DROPS / 168 / 12

Endless Love by DROPS Design

Crochet DROPS jacket worked in a circle with double crochet and lace pattern in ”Cotton Merino”. Size S - XXXL.

DROPS design: Pattern no cm-047
Yarn group B
Size: S/M – L/XL – XXL/XXXL
500-600-700 g color no 09, ice blue

DROPS CROCHET Hook size 4 mm / G/6 – or size needed to get 18 dc x 9 rows = 4'' x 4'' (10 x 10 cm).

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Not sure which size you should choose? Then it might help you to know that the model in the picture is approx. 5 ft 7 in and uses size S or M. If you are making a sweater, cardigan, dress or similar garment, you will find a graphic with the measurements of the finished garment (in cm) at the bottom of the pattern.
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Pattern instructions

NOTE: This pattern is written in American English. All measurements in charts are in cm. For conversion from inches to cm - click here. There are different terms for crocheting in American and British English. If this pattern includes crochet, click for "crochet terms" here. For this pattern in British English, please click here.
PATTERN: See diagrams A.1 to A.6.

Work 1 dc around next ch-space but wait with last pull through, work next dc around next ch-space (do not work 3 ch between dc), on last pull through, pull yarn through all 3 loops on hook.

CROCHET TIP (applies to sleeve):
After last dc on the round, continue to next round with 1 dc in next ch-space (= first ch-space on next round). NOTE: Insert 1 marker at the beg of round between last ch and first dc on the next round, move the marker upwards. NOTE: MAKE SURE NOT TO DISPLACE THE MARKER.

Worked in the round from the middle and outwards.

Work 4 ch with Cotton Merino on hook size 4 mm / G/6 and form a ring with 1 sl st.
Then work pattern according to diagram A.1 (= 6 repetitions in width) NOTE: A.x shows how every round beg and end, and is in addition to pattern. REMEMBER THE CROCHET GAUGE! When entire A.1 has been worked vertically (= 132 dc), continue as follows: Work * A.2 (= 11 dc), A.3 (= 11 dc) *, repeat from *-* 6 times in total. Work up to and with arrow in diagram - see arrow for your size, there are now 228-252-264 sts on round. Work next round as follows: Continue to work over the first 34-36-38 sts, work 36-40-44 ch, and skip the next 36-40-44 sts (= armhole), work until 70-76-82 sts remain, work 36-40-44 ch and skip the next 36-40-44 sts (= armhole), continue to work over the last 34-36-38 sts. On next round continue according to pattern, work pattern as in diagram around ch-spaces in each side. When A.2 and A.3 have been worked, there are 312 dc on round. Continue with A.4 (= 39 repetitions on round). First round in A.4 shows last round in A.2/A.3, do not work this round. Continue to work as follows: Work * A.5 (= 26 dc), A.6 (= 26 dc) *, repeat from *-* 6 times in total. When A.5/A.6 have been worked, there are 600 sts on round (150 dc with 3 ch between each). Finish size S/M here.

Size M/L -XXL/XXXL: Work 2-4 more rounds as last round in A.5/A.6 = 162-174 dc with 3 ch between.

Piece measures approx. 46-49-52 cm / 18"-19 1/4"-20½" from middle (92-98-104 cm / 36 1/4"-38½"-41" in total).

Work back and forth in the one side with short rows. Cut the yarn, skip the first 13-16-19 dc on round, then work over the next 49 dc + ch-spaces as follows (insert a marker here):
Work ch 3, skip 1 ch-space, 1 sc around next ch-space, 3 ch (these 2 ch-spaces are no longer worked), 1 dc around next ch-space, work pattern as before until 2 ch-spaces remain (i.e. ch-spaces between dc, do not work around these 2 ch-spaces anymore), turn piece. Continue the short rows like this, AT THE SAME TIME inc 1 dc + 3 sts in the middle ch-space on every row (work 1 dc + 3 ch + 1 dc in this space). Continue with inc and dec on every row until piece measures 15 cm / 6'' from marker.

Skip 26-32-38 dc, then work short rows over the next 49 dc (13-16-19 dc remain on round). Work the same way as in the other side.

Work an edge around the entire circle as follows: 1 sc around first ch-space, * ch 3, 1 sc around next ch-space *, repeat from *-* and finish with 1 sl st in first sc. Fasten off.

Worked in the round, top down. Beg mid under one armhole, work 1 sc around first ch-space, 6 ch (= 1 dc + 3 ch), skip first dc and work 1 dc around next ch-space, * ch 3, 1 dc around next ch-space *, repeat from *-* the entire round (work 1 dc + 3 ch around dc in corners), finish round with 1 dc around first ch 6, then continue to work in the round without finishing it – READ CROCHET TIP = 21-23-25 dc + 21-23-25 ch-spaces.

Continue with 1 dc + 3 ch around every space. When piece measures 4 cm / 1½'', dec 1 ch-space before marker - READ DECREASE TIP! Repeat dec every 4½ cm / 1 3/4" 7 more times, dec alternately before and after marker = 13-15-17 dc + 13-15-17 ch-spaces. Continue until piece measures 42-43-44 cm / 16½"-17"-17 1/4".

Crochet an edge around the sleeves as follows: 1 sc around first ch-space, * ch 3, 1 sc around next ch-space *, repeat from *-* and finish with 1 sl st in first sc. Fasten off. Work the other sleeve the same way.


All measurements in charts are in cm.

= Work 4 ch and form a ring with 1 sl st
= ch 1
= 1 dc around st
= 1 dc in dc
= Work 3 dc into 1 dc as follows: Work 1 dc but wait with last pull through (= 2 loops on hook), then work 2 dc more the same way (= 4 loops on hook) but on last pull through, pull yarn through all loops on hook.
= Work 2 dc into 1 dc as follows: Work 1 dc but wait with last pull through (= 2 loops on hook), then work next dc but on last pull through, pull yarn through all loops on hook.
= beg round with ch 3, and finish round with 1 sl st in 3rd ch at beg of round
= Work sl sts until first ch/ch-space. Replace first dc on this round with 3 ch. Finish round with 1 sl st in 3rd ch from beg of round.
= work armholes after this round

Comments (67)

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Ana M. 06.12.2018 - 01:19:

Estoy intentando trabajar el frente (tallas/m). Si salto 13 puntos altos, trabajo 49, salto 26 , trabajo de nuevo 49...al final me quedan 26 puntos altos entre los dos frentes. ¿es eso correcto? En el patrón dice que son 13 , pero entonces la suma de puntos altos no hace 150. ¿no debería haber menos puntos entre delanteros en la parte superior que en la inferior?

Ana 04.12.2018 - 13:02:

Estoy intentando trabajar el frente pero no entiendo nada de las explicaciones, y llevo días intentándolo. ¿No hay ningún vídeo?

Anna 27.09.2018 - 14:03:

Thanks for posting multiple photos. Beautiful!

Claudia 07.09.2018 - 20:25:

Hola! llegue a las sisas y no entiendo como seguir ademas de que los diagramas A2 y A3 se tejen uno tras otro? parecen iguales...disculpen pero no comprendo la explicacion si es que me pueden ayudar! gracias!

DROPS Design 17.09.2018 kl. 21:12:

Hola Claudia. En la parte de los pétalos los diagramas son iguales. Se trabajan los dos seguidos para que quede el dibujo, ya que la parte amplia corresponde a A3. Como se lee en el texto, para las sisas trabajamos unos puntos de cadeneta (el número de cadenetas depende de la talla trabajada), en la siguiente vuelta continuamos con A.2/A.3 y trabajamos en la parte de la sisa alrededor del arco de cadenetas de la vuelta anterior.

Anita 12.08.2018 - 17:28:

Ich komme leider in der Reihe nach den Armausschnitten nocht weiter. Wird nach den 3 zus. abgemaschten Stäbchen 2 Lm Bögen gemacht? Zeichnung A3 ganz links sind 2 Stb Zeichen. Was ist damit gemeint? Lg Anita

DROPS Design 13.08.2018 kl. 10:06:

Liebe Anita, am Ende der 10. Reihe in A.3 häkeln Sie 4 Lm, 3 Stb zs, 4 Lm), am Ende der 11. Reihe in A.3 häkeln Sie 1 Stb um den 4 Lm (vor den 3 Stb zs), 3 Lm, 1 Stb um den nächsten 4 Lm, 1 Stb um den selben 4 Lm, 3 Lm (= 2 Stb um den gleichen Lm Bogen). Viel Spaß beim häkeln!

Agatha 14.06.2018 - 16:25:

Hi, I don't really understand how to create the armholes for the L/XL size. What am I supposed to be doing when it says work over the first 36 stitches before chaining? Do I do what I did in the previous row for these 36 stitches and then start creating a chain?

DROPS Design 14.06.2018 kl. 16:38:

Dear Agatha, after the row with the arrow, work next row as shown in diagram but you will skip sts replaced by chains (= holes) for the armholes: work the first 36 sts as in diagram, chain 40 and skip the next 40 sts (= 1st armhole), continue following diagram until 72 sts remain before end of round, chain 40 and skip the next 40 sts, finish round with the last 36 sts as in diagram. Happy crocheting!

Vivi Pedersen 28.05.2018 - 22:00:

Skal der være 312m når jeg har hæklet mønster A.4?

DROPS Design 29.05.2018 kl. 16:11:

Hej Vivi, ja du har samme antal masker i første og sidste omgang af A.4. God fornøjelse!

Vivi Pedersen 27.05.2018 - 18:18:

Er de ikke en fejl i diagram A.4 -+ 2. Linje. Ifølge symbolforklar8nf skal der hækles 3 masker sammen, men er det ikke kun 2 masker der skal hækles. Sammen. Eller Kanegårdsvej ikke få det til at stemme

DROPS Design 30.05.2018 kl. 13:32:

Hej Vivi, du hækler alle 3 st i samme maske, men trækker sidste omslag igennem alle masker på nålen så du slutter med 1 maske, dvs du slutter med samme antal masker som du startede med. God fornøjelse!

Vivi Pedersen 23.05.2018 - 22:42:

Jeg synes jeg mangler en diagrmforklaring på det omvendte v der første gang er i mønster A2

DROPS Design 25.05.2018 kl. 14:51:

Hei Vivi. Du har helt rett i at det ser ut som det mangler - dette fordi symbolet var ganske forskjellig fra sånn det ser ut i diagrammet. Dette har nå blitt endret på, så nå er symbolene identiske. Definisjonen er som følger: Hekle 2 st til 1 st slik: Hekle 1 st, men vent med siste gjennomtrekning (= 2 m på nålen), hekle deretter neste st, men ved siste gjennomtrekning trekkes tråden gjennom alle m på nålen. Takk for beskjed og god fornøyelse.

Isabelle 08.05.2018 - 06:51:

Bonjour, je suis arrivée aux emmanchures en taille XXL. J'ai bien 264 m à la fin du tour avec la flèche. Quand je crochète le tour suivant donc des emmanchures, il me reste 20 m et en comptant : crocheter 38m, sauter 44m, crocheter 82m, sauter 44m et crocheter 38m = 246 m et non 264. Pourriez-vous m'aider? Où est mon erreur? Je suppose également que le tour des émanchures se crochète avec le dessin du diagramme. Ce n'est pas très clair. Merci pour votre réponse.

DROPS Design 08.05.2018 kl. 09:02:

Bonjour Isabelle, avant la 2ème emmanchure vous devez crocheter jusqu'à ce qu'il reste 82 m avant la fin du tour (= et pas 82 m entre les 2 emmanchures), et terminer en sautant 44 m, crochetez 44 ml et les 38 dernières mailles du tour. Bon crochet!

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