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So Berry by DROPS Design

Knitted DROPS jacket with lace pattern in ”Verdi”. Size: S - XXXL.

DROPS design: Pattern no ve-040
Yarn group D
Size: S - M - L - XL - XXL - XXXL
Finished measurements:
Bust: 90-100-112-120-138-142 cm / 35½"-39½"-44"-47 1/4"-54 1/4"-55 3/4"
Full length: 68-70-72-74-76-78 cm / 26¾''-27½''-28 3/8''-29 1/8''-30''-30¾''
Garment weight approx. 180-200-220-245-270-295 g.

DROPS VERDI from Garnstudio
350 g for all sizes in color no 05, pink

DROPS CIRCULAR NEEDLE (60 or 80 cm / 24'' or 32'') SIZE 6 mm / US 10 - or size needed to get 11 sts x 16 rows in pattern = 4'' x 4'' (10 x 10 cm).

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Not sure which size you should choose? Then it might help you to know that the model in the picture is approx. 5 ft 7 in and uses size S or M. If you are making a sweater, cardigan, dress or similar garment, you will find a graphic with the measurements of the finished garment (in cm) at the bottom of the pattern.
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48% Acrylic, 20% Wool, 17% Polyester, 15% Mohair
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DROPS Needles & Hooks

Pattern instructions

NOTE: This pattern is written in American English. All measurements in charts are in cm. For conversion from inches to cm - click here. There are different terms for crocheting in American and British English. If this pattern includes crochet, click for "crochet terms" here. For this pattern in British English, please click here.
See diagram A.1, diagram shows all rows in pattern seen from RS. 1st row = RS.

GARTER ST (back and forth on needle):
K all rows. 1 ridge = K2 rows.

Work first back piece, then cast on in each side for sleeves, work up to shoulder and down on each front piece. Worked back and forth on a circular needle to make room for all the sts.

Cast on 52-58-64-68-78-80 sts (includes 1 edge st in each side) on circular needle size 6 mm / US 10 with Verdi. K 3 rows (1st row = WS). Then work LACE PATTERN - according to diagram A.1 with 1 edge st in each side in GARTER ST - see explanation above!
When piece measures 46-47-48-49-50-51 cm / 18''-18½''-19''-19¼''-19¾''-20'' (adjust so that next row is worked from RS), cast on 28-27-26-26-23-24 new sts at the end of row for sleeve. Turn and K the first 4 sts, P the rest of row, then cast on 28-27-26-26-23-24 new sts at the end of row for sleeve in the other side = 108-112-116-120-124-128 sts in total. Continue as follows: 4 sts in garter st, A.1 over 100-104-108-112-116-120 sts and 4 sts in garter st (make sure that pattern fits over sts in the middle, edge st from body is worked in pattern). When piece measures 66-68-70-72-74-76 cm / 26''-26¾''-27½''-28 3/8''-29 1/8''-30'', work 2 rows in garter st over the middle 20 sts (work the other sts as before). Bind off the middle 16 sts on next row from RS. Then work piece in 2 parts – AT THE SAME TIME bind off 1 more st in each side on next row from neck = 45-47-49-51-53-55 sts remain on each shoulder. Work A.1 with 1 st in garter st towards the neck and 4 sts in garter st at the edge of sleeve until piece measures 68-70-72-74-76-78 cm / 26¾''-27½''-28 3/8''-29 1/8''-30''-30¾'' insert a marker(= mid on top of shoulder). NOW MEASURE PIECE FROM HERE!

= 45-47-49-51-53-55 sts. Work A.1 with 1 st in garter st towards the neck and 4 sts in garter st at the edge of sleeve until piece measures 4-4-5-5-6-6 cm / 1½''-1½''-2''-2''-2 3/8''-2 3/8'' from marker on shoulder. Then cast on new sts towards mid front, work the new sts in A.1. Cast on 3 sts 2 times, 4 sts 1 time and 11 sts 1 time (= 21 sts cast on in total) = 66-68-70-72-74-76 sts on needle. Then work the 12 sts towards the middle in garter st (= band), work A.1 over the next 50-52-54-56-58-60 sts and 4 sts in garter st towards the sleeve. Continue to work like this until piece measures 22-23-24-25-26-27 cm / 8 3/4''-9''-9½''-9 3/4''-10 1/4''-10 5/8'' from marker on shoulder. On next row from the side bind off the first 27-27-25-25-25-23 sts (different no of sts bind off than sts inc on back piece in some sizes so that pattern fits)= 39-41-45-47-49-53 sts remain on needle. Continue with 1 st in garter st towards the side, A.1 over 26-28-32-34-36-40 sts and in garter st over 12 sts towards mid front. When piece measures 67-69-71-73-75-77 cm / 26½"-27"-28"-28 3/4"-29½"-30½" from shoulder (adjust so that front and back piece have the same no of holes), K 3 rows, beg from WS, over all sts before LOOSELY binding off.

Slip sts from stitch holder back on needle and work as first front piece.

Sew sleeve and side seams in one inside 1 edge st.


All measurements in charts are in cm.

= P from WS
= K 2 tog, 1 YO
= 1 YO, slip 1 st as if to K, K 1, psso

Comments (10)

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Rosi 26.04.2015 - 23:37:

Hi :) Drops Verdi gibts nicht mehr, sehr sehr schade. Existiert eine gute Alternative oder kommt zum Herbst etwas Ähnliches? Vielen Dank!

DROPS Design 16.05.2015 kl. 16:37:

Die Alternativen der Garngruppe D, in die auch Verdi gehört, werden auch aus dem Programm genommen. Aber Sie können stattdessen die Garne der Gruppe B 2-fädig oder die Garne der Gruppe A 3-fädig verwenden. Für einen Flauscheffekt würde sich 3-fädige Kid-Silk (Gruppe A) anbieten. Möglich wäre auch, je 1 Faden der Gruppe C und A zu kombinieren - als Flauschgarne z.B. Brushed Alpaca Silk (C) und Kid-Silk (A), mit beiden Varianten haben Sie die Möglichkeit, Farben zu kombinieren. Und es gibt natürlich innerhalb dieser Gruppen noch viele weitere Kombinationsmöglichkeiten. Beachten Sie, dass Sie die benötigte Garnmenge anhand der Lauflänge neu berechnen müssen.

Eileen Bayliss 13.04.2015 - 17:55:

I've just returned to knitting after many years and I am about to start knitting one of your patterns for the first time, with a couple of questions, please. What does 1 'edge stitch' mean? Also - am I right in thinking that although circular needles are asked for, that it's not actually knitted in the round? Many thanks. Eileen

DROPS Design 14.04.2015 kl. 09:32:

Dear Mrs Bayliss, the edge sts worked in garter st (see video below) are then used for seam - you are correct, you work back and forth (flat) on circular needle to get enough room for all sts. Happy knitting!

Sia 03.03.2014 - 18:46:

When we need to cast on towards the middle at the first front piece which method do we use?

DROPS Design 04.03.2014 kl. 09:57:

Dear Sia, cast on new sts towards the middle can be done with following method shown in the video below. Happy knitting!

Ludmilla 11.02.2014 - 14:53:

Den här modellen ska ha masktäthet 11m x 16 v på stickor nr 6 i slätst. Modellen 137-19 ska ha 14m x 16 v med stickor nr 6 i slätst. Båda modellerna använder samma garn. Det måste vara fel angivelse i en av dem.

DROPS Design 11.02.2014 kl. 19:47:

Hej Ludmilla, stickfastheten på denna ska vara i mönster och inte i slätst. Vi rättar, tack :)

Sia 01.02.2014 - 13:26:

In the second row from the RS there shouldn't be the final YO I believe. With the final YO you suggest at the pattern it ends up with one more stitch.

DROPS Design 01.02.2014 kl. 16:32:

Dear Sia, diagram has been now edited so that all dec are compensated with 1 YO and number of sts keep constant. Thank you. Happy knitting!

Sia 31.01.2014 - 23:37:

Is the pattern A1 correct? When I knit the second row from the RS there is one more stitch appearing...any suggestions what am I doing wrong? Thank you in advance for your help.

DROPS Design 01.02.2014 kl. 16:00:

Dear Sia, number of sts in A1 should be always the same, ie on 1st row repeat *K2 tog, YO, K2 tog, YO*, so that each dec is compensated by 1 YO. Happy knitting!

Froufy 09.01.2014 - 15:24:

Très bien pour la forme enveloppante. je le fermerai avec une broche ou une pique.

Christel Jahnke 30.12.2013 - 05:00:

Gleder meg til den nye kollektionen

Gisele 12.12.2013 - 18:18:

Une veste au coloris tonique qui donne envie de s'y glisser dedans

Martine 10.12.2013 - 18:29:

Jolie couleur pour une veste longue qui doit être très agréable à porter.

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