout the piece. Happy knitting!

Em Murphy 16.11.2018 - 21:43:

I am trying to ask a question about this pattern. Each time I try to submit the question, there is an error stating that my message has forbidden words or links. I do not know what the forbidden words are. I have no links. Why doesn't this work.

DROPS Design 19.11.2018 kl. 08:01:

Dear Mrs Murphy, not sure neither, try to avoid adding links and try again asking your question - shouldn't it still not try, you are welcome to contact the store where you bought the yarn - even per mail or telephone. Happy knitting!

Belinda 07.11.2018 - 20:36:

Dank u voor vlug antw maar wil nig iets vragen ze zeggen meerdere elke nld is dat dan alleen in de rechtse sorry voor die stomme vraag maar ben beginnende breister en niet gewoon van patronen te lezen dank u bij voorbaat

DROPS Design 08.11.2018 kl. 09:37:

Dag Belinda,

Geen probleem hoor. Er staat 'meerder om de naald', dus de ene naald wel en de andere naald niet. Het klopt dan dat je steeds opeen naald met recht meerdert.

Decloedt Belinda 07.11.2018 - 12:58:

Ik bezig met dit capuchon maar snap niets hoe ik moet meerderen aan de markernld er staat 1 na M1 1 voor 2M en 1naM3 en 1voor M4 weet echt niet wat er bedoeld wordt en hoe ik het moet doen grtjes

DROPS Design 07.11.2018 kl. 14:54:

Dag Belinda,

Op het moment dat je de markeerders plaatst heb je de capuchon al af en ga je de poncho zelf breien. Je plaatst dus 4 markeerdraden en dan meerder je steeds zoals aangegeven, vlak vóór of vlak na de betreffende markeerdraad, dus als er bijvoorbeeld staat: 'meerder 1 steek na M-1, dan brei je nog 1 steek na M-1 en dan meerder je (door 1 omslag te maken).

Schneck 31.10.2018 - 11:48:

Combien de pelotes dois je commander pour le poncho 12/18 mois. Je ne trouve cette info nulle part. Merci de votre réponse

DROPS Design 31.10.2018 kl. 12:34:

Bonjour Mme Schneck, vous trouverez la quantité pour chaque taille dans l'en-tête, soit par ex en taille 1/3 mois: 250 g DROPS Eskimo /50 g la pelote = 5 pelotes pour le poncho en taille 1/3 mois. Bon tricot!

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