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Brown Sugar by DROPS Design

DROPS tunic in moss stitch in ”Bomull-Lin” and ”Cotton Viscose” Sizes: S - XXXL

Size: S - M - L - XL - XXL - XXXL
Finished measurements:
Bust: 30 3/4"- 34 5/8"- 38½"– 41"- 45 3/4"- 51"
Hem: 50 3/8"-54 1/4"-58 1/8"–60½"-65 1/4"-70 3/4"
Full length: 26"- 26 3/4"- 27½"- 28 3/8"- 29 1/8"- 30"

Materials: DROPS Bomull-Lin from Garnstudio
250-300-300-350-400-400 g color no 05, brown
and use: DROPS Cotton Viscose from Garnstudio
100-100-150-150-150-150 g color no 24, wine

DROPS needles size 7 mm [US 10½] – or size needed to obtain correct knitting gauge 14 sts x 17 rows stockinette st with 1 thread Bomull-Lin = 10 x 10 cm [4’’ x 4’’]

DROPS needles size 6 mm [US 10] – or size needed to obtain correct knitting gauge. 13 sts x 22 rows moss stitch with 1 thread of each quality = 10 x 10 cm [4’’ x 4’’]

Silk ribbon – approx 6½ feet long

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Not sure which size you should choose? Then it might help you to know that the model in the picture is approx. 5 ft 7 in and uses size S or M. If you are making a sweater, cardigan, dress or similar garment, you will find a graphic with the measurements of the finished garment (in cm) at the bottom of the pattern.
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53% Cotton, 47% Linen
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DROPS Cotton Viscose DROPS Cotton Viscose
54% Cotton, 46% Viscose
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Pattern instructions

NOTE: This pattern is written in American English. All measurements in charts are in cm. For conversion from inches to cm - click here. There are different terms for crocheting in American and British English. If this pattern includes crochet, click for "crochet terms" here. For this pattern in British English, please click here.
Garter st, back and forth on needle: K all rows.
Moss stitch: Row 1 : *K1, P1 *, repeat from *-*.
Row 2: K over P and P over K. Repeat row 2.
Decreasing tip (for armhole and neckline):
Make all dec from RS. Dec inside 3 garter sts.
Dec as follows after 3 sts: Slip 1 st as if to knit, K1, psso.
Dec as follows before 3 sts: K2 tog

Back piece: Cast on 92-98-106-110-118-128 sts (includes 1 edge st each side) on needle size 7 mm [US 10½] with Bomull-Lin and work 4 rows garter st – see explanation above. Continue in stockinette sts. Remember knitting gauge! When piece measures 6 cm [2 3/8’’] insert 5 marking threads or stitch markers as follows: first marking thread or stitch marker after 16-17-19-19-21-22 sts, then with 15-16-17-18-19-21 sts between each. Now dec 1 st to the left and to the right alternately of all marking threads or stitch markers on every 5 -5 -5.5 - 5.5 -6 -6 cm [2’’-2’’-2 1/4’’-2 1/4’’-2 3/8’’-2 3/8’’] a total of 7 times = 57-63-71-75-83-93 sts. Dec by K2 tog. When piece measures 39-40-41-42-43-44 cm [15 1/4’’-15 3/4’’-16 1/8’’-16½’’-17’’-17 1/4’’] (all dec are now complete) continue on needle size 6 mm [US 10] with 1 thread Bomull-Lin and 1 thread Cotton Viscose. Work moss st – see explanation above, at the same time on 1st row dec 6-6-8-8-8-8 sts evenly = 51-57-63-67-75-85 sts. When piece measures 46-47-48-49-50-51 cm [18’’-18½’’-19’’-19 1/4’’-19 3/4’’-20’’] work 2 rows garter st on the outermost 5-6-6-7-7-7 sts each side, work remaining sts in moss st as before. On next row bind off the outermost 2-3-3-4-4-4 sts. Continue with 3 garter sts each side and now dec to shape the armhole each side on every other row - read Decreasing tips: 1 st a total of 0-1-3-4-7-11 times = 47-49-51-51-53-55 sts. When piece measures 62-64-66-68-70-72 cm [24 3/8’’-25 1/4’’-26’’-26 3/4’’- 27½’’-28 3/8’’] work garter st on the middle 25-25-27-27-29-31 sts. When piece measures 64-66-68-70-72-74 cm [25 1/4’’-26’’-26 3/4’’- 27½’’-28 3/8’’-29 1/8’’] bind off the middle 17-17-19-19-21-23 sts for neckline. Continue with 4 garter sts towards neckline and dec 1 st on neckline on next row = 14-15-15-15-15-15 sts left on each shoulder. Bind off loosely when piece measures 66-68-70-72-74-76 cm [26’’-26 3/4’’- 27½’’-28 3/8’’-29 1/8’’-30’’].

Front piece: Cast on and work like back piece until piece measures 51-53-55-57-59-61 cm [20’’-21’’-21 5/8’’-22½’’-23 1/4’’-24’’]. Now work garter st on the middle 7 sts, continue on remaining sts as before. On next row bind off the middle st, and now, complete each side separately.

Right side: Work moss st with 3 garter sts at side and 3 garter sts towards mid front. When dec for armholes are complete there are 23-24-25-25-26-27 sts on row. When piece measures 57-59-61-63-65-67 cm [22½’’-23 1/4’’-24’’-24 3/4’’-25½’’-26 3/8’’] work 2 rows garter st on 8-8-9-9-9-10 sts towards mid front, work remaining sts as before. On next row bind off 5-5-6-6-6-7 sts towards mid front and continue to shape the neckline on every other row – read Decreasing tips: dec 1 st 4-4-4-4-5-5 times = 14-15-15-15-15-15 sts left on shoulder. Bind off when piece measures 66-68-70-72-74-76 cm [26’’-26 3/4’’- 27½’’-28 3/8’’-29 1/8’’-30’’].

Left side: Like right side, but mirrored.

Assembly: Sew shoulder seams. Sew side seams. Pull a silk ribbon up and down in transition between moss st and stockinette st and tie a bow mid front.


All measurements in charts are in cm.

Rubina 02.08.2017 - 19:08:

Buonasera, quale maglia di vivagno è consigliata per questo modello? Il vivagno a punto legaccio oppure quello per la maglia rasata?

DROPS Design 03.08.2017 kl. 01:20:

Buongiorno Rubina. Può scegliere di lavorare la maglia vivagno come meglio preferisce. Può p.es anche lavorare la maglia vivagno a legaccio nella parte lavorata a legaccio e a grana di riso e lavorare la maglia vivagno per la maglia rasata nella parte lavorata a maglia rasata. Buon lavoro!

Saskia 02.07.2014 - 00:09:

Ich beginne gerade, dieses Modell zu stricken, aber beim Durchlesen der deutschen Anleitung fragte ich mich, ob nicht die Abkürzungen für "abnehmen" und "abketten" durcheinander geraten sind. Dort steht zum Beispiel: "Gleichzeitig bei der 1. R. gleichmässig verteilt 6-6-8-8-8-8 M. abk." Ist das richtig?

DROPS Design 02.07.2014 kl. 11:32:

Liebe Saskia, bei den älteren Anleitungen sind diese beiden Begriffe in der Übersetzung manchmal durcheinander geraten, Sie haben natürlich Recht, dass es "abnehmen" heißen muss. Die alten Anleitungen werden nach und nach dahingehend überarbeitet. Ein Indiz, dass "abnehmen" und nicht "abketten" gemeint ist, ist "gleichmäßig verteilt", das ergäbe ja bei "abketten" wenig Sinn...

Drops Design France 11.11.2011 - 10:33:

Bonjour Samira, regardez le tableau des qualités, vous y avez un choix alternatif qui vous permettra de changer les qualités sans toucher le modèle. Bon tricot !

Samira 10.11.2011 - 14:36:

Bonjour, es que je peu travaille ce model sur un fil différent? est comment je travaille sur les calcul? merci.

Agnetha 28.08.2009 - 14:03:

Fantastiskt söt modell! Var lite tveksam först om det skulle vara svårt att få stickningen jämn, men det blev jättebra. Har fått väldigt mycket beröm av arbetskamrater och vänner. Jag gjorde den i jeansblått.

Loniy 25.02.2008 - 02:18:

Sød sød og flot

Mariann 31.01.2008 - 22:09:

Vakker. Feminin. Helt nyydelig!!

Karen Harris 29.01.2008 - 19:55:

I am really looking forward to making this top--so cute for many figure types!

Jane 25.01.2008 - 15:16:

Elsker detaljen med silkebåndet under barmen, som gør tunika'en meget feminin.

Sylvie 24.01.2008 - 13:14:

J'aime la taille haute, toujours flatteuse.

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