DROPS / 175 / 3

Crashing Waves by DROPS Design

Knitted top with raglan and lace pattern, worked top down in DROPS Cotton Light. Sizes S - XXXL.

Tags: lace, raglan, top down, tops,

DROPS Design: Pattern no cl-071
Yarn group B
Sizes: S - M - L - XL - XXL - XXXL
DROPS COTTON LIGHT from Garnstudio (belongs to yarn group B)
300-300-350-350-400-450 g color 08, ice blue

DROPS DOUBLE POINTED NEEDLES AND CIRCULAR NEEDLE (40 + 60 or 80 cm / 16" + 24'' or 32'') SIZE 4 mm/US 6 – or the size needed to get 21 stitches and 28 rows stockinette stitch or 17 stitches and 28 rows lace pattern on 10 cm / 4'' in width and 10 cm / 4'' in height.

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Not sure which size you should choose? Then it might help you to know that the model in the picture is approx. 5 ft 7 in and uses size S or M. If you are making a sweater, cardigan, dress or similar garment, you will find a graphic with the measurements of the finished garment (in cm) at the bottom of the pattern.
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Pattern instructions

NOTE: This pattern is written in American English. All measurements in charts are in cm. For conversion from inches to cm - click here. There are different terms for crocheting in American and British English. If this pattern includes crochet, click for "crochet terms" here. For this pattern in British English, please click here.
RIDGE/GARTER STITCH (worked in the round):
1 ridge = 2 rounds. Knit 1 round and purl 1 round.

See diagrams A.1 to A.8. See arrow for your size in A.1 and A.4.

The top is worked in the round with circular needle, top down. Increase to raglan, the increases are shown in diagrams A.1 and A.3.

Cast on 132 stitches in all sizes with circular needle size 4 mm / US 6 and Cotton Light. Work 2 RIDGES – see description above, then knit 1 round. Continue working as follows: * A.1 (= 5 stitches), A.2 (= 21 stitches), A.3 (= 7 stitches) *, work from *-* 4 times in total. The first repeat of A.1, A.2 and A.3 = the back piece, the second repeat of A.1, A.2 and A.3 = the sleeve, the third repeat of A.1, A.2 and A.3 = the front piece and the fourth repeat of A.1, A.2 and A.3 = the sleeve. REMEMBER THE GAUGE! Continue this pattern until there are 3 rounds left before the round with the arrow – see the arrow for your size! Work as before over the first and then the third repeat of A.1, A.2 and A.3. Over the second and the fourth repeat of A.1, A.2 and A.3 work the next 3 rounds as follows: purl over all stitches, knit over all stitches, purl over all stitches, but continue the increases as in A.1 and A.3. The next round is worked as follows (= the round with the arrow): work the first 55-59-63-67-75-79 stitches (= the back piece) bind off the next 55-59-63-67-75-79 stitches (= second repeat of A.1, A.2 and A.3), work the next 55-59-63-67-75-79 stitches (= the front piece), bind off the last 55-59-63-67-75-79 stitches (= the fourth repeat of A.1, A.2 and A.3).

Continue as follows – start on the round with the arrow for your size: * Work A.4 (= 16-19-20-23-27-28 stitches), A.5 (= 22-20-22-20-20-22 stitches), A.6 (= 17-20-21-24-28-29 stitches), cast on 14-14-20-22-26-30 new stitches *, work from *-* 2 times = 138-146-166-178-202-218 stitches. Work 2 ridges over the new 14-14-20-22-26-30 stitches in each side, continue the pattern over the other stitches as before. NOTE! no stitches are decreased in diagrams A.4, A.5 and A.6. The number of stitches in stockinette stitch between the front and back pieces increases while the number of stitches in A.4, A.5 and A.6 decreases. When you have worked 2 ridges over the new stitches, work A.7 over the middle 6 stitches in each side. The increased stitches in A.7 are worked in stockinette stitch = 4 increased stitches every 8th round. When A.4, A.5 and A.6 have been worked 1 time in height continue with A.8 over these stitches.

When A.8 is finished in height continue working with stockinette stitch over the stitches on the front piece and the back piece, continue with the pattern and increases in A.7 as before. Continue until the piece measures 41-42-43-43-43-43 cm / 16"-16½"-17"-17"-17"-17'', there are now approx. 190-206-222-238-258-278 stitches on the round. Work 2 ridges over all the stitches, then bind off. The piece measures in total 58-60-62-64-66-68 cm / 22¾''-23 5/8''-24 3/8''-25¼''-26''-26¾'' from the shoulder.


All measurements in charts are in cm.

= knit
= slip 1 stitch as if to knit, knit 1, pass the slipped stitch over the knitted stitch
= knit 2 together
= 1 yarn over between 2 stitches, on the next round knit the yarn over, there will be holes
= slip 1 stitch as if to knit, knit 2 stitches together, pass the slipped stitch over the stitches which were knitted together

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Trine Juul Berg 12.11.2017 - 15:20:

Jeg har skrevet to uklare spørgsmål - prøver igen - der står i opskriften, at antal masker mindskes i A4, A5 og A6 - men det sker ikke hvis jeg følger opskriften? der er lige mange strik sammen og slå nye masker op?

Trine Juul Berg 12.11.2017 - 15:16:

Når jeg starter på A4, A5 og A6 står der, får jeg IKKE en maske mindre i A4 og A6 - men mønstret går ind af? skal jeg så fylde op med glat på hver sin side?

DROPS Design 14.11.2017 kl. 12:12:

Ja det stemmer, du ser at mønsteret går på skrå og da skal du fylde op med glatstrik på hver side af mønsteret. God fornøjelse!

Luana 19.08.2017 - 16:36:

Buongiorno, anch'io mi trovo in confusione quando parto con a4-a6 poi le 14 da aggiungere (misura s). Anche per a6 devo calcolare di seguire il diagramma partendo da un'ipotetica freccia (quindi 25 righe più in su )? Così facendo cmq mi ritrovo con delle maglie in più sulle parti con il disegno e non ne capisco il motivo. Grazie mille

Ursula 16.08.2017 - 15:17:

Buongiorno, mi sono bloccata nel passaggio fra la prima parte del lavoro e il corpo. Come si lavorano gli ultimi tre giri prima del giro con la freccia e come si ricomincia a lavorare su A4 A5 e A6? Grazie

DROPS Design 16.08.2017 kl. 17:19:

Buongiorno, sui 3 giri prima del giro con la freccia deve lavorare in modo diverso a seconda delle ripetizioni: sulla 1° e 3° ripetizione dei motivi deve lavorare come prima, mentre sulla 2° e 4° ripetizione deve lavorare 1 giro a rovescio, 1 a diritto e 1 a rovescio, continuando però con gli aumenti. Poi continua seguendo le indicazioni per il giro con la freccia. Buon lavoro!

Ashleigh 03.08.2017 - 04:48:

Do all sizes start on the same place on chart A8? I'm working on sized medium and not sure if i need to start at the bottom of the chart or not. Thanks!

DROPS Design 03.08.2017 kl. 08:02:

Dear Ashleigh, Pattern A.8 in this piece starts at the same place for every size, so you should start with the bottom row. I hope this helps. Happy Knitting!

DE VERON 17.05.2017 - 08:18:

Bonjour, je commence la partie dos/devant en taille S : A4 (16 mailles), A5 (22 mailles) et A6 (17 mailles). Pour A6 le diagramme comporte 29 mailles et non pas 17. Comment faut-il procéder? Merci de votre aide

DROPS Design 17.05.2017 kl. 09:11:

Bonjour Mme De Veron, vous devez commencer au même tour dans A.4, A.5 et A.6, ainsi vous avez bien 17 m sur le même rang de A.6 qu'il y en a 16 pour le 1er rang de A.4 en taille S. Bon tricot!

Marianne Kruchov Jensen 27.04.2017 - 22:35:

Det er når jeg skal igang med A4-A5-A6, så kan jeg strikke første mønster pind i str XXL , men anden pind i mønstret kan ikke lade sig gør , da der ikke bliver 2 masker mindre i første mønster pind og jo jeg lukker masker af til ærmer og slår nye op

DROPS Design 09.05.2017 kl. 10:26:

Hej Marianne, du tager ikke ind i diagram A.8, det er selve diagrammet/hulmønsteret som kommer til at gå ned i en spids, maskerne på hver side af diagrammet fortsættes i glatstrik. God fornøjelse!

Marianne Kruchov Jensen 23.04.2017 - 11:21:

Kan ikke komme videre efter aflukning ærmerne da jeg ikke får mindre masker i for og rygstykket når jeg strikket efter str XXL 😉

DROPS Design 26.04.2017 kl. 16:19:

Hej Marianne, Kan du beskrive hvor du er i opskriften. Du lukker ikke af til ærmer. Du slår nye masker op under ærmegabet og fortsætter at strikke rundt... så jeg forstår ikke dit spørgsmål.

Karin Priesum 11.04.2017 - 12:12: https://www.garnstud ...

Jeg forstår ikke helt disse diagrammer. Blusen strikkes oppefra så det er vel ikke meningen af starte nedefra i disse diagrammer ? Jeg kan virkelig ikke helt greje dette- skal starte på 3 diagrammer på een gang- hvordan?har ellers efterhånden strikket en del fra jeres sider, men her skal jeg ha hjælp

DROPS Design 26.04.2017 kl. 15:11:

Hej Karin, Jo du starter altid diagrammerne fra nederste højre hjørne. Og som du også kan se så er raglan udtagningerne tegnet ind i diagrammet som bliver bredere og bredere. Du starter med at slå 132 masker og og følger opskriften herfra. God fornøjelse!

Kathleen 28.03.2017 - 11:36:

Hallo, kann es sein, dass sich in A6 bei Größe XL ein Fehler eingeschlichen hat? Dort müssten doch 3 Rechte Maschen zwischen den Umschlägen sein?

DROPS Design 28.03.2017 kl. 13:54:

Liebe Kathleen, A.6 ist der selbe in jeder Größe und sieht aus wie A.4 aber spiegelverkehr. Viel Spaß beim stricken!

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