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Sky Love by DROPS Design

Crochet DROPS poncho with lace pattern in ”Paris”. Size: S - XXXL.

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DROPS design: Pattern no w-593
Yarn group C or A + A
Size: S/M – M/L – L/XL – XXL/XXXL
DROPS PARIS from Garnstudio
450-450-500-550 g, color no 02, light turquoise

DROPS CROCHET Hook size 5 mm / H/8 – or size needed to get 14 dc x 8.5 rows = 4'' x 4'' (10 x 10 cm).

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Not sure which size you should choose? Then it might help you to know that the model in the picture is approx. 5 ft 7 in and uses size S or M. If you are making a sweater, cardigan, dress or similar garment, you will find a graphic with the measurements of the finished garment (in cm) at the bottom of the pattern.
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Pattern instructions

NOTE: This pattern is written in American English. All measurements in charts are in cm. For conversion from inches to cm - click here. There are different terms for crocheting in American and British English. If this pattern includes crochet, click for "crochet terms" here. For this pattern in British English, please click here.
Beg every sc row with 1 ch (replaces first sc).
Beg every dc row with 3 ch (replaces first dc).
Beg every tr row with 4 ch (replaces first tr).

PATTERN: See diagrams A.1 to A.5.

Piece is worked as 2 scarfs and then sewn tog into a poncho.

Work 77-85-93-101 ch on hook size 5 mm / H/8 with Paris. Work 1 dc in 4th ch from hook (= 2 dc), 1 dc in the next ch, * skip ch 1, 1 dc in each of the next 3 ch *, repeat from *-* the entire row = 57-63-69-75 dc. Work 1 sc in every dc (= WS) – read CROCHET INFO = 57-63-69-75 sc. Then work as follows: A.4 over the first 4 sc, A.1 over the next 4 sc, A.2 over the next 36-42-48-54 sc (= 6-7-8-9 times in width), A.3 over the next 9 sc, finish with A.5 over the last 4 sc. Continue pattern like this. REMEMBER THE CROCHET GAUGE! Work until piece measures 65-71-77-84 cm / 25½"-28"-30½"-33", finish on a row in diagram worked with dc, fasten off.

Work another part the same way.

Place bind-off edge on 1st part towards right long side on 2nd part - at the bottom towards cast-on edge and 41-45-49-54 cm / 16"-17 3/4"-19 1/4"-21 1/4" upwards – make sure not to stretch the piece too much. Sew the 2 parts tog with neat little stitches. Then sew bind-off edge on 2nd part to right side on 1st part the same way.


All measurements in charts are in cm.

= sc in st
= dc in st
= ch
= dc around ch
= 1 bobble with 4 tr: Work 1 tr in next dc but wait with last pull through (= 2 loops on hook), work 1 tr in each of the next 3 dc the same way, pull yarn through all 5 loops on hook
= tr in st
= first row is explained in pattern
= 1 sc around ch
= 2 dc in same st
= 7 dc in same ch

Silvia 20.03.2019 - 15:25:

The video doesn't help...but thanks

Silvia 19.03.2019 - 19:50:

I am just not getting how to put the pieces together...they are both the same size....and the video hasn't helped at all....where do I need to go from here? Thanks for any help you can give me.

DROPS Design 20.03.2019 kl. 08:43:

Dear Silvie, this video shows how to assembly such a poncho, ie 2 rectangular pieces together into a poncho. The video shows 2 knitted pieces but you have to sew the both crocheted pieces the same way here. Happy crocheting!

Tertia 22.02.2019 - 09:03:

Thanks for a quick response! Must have had a blonde moment!

Tertia 21.02.2019 - 16:46:

EXCUSE MY IGNORANCE but how do I print this pattern out?

DROPS Design 22.02.2019 kl. 08:20:

Hi Tertia! Before the pattern instructions, on the right, there is a printer icon with the word 'pattern'. Click there any you will be able to print the pattern. Kind regards!

Carla 07.01.2019 - 23:42:

Que es p.t.?

DROPS Design 16.01.2019 kl. 16:02:

Hola Carla. Abreviatura pt = punto.

Leah 03.11.2018 - 13:26:

I want to express my thank you to how well you provide what you provide and how gracious you are with your responses to various comments that are sometimes written when people are frustrated with their project. I'm so impressed with how you can overcome so many cultural and language differences with the charts and videos. My world has expanded through the service you provide. I will buy your yarns whenever possible to support this.

Leah 03.11.2018 - 13:14:

In working towards the 65 cm length of the scarf and wanting to end on a DC row, what is done to make up the difference? Do you repeat the pattern in its sequence or is it best to expand certain sections? Thank you,

DROPS Design 05.11.2018 kl. 08:53:

Dear Leah, Depending on your tension in height you will have to work either some more rows or fewer rows so that piece will end with a dc row - piece may measures a few more cm or be somewhat shorter, adjust to the best measurements. Happy crocheting!

Irene Hendry 10.01.2018 - 13:12:

Monica, please help. Pattern drops168-13. I am not understanding how to join the two part to form the poncho. Thanks in advance. Irene

DROPS Design 10.01.2018 kl. 13:46:

Dear Mrs Hendry, this shows how to assembly a poncho made of 2 rectangles, pieces are knitted in the video but the technique will be the same for a crocheted poncho. Happy assembly!

Hanna B 30.08.2017 - 16:20:

Har ni glömt skriva att det ska virkas en lm mellan alla grupper av tre stolpar i första varvet/uppläggningsvarvet?

DROPS Design 12.09.2017 kl. 15:27:

Hej Hanna, första varvet beskriver vi såhär: * hoppa över 1 lm, 1 st i var och en av de 3 nästa lm *, upprepa *-* v ut. Lycka till!

Janneke Koster 28.08.2017 - 22:38:

Ik vind dit een erg mooi patroon, maar ik kan hem niet meer in Mn favorieten zetten. Klopt dit? Er stond toch altijd ergens een hartje om hem in de favorieten te plaatsen. Deze kan ik nergens meer vinden? Hoe kan dat???

DROPS Design 29.08.2017 kl. 17:45:

Hallo Janneke, Bovenaan het patroon, na het stuk over hoeveel garen en welke naalden je nodig hebt, staat een roze knop, waarmee je hem kunt toevoegen aan je favorieten.

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