DROPS / 12 / 21

DROPS 12-21 by DROPS Design

Knitted sweater with false English rib and leather patches on shoulders in DROPS Ardesia. Ladies’ and men’s sizes: S – L.

DROPS Retro 1980-1993

Size: Ladies: S- M - L. Men’s: S/M – M/L. Numbers in ( ) refer to men’s sizes.

Materials: DROPS Ardesia from Garnstudio
400-400-450 (450-500) g color no 05, brown

DROPS STRAIGHT NEEDLES size 3 and 6 mm/US 2.5 and 10 - or size needed to obtain 12 sts x 24 rows in false English rib on needle size 6 mm / US 10 with Ardesia = 4'' x 4'' (10 x 10 cm).
DROPS circular needle (40 cm/16") size 3 mm / US 2.5

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Pattern instructions

NOTE: This pattern is written in American English. All measurements in charts are in cm. For conversion from inches to cm - click here. There are different terms for crocheting in American and British English. If this pattern includes crochet, click for "crochet terms" here. For this pattern in British English, please click here.
False English rib:
Row 1: K1, * 1 YO, slip 1 st as if to P, K1 *, repeat from *-*.
Row 2: * K1, *K tog next st and YO from previous row, P1 *, repeat from *-*.
Repeat row 1 and 2.

Rib: * K1 into back of loop, P1 *, repeat from * -*.

Front piece:
Worked back and forth on needle. Numbers in ( ) refer to men’s sizes. Cast on 69-75-81 (75-81) sts on needle size 3 mm / US 2.5 and work 6 cm / 2 3/8'' Rib. Change to circular needle size 6 mm / US 10 and continue in false English rib.
When piece measures 30-33-33 (36-36) cm bind off 3 sts each side for armhole = 63-69-75 (69-75) sts. Now work 2 sts each side in stockinette st (work remaining sts as before) and dec 1 st inside these 2 sts a total of 20-23-26 (23-26) times on every 3rd row for ladies size S and on every *other and 3rd * row alternately for ladies size M + L and men’s sizes = 23-23-23 (23-23) sts. Dec as follows: at the right side of piece K2 tog into back of loop and at the left side of piece K2 tog (P2 tog from WS).
Bind off the remaining 23 sts on shoulder after the last dec. Piece measures approx 55-57-60 (60-63) cm.

Back piece: Like front piece.

Sleeve: Cast on 36-36-38 (38-40) sts on needle size 3 mm / US 2.5 and work 6 cm / 2 3/8'' Rib. Change to needle size 6 mm / US 10 and continue in false English rib, at the same time dec 1-1-1 (1-3) sts on first row = 35-35-37 (37-37) sts. At the same time after the Rib inc 1 st each side a total of 19-19-18 (18-18) times on every 5th row for ladies sizes and on every 6th row for men’s sizes = 73-73-73 (63-73) sts.
When piece measures 49-48-45 (53-52) cm bind off 3 sts each side = 67-67-67 (67-67) sts.
Now continue with 2 stockinette sts each side, and dec 1 st each side inside these 2 sts a total of 28-28-27 (28-27) times on * every and every other * row alternately for ladies size S, on every other row for ladies size L and men’s size M/L and as follows for ladies size M and men’s size S/M: *3 times on every other row, 1 time on every row *. Dec as described for front and back piece.
Bind off remaining sts after the last dec, piece measures approx 68-69-70 (74-76) cm.

Assembly: Leather patches: Place the upper 17 cm of sleeve on a piece of paper, draw round sleeve, cut out the shape and place paper on leather and cut 2 pieces.
Sew leather patches on shoulder in 1 of two ways: make holes all the way round the leather patch and sew to jumper with Ardesia. It is now easy to remove before wash. Alternatively sew leather patch directly to jumper. Patch cannot be removed and the jumper needs to be dry-cleaned.
Pick up approx 70 sts round neckline on small circular needle size 3 mm / US 2.5 and work 9 cm / 3½'' rib, bind off, fold double towards WS and fasten. Set in sleeves.


All measurements in charts are in cm.

Marilyn 27.12.2013 - 19:16:

I saw this pattern the other day ..it had a young girl in a cardigan(which is the pattern I wish to use)do you know the pattern number as it was still unnamed Thanks

DROPS Design 02.01.2014 kl. 10:08:

Dear Marilyn, try a search with our search engine and these multiple options to find this pattern back. Happy knitting!

Renee Van Westen 05.11.2013 - 13:34:

Bij de beschrijving van de halve patentsteek staat bij naald 2: brei de volgende steek en de omslag r sm. Wat betekent sm ?

DROPS Design 06.11.2013 kl. 10:53:

Hoi Renee. sm = samen. Dus je breit de volgende steek en de omslag recht samen.

Gunilla 02.09.2009 - 12:24:

Hej Stickar denna i tjockt ullgarn o med stickor 3. Har ökat med 4 storlekar för breddens skull (24 maskor)även på höjden blir jumpern kortare, ca hälften, kollat stickfastigheten. Mitt problem hur gör jag med avmaskningarna för raglan? Mycket tacksam för hjälp Gunilla

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