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Sea Nymph by DROPS Design

Knitted DROPS jumper with raglan, lace pattern and ¾ sleeves in "Muskat". Worked top down. Size: S - XXXL.

Tags: lace, raglan, sweaters,

DROPS design: Pattern no r-689
Yarn group B
Size: S - M - L - XL - XXL - XXXL
DROPS MUSKAT from Garnstudio
350-400-450-500-550-600 g color no 20, light mint

DROPS DOUBLE POINTED NEEDLES AND CIRCULAR NEEDLE (60 or 80 cm / 24'' or 32'') SIZE 4 mm/US 6 - or size needed to get 21 sts x 28 rows in stockinette st and 17 sts x 28 rows in lace pattern = 4'' x 4'' (10 x 10 cm).

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Not sure which size you should choose? Then it might help you to know that the model in the picture is approx. 5 ft 7 in and uses size S or M. If you are making a sweater, cardigan, dress or similar garment, you will find a graphic with the measurements of the finished garment (in cm) at the bottom of the pattern.
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Pattern instructions

NOTE: This pattern is written in American English. All measurements in charts are in cm. For conversion from inches to cm - click here. There are different terms for crocheting in American and British English. If this pattern includes crochet, click for "crochet terms" here. For this pattern in British English, please click here.
GARTER ST (worked in the round):
1 ridge = 2 rounds. * K 1 round and P 1 round *, repeat from *-*.

See diagrams A.1 to A.3. See diagram for size!

Inc every other round as follows:
Inc 4 sts on back piece, 4 sts on front piece and 2 sts on each sleeve (= 12 sts inc, inc on sleeve are drawn in pattern) – beg 3 sts before each A.2 and work as follows: 1 YO, K 1, 1 YO, K 2 (marker is in the middle of these sts), A.2, K 2 (marker is in the middle of these sts), 1 YO, K 1, 1 YO. K the YOs closest to markers on next row to make holes, K YOs towards back/front piece twisted to avoid holes. Inc 12 sts this way 0-2-3-7-10-14 times more (= 1-3-4-8-11-15 times in total, first inc is explained in the text).

Then inc every other round as follows:
Inc 2 sts on back piece, 2 sts on front piece and 2 sts on each sleeve (= 8 sts inc, inc on sleeve are drawn in pattern) – beg 2 sts before each A.2 and work as follows: 1 YO, K 2 (marker is in the middle of these sts), A.2, K 2 (marker is in the middle of these sts), 1 YO. K YOs on next round to make a hole. Inc 8 sts this way 16-15-16-13-12-9 times in total.

Worked in the round on circular needle, top down.

Cast on 87-91-95-99-103-107 sts on circular needle size 4 mm / US 6 with Muskat. K 1 round, them work A.1, on last round in A.1 inc 15 sts evenly = 102-106-110-114-118-122 sts. Then work as follows from mid back: K 17-18-19-20-21-22, 1 YO, K 1, 1 YO, K 2 (insert a marker between these sts), A.2 (= 11 sts), K 2 (insert a marker between these sts), 1 YO, K 1, 1 YO, K 34-36-38-40-42-44, 1 YO, K 1, 1 YO, K 2 (insert a marker between these sts), A.2, K 2 (insert a marker between these sts), 1 YO, K 1, 1 YO, K 17-18-19-20-21-22. Continue this pattern, and inc for RAGLAN as explained above, first inc is now done. REMEMBER THE KNITTING GAUGE When A.2 has been worked vertically - see marking for your size, there are 242-262-286-314-346-374 sts on round, inc are now done. Work next round as follows:
Work 38-42-46-52-58-64 sts (= half back piece), slip the next 45-47-51-53-57-59 sts on a stitch holder (= sleeve), cast on 8 sts under sleeve, work the next 76-84-92-104-116-128 sts (= front piece), slip the next 45-47-51-53-57-59 sts on a stitch holder (= sleeve), cast on 8 new sts under sleeve, work the last 38-42-46-52-58-64 sts (= half back piece).

There are now 168-184-200-224-248-272 sts on body. Continue in stockinette st. Insert a marker in each side, in the middle of the 8 new sts that were cast on. NOW MEASURE PIECE FROM HERE. When piece measures 4 cm / 1½'', dec 1 st on each side of marker (= 4 sts dec), repeat dec every 4-4-4-5-5-5 cm / 1½''-1½''-1½''-2''-2''-2'' 3 times in total = 152-168-184-208-232-256 sts. When piece measures 22-23-24-25-26-27 cm / 8 3/4''-9''-9½''-9 3/4''-10 1/4''-10 5/8'', inc 1 st on each side of each marker (= 4 sts inc), repeat inc every 2 cm / 3/4'' 5 more times = 176-192-208-232-256-280 sts. When piece measures 36-37-38-39-40-41 cm / 14¼''-14½''-15''-14 1/4''-15¾''-16 1/8'', work 2 ridges in GARTER ST - see explanation above, over all sts. Bind off K 1/P 1 (to avoid a wavy bind-off edge), piece measures approx. 55-57-59-61-63-65 cm / 21 5/8''-22½''-23¼''-24''-24¾''-25½'' from cast-on edge.

Worked in the round. Slip sts from sleeve back on double pointed needles size 4 mm / US 6, pick up 1 st in each of the 8 sts under sleeve = 53-55-59-61-65-67 sts. Insert 1 marker mid under sleeve = beg of round. NOW MEASURE PIECE FROM HERE! Then work as follows: 6-7-1-2-4-6 sts in stockinette st, A.3 over the next 40-40-56-56-56-56 sts (beg A.3 where A.2 ends for your size), 7-8-2-3-5-7 sts in stockinette st. When piece measures 4 cm / 1½'', dec 1 st on each side of marker. Work the sts that do not fit the pattern in stockinette st, make sure that no of dec and inc in pattern is correct. Repeat dec every 7-7-5-5-3-3 cm / 2 3/4"-2 3/4"-2"-2"-1"-1" 2-2-3-3-4-4 more times = 47-49-51-53-55-57 sts. When piece measures 24-23-23-22-22-21 cm / 9½"-9"-9"-8 3/4"-8 3/4"-8 1/4", work A.1 over all sts, then bind off. Work the other sleeve the same way.


All measurements in charts are in cm.

= K
= P
= K 2 tog
= slip 1 st as if to K, K 1, psso
= slip 1 st as if to K, K 2 tog, psso
= 1 YO between 2 sts

Comments (105)

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Martine Z. 02.08.2018 - 15:41:

Bonjour Pour les augmentations du raglan, taille XL par exemple, doit on comprendre qu'on augmente tous les deux tours d 'abord 8 fois 12 mailles et ensuite 13 fois 8 mailles ? Merci pour votre réponse

DROPS Design 02.08.2018 kl. 16:01:

Bonjour Martine Z., tout à fait, c'est bien ainsi que l'on augmente en taille XL. Bon tricot!

Naia 23.07.2018 - 23:38:

Bonjour, A quel moment faut-il joindre le tricot en rond et poser le marqueur de début de rang ? Merci par avance pour votre réponse.

DROPS Design 24.07.2018 kl. 09:33:

Bonjour Naia, le pull se tricote entièrement en rond, on va joindre dès que toutes les mailles ont été montées et juste avant de tricoter le 1er tour, cf vidéo ci-dessous. Bon tricot!

Susan 25.06.2018 - 03:22:

Chart A1 is a repeat of an even number of stitches. The cast on for yoke in all sizes is an odd number. What should be done with the extra stitch?

DROPS Design 25.06.2018 kl. 06:12:

Hi Susan, To increase evenly, count the total number of stitches to be increased over on the last row in A.1 - 87-91-95-99-103-107 stitches and divide by the number of increases to be mede - 15. This means you make a yarn over after every 6th -6th-6th-7th-7th-7th stitch (approx.) on this row. I hope this helps and happy knitting!

Jutta Bott 07.06.2018 - 10:05:

Hallo hier noch einmal Jutta.Leider war die Beschreibung für A1 sehr unübersichtlich. Aber nach langem probieren geschafft. Für alle anderen. Die ersten 4 Reihen werden kraus rechts gestrickt.

Jutta Bott 06.06.2018 - 19:07:

Vielen Dank für die Antwort. Leider habe ich mich nicht richtig ausgedrückt. Ich meine nicht die 5 Reihe. Mir geht es um die ersten 4 Reihen. Danke

DROPS Design 07.06.2018 kl. 08:38:

Liebe Frau Bott, bei A.1 werden die 4 ersten Reihen in A.1 so gestrickt: 1 Runde links, 1 Runde rechts, 1 Runde links, 1 Runde rechts - dann kommt die Löcherrunde (= 2 M re zs, 1 Umschlag), dann stricken Sie 1 Runde re, 1 Runde li, 1 Runde re, und 1 Runde li = 9 Reihe in A.1 insgesamt. Die Maschenanzahl muß immer die gleiche sein, nun bei der letzte Runde in A.1 (= die Runde li) werden Sie regelmäßig verteilt 15 Maschen zunehmen. Viel Spaß beim stricken!

Jutta Bott 06.06.2018 - 11:58:

Ich habe eine Frage zum Modell r-699. Wenn ich Mustersatz A1 stricke 1 Masche Umschlag usw. habe ich die doppelte Anzahl an Maschen. Wie stricke ich die Rückreihe ohne die Doppelte Anzahl an Maschen habe. Wo liegt mein Fehler. Ich komme nicht klar. Danke

DROPS Design 06.06.2018 kl. 15:01:

Liebe Frau Bott, bei der 5. Reihe in A.1 stricken Sie (2 M re zs, 1 Umschlag) und von (bis) wiederholen, dh die Maschenanzahl bleibt wie zuvor. Viel Spaß beim stricken!

Amanda 05.05.2018 - 01:47:

When I'm working the yoke after first Inc round with the raglan incs, the next round we follow the other round. Says we inc sleeves 2 sts but the chart doesn't show YOs (Working row 2 of A2). Do I add in YOs? Arethe raglan increases on the rows we are not doing lace stitches? Do I only work the raglan sleeve increases three times and the remainder of the yoke in the 8-st inc pattern?

DROPS Design 07.05.2018 kl. 08:42:

Dear Amanda, the increase in sleeve are drawn in A.2: on 1st row in A.2 you work: 1 YO, K11, 1 YO, on round 2 in A.2 there are 13 sts, and so on, you will increase 2 sts in A.2 every other row in diagram (= 1 YO at the very beg of diagram + 1 YO at the very end of diagram). Happy knitting!

Barb 20.02.2018 - 02:20:

Where are the diagram explanations for A.1? I understand row 5, but can't figure out the other rows. Thanks.

DROPS Design 20.02.2018 kl. 06:12:

Hi Barb, The diagram for A.1 is at the bottom of the page, to the left of the diagram for A.2. There are 9 rounds, knit, purl, knit, purl. Then a round of knit 2 together make a yarn over alternately to end of round and then knit, purl, knit, purl to finish. Hope this helps and happy knitting!

Zusanne Ryge 09.01.2018 - 22:23:

Jeg synes i mangler “slå om” i jeres diagram forklaring. Samtidig burde i have vendt ærmet en halv omgang i opskriften, da man sjældent læser et diagram oppe fra og ned.

Lorraine Herlick 21.12.2017 - 04:13:

I have knit many of your lovely patterns over the last three years. May I suggest that there have been many instances when the instructions could have been much clearer. Example, ...1 YO, k1, 1 YO, k2, place marker between these stitches. Instead if it stated k1, place marker, k1, if would also reduce the number of requests for clarification. Thank you.

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