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Mountain River by DROPS Design

Crochet blanket with stripes and lace pattern. Piece is crocheted in DROPS Paris.

Tags: blankets, lace, stripes,

DROPS design: Pattern w-712
Yarn group C or A + A
Measurements: Approx. 100 x 130 cm / 39½" x 51½"
DROPS PARIS from Garnstudio (belongs to yarn group C)
250 g color 102, spray blue
200 g color 17, off white
150 g color 100, light wash
150 g color 25, moss green
150 g color 41, mustard
150 g color 58, powder pink
100 g color 21, light mint green
100 g color no 60, dark old pink

Piece can also be crocheted with yarn from:
“Alternative yarn (yarn group C)” - see link below.

DROPS CROCHET HOOK SIZE 5.5 mm/I/9 - or size needed to get 13 double crochets x 8 rows = 10 cm / 4'' in width and 10 cm / 4'' vertically.

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Pattern instructions

NOTE: This pattern is written in American English. All measurements in charts are in cm. For conversion from inches to cm - click here. There are different terms for crocheting in American and British English. If this pattern includes crochet, click for "crochet terms" here. For this pattern in British English, please click here.

At beginning of every row with double crochets replace first double crochet with 3 chain stitches. Finish row with 1 double crochet in 3rd or 2nd chain stitch from beginning of previous row (depending on whether previous round began with 3 or 2 chain stitches).
On every row with single crochets replace first single crochet with 2 chain stitches. Finish row with 1 single crochet in 3rd or 2nd chain stitch from beginning of previous row.

See diagrams A.1 to A.3.

Stripes are explained below - rows are numbered in A.1, A.2 and A.3.
1-4: spray blue
5: powder pink
6: dark old pink
7: off white
8: mustard
9: light mint green
10-11: moss green
12: off white
13: powder pink
14: light wash
15: spray blue
16: light mint green
17: moss green
18: dark old pink
19: mustard
20: powder pink
21-22: off white
23: moss green
24: mustard
25-26: light wash
27-30: spray blue
31: moss green
32: dark old pink
33: mustard
34: powder pink
35-36: off white
37: moss green
38: mustard
39: powder pink

To get a nice transition when switching color work last yarn over and pull through on last stitch before switching color with the new color, then continue with the new color.

To avoid sewing many strands after color change work the first 2 double crochets/single crochets at beginning of every row with new color with double yarn (in the same color). This is done as follows: Make sure to leave a long yarn end (approx. 20-25 cm) when switching color, work yarn end together with strand from ball. Then place yarn end along stitches from previous row and work around it so that the yarn end is hidden inside the stitches. In addition should the yarn end left at the end of row also be placed along the stitches when turning the piece to work around this yarn end as well. The way the strands are fastened without using a needle.

Worked back and forth with stripes and lace pattern.
Work 173 chain stitches on hook SIZE 5.5 mm/US 9 with spray blue. Work 1 double crochet in 4th chain stitch from hook, 1 double crochet in next chain stitch, * skip 1 chain stitch, 1 double crochet in each of the next 3 chain stitches *, repeat from *-* the entire row = 129 double crochets.
Read CROCHET INFO, COLOR CHANGE TIP AND TIP FOR FASTENING STRANDS! Then work STRIPES - see explanation above, AT THE SAME TIME work pattern as explained below:
First row (work with spray blue): Work A.1A (= 2 stitches), work A.1B over the next 120 stitches (= 20 repetition of 6 stitches), work A.1C (= 7 stitches). Continue with stripes and pattern like this. REMEMBER THE CROCHET GAUGE!
When A.1 has been worked, continue as follows: * Work A.2A, A.2B and A.2C the same way. When A.2 has been worked 1 time vertically, work A.3A, A.3B and A.3C the same way *, repeat from *-* 3 times in total vertically, but last time A.3 is worked, finish after row 30.
Then work last row as follows with spray blue: 1 double crochet in each of the first 2 double crochet, work 3 double crochets around every chain space the entire row and finish with 1 double crochet in last double crochet. Fasten off. Blanket measures approx. 100 x 130 cm.


All measurements in charts are in cm.

= 1 chain stitch
= 1 single crochet in stitch
= 1 single crochet in chain stitch/chain space
= 1 double crochet in stitch
= 1 double around chain stitch/chain space
= 3 DOUBLE CROCHETS TOGETHER IN SINGLE CROCHET: Work 2 double crochets in next single crochet but wait with last yarn over and pull through on both these double crochets, work 1 double crochet in the same stitch and pull last yarn over through all 4 loops on hook
= 3 TREBLE TOGETHER AROUND CHAIN STITCH/CHAIN SPACE: Work 2 double crochets around chain stitch/chain space but wait with last yarn over and pull through on both these double crochets, work 1 double crochet around the same chain stitch/chain space and pull last yarn over through all 4 loops on hook
= first row is not worked, it has already been worked and only shows how next row should be worked in stitches

Grethe Orluff 02.03.2019 - 16:18:

Hej. Har i et godt på et alternativt garn til dette tæppe, hvor man kan få tilsvarende farver? Jeg tænker ikke ren uld, men måske et blandingsprodukt eller evt. akryl. Prismæssigt gør det ikke noget hvis det bliver en smule dyrere, men det må da stadig gerne ligge i det leje i beskriver for dette produkt :-) Venlig hilsen Grethe

DROPS Design 04.03.2019 kl. 14:14:

Hei Grethe. Om du ikke vil ha 100% ull eller ull-alpaca balnding kna du feks se på Air eller Brushed Alpaca silk. Vær obs på at de begge har en ganske annerledes struktur enn Paris (Air er et veldig luftig garn, mens Brushed Alpaca Silk er et børste garn og derfor "hårete"). God fornøyelse

Federica 30.08.2018 - 17:18:

Vi ringrazio per aver messo gli schemi, che trovo molto più semplici da seguire rispetto alle descrizioni,purtroppo però non riesco a trovare nella legenda alcuni simboli presenti nello schema, tipo l’ellisse tutto nero. Inoltre nella legenda compare per 3 volte un quadratino vuoto con 3 significati diversi. Potreste per cortesia dirmi a quali simboli corrispondono. Grazie.

DROPS Design 30.08.2018 kl. 18:44:

Buonasera Federica.L’ellisse nero corrisponde a 3 maglie alte lavorate insieme in una maglia alta. Per gli altri simboli, potrebbero essere un problema di visualizzazione del suo browser. Verifichi che non ci siano aggiornamenti da installare oppure provi a svuotare la cache o a navigare con un browser diverso. Buon lavoro!

Annamaria 06.07.2018 - 12:45:

Questa coperta é bellissima. Vorrei farla di dimensioni maggiori 130x170. Potreste indicarmi le quantità di filato necessarie? Grazie mille!

DROPS Design 06.07.2018 kl. 12:54:

Buongiorno Annamaria. Per un aiuto così personalizzato, le consigliamo di rivolgersi al suo rivenditore Drops di fiducia. Buon lavoro!

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