DROPS / 96 / 23

DROPS 96-23 by DROPS Design

Knitted jacket with false English rib variation and crochet edges in DROPS Alaska. Size: S-XXL

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Size: S – M – L – XL-XXL
Finished measurements:
Chest measurements: 92-100-108-118-126 cm = 36 1/4”-39 3/8”-42 1/2”-46 1/2”-49 1/2”
Full length: 62-64-66-68-70 cm = 24 3/8"-25 1/4"-26"-26 3/4"-27 1/2"

All measurements in charts are in cm.

Materials: DROPS Alaska from Garnstudio
750-800-900-1000-1050 g color no 04, grey

DROPS pointed needles size 7 mm = US 10,75
DROPS crochet hook size 7 mm = US K or L
DROPS buffalo horn button, no 536, 3 pcs

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Not sure which size you should choose? Then it might help you to know that the model in the picture is approx. 5 ft 7 in and uses size S or M. If you are making a sweater, cardigan, dress or similar garment, you will find a graphic with the measurements of the finished garment (in cm) at the bottom of the pattern.
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Pattern instructions

NOTE: This pattern is written in American English. All measurements in charts are in cm. For conversion from inches to cm - click here. There are different terms for crocheting in American and British English. If this pattern includes crochet, click for "crochet terms" here. For this pattern in British English, please click here.
Knitting Gauge: 14 sts x 17 rows on needle size 7 mm = US 10,75 in stockinette sts = 10 x 10 cm = 4” x 4” and 14 sts x 26 rows in garter sts = 10 x 10 cm = 4” x 4”

Pattern: see diagrams M.1 and M.2. The diagrams are seen from the right side.

Garter sts: knit all rows.

Increasing tips: Inc inside 1 edge st as follows: make a yo, knit into back of yo, on the returning row.

Measurement tips: Because of the weight of the yarn, make all measurements whilst the pieces are “hanging”.

Buttonhole: Bind off for buttonholes on right front edge. 1 buttonhole = bind off the 3rd st from the edge mid front and cast on 1 new st in the same place on next row.
Bind off for buttonholes when the piece measures:
Size S: 25, 31 and 37 cm = 9 3/4”, 12 1/4” and 14 1/2”
Size M: 26, 32 and 38 cm = 10 1/4”, 12 1/2” and 15”
Size L: 27, 33 and 39 cm = 10 5/8”, 13” and 15 1/4”
Size XL: 28, 34 and 40 cm = 11”, 13 3/8” and 15 3/4”
Size XXL: 29, 35 and 41 cm = 11 3/8”, 13 3/4” and 16 1/8”

Back piece:
Cast on 66-72-78-84-90 sts (incl 1 edge st each side, knitted in garter sts throughout) on needle size 7 mm = US 10,75 with Alaska. Knit 4 rows garter sts and continue in M.1 with 1 edge st each side. NB! The pattern beg and ends the same way both sides. When piece measures 35-36-37-38-39 cm = 13 3/4”-14 1/4”-14 1/2”-15”-15 1/4” finish the piece in garter sts. At the same time cast on new sts each side for sleeves on every other row ( i.e at the end of each row) as follows: 1 st 5-6-8-9-11 times, 2 sts 8-7-5-4-2 times, 3 sts 1 time = 114-118-120-124-126 sts. When piece measures 60-62-64-66-68 cm = 24 3/8"-25 1/4"-26"-26 3/4"-27 1/2" bind off the middle 10-10-12-14-14 sts for neck and dec to shape the neckline on next row: 1 st 1 time = 51-53-53-54-55 sts on each shoulder/sleeve. Bind off when piece measures 62-64-66-68-70 cm = 24 3/8"-25 1/4"-26"-26 3/4"-27 1/2".

Left front: Cast on 39-42-45-48-51 sts (incl 1 edge st at side and 5 front edge sts towards mid front, knitted in garter sts throughout) on needle size 7 mm = US 10,75 with Alaska.
Please read all of the following section before continuing!
Knit 4 rows garter sts and knit next row as follows from the side (= the RS): 1 edge st, M.2 over the next 33-36-39-42-45 sts and finish with 5 edge sts mid front in garter sts. Continue pattern like this. When piece measures 34-35-36-37-38 cm = 13 3/8”-13 3/4”-14 1/4”-14 1/2”-15” inc 1 st inside the first edge st towards mid front – see Increasing tips. Now knit 2 rows garter sts over the 6 front edge sts only (don’t knit the other sts). Continue in garter sts over all sts, at the same time inc 1 st towards mid front on every 4th row a total of 9 times. At the same time when piece measures 35-36-37-38-39 cm = 13 3/4”-14 1/4”-14 1/2”-15”-15 1/4” cast on new sts for sleeve at the side as described for back piece. After all inc are complete = 73-75-76-78-79 sts on row. Continue in garter sts until piece measures 62-64-66-68-70 cm = 24 3/8"-25 1/4"-26"-26 3/4"-27 1/2" and bind off the outermost 51-53-53-54-55 sts (= shoulder/sleeve) = 22-22-23-24-24 collar sts left on row. Knit garter sts over these sts as follows: *2 rows garter sts over all sts, 2 rows garter sts over the outermost 14-14-16-16-16 sts only*, repeat from *-* until collar measures 4.5-4.5-5.5-4.5 cm = 1 3/4”-1 3/4”-2 1/8”-1 3/4” on the inside (it will measure approx 9-9-10-11-11 cm = 3 1/2”-3 1/2”-4”-4 3/8”-4 3/8” on the outside).

Right front:
Cast on and knit as left front, but mirrored. Remember buttonholes, see above.

Sew shoulder/sleeve seam using mattress sts. Sew on buttons to left front piece.
Cuffs: Pick up 47-50-53-56-59 sts (incl 1 edge st each side) along sleeve edge. Knit M.1 with 1 edge st each side. When the cuff measures approx 25 cm = 9 3/4” (try on the jacket for exact measurement) knit 1 row from the RS and bind off. Repeat along the other sleeve.
Sew tog the collar mid back and sew it to neckline on back piece – sew in the outer loops of sts to avoid a chunky seam. Sew under arm and side seam inside 1 edge st.

Crochet border:
Crochet a border round the opening of the jacket, i.e. along bottom edge and up along both front pieces and collar, with crochet hook size 7 mm = US K or L and Alaska as follows: 1 sc in first st, 3 ch, now crochet 1 dc in each st and finish with 1 sl st in 3rd ch from beg of round.


All measurements in charts are in cm.

= P from RS, K from WS
= 1 YO + slip 1 st as if to K
= From WS: P tog YO and slipped st

Jeannine 04.02.2018 - 16:43:

Die ersten 2 Zeilen bei dem Rückenteil sind in Deutsch ganz anders beschrieben als in Französisch. Ich komme nicht weiter , weil ich nicht verstehe, ob ich nach der Randmasche noch 2 M Krausrippe stricken muss. Danke für Ihre Antwort.

Jeannine 02.02.2018 - 20:02:

Guten Tag, wieso ist in dem Muster M1 eine Masche links abheben in der deutschen Anleitung und in der französischen eine Masche rechts abheben? Was ist richtig , oder ist es egal?

DROPS 04.03.2010 - 18:26:

Anonany, you bind off 12 sts for neck. Following gauge this is 8 cm, also see measure chart at the bottom. If your neck opening is 16 cm, there is something wrong, you have bound off too many sts, or your gauge is not correct.

Anonany 04.03.2010 - 12:05:

Should the collar extension pieces be longer, or have I misread the instructions ? I made this in size "S". After casting off the shoulders, I knitted the collar stitches until each extension measured 4.50cm on the inside -- giving a combined length of 9.00cm. In my case, I needed a combined length of approx 16.00cm to fit around the back of the neck. My apologies if I have misread the instructions. Regards, Anonany

Judy Golden 08.10.2009 - 19:42:

Thank you for correcting the pattern. One more question. I can't see the picture close enough to tell, but if you slip the st after the YO as if to knit it will cause the stitches on that line of knits on the front to be twisted, is that the result you want? For them not to be twisted you would slip purl wise.

Judy Golden 08.10.2009 - 03:00:

I believe the explanation for the symbols that are for the chart are not correct. I tried making a swatch following them and they do not make the pattern stitch shown. I believe the box with the X should be purl on the right side, knit on the wrong side. The box with the O should be YO, slip 1 as if to purl. Diamond in square is given correctly.

Myriam 26.08.2009 - 20:14:

Cross in square is "purl" from RS and "knit" from WS.

DROPS Design 06.10.2008 - 08:24:

Ja du feller av når arbeidet måler 4 ½-4 ½-5-5 ½-5 ½ cm innerst mot nakken.

Mary 05.10.2008 - 18:59:

En skal vel felle av de 23 kragemaskene på forstykket etter at en har strikket riller til ønsket lengde? Det står ikke noe om det.

Katarina 02.08.2006 - 21:13:

För otymplig för min smak. Om den våre lite insvängd i midjan, påpekat av anna innan, så hade det vart snyggare.

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