DROPS / 131 / 50

Drops of Fire by DROPS Design

Knitted DROPS scarf in garter st with short rows and bobbles along the edge in ”Fabel” or "Flora" and ”Kid-Silk”.

Tags: scarves, sideways,

DROPS design: Pattern no FA-160
Yarn group A
Width = approx. 20 cm / 8'' without bobbles Length = approx. 160 cm / 63'' along bottom edge

Materials: DROPS FABEL from Garnstudio
100 g color no 310p, sunset
And use: DROPS KID-SILK from Garnstudio
50 g color no 14, red

Or use:
DROPS FLORA from Garnstudio
100 g colour no 18, red
And use: DROPS KID-SILK from Garnstudio
50 g colour no 14, red

DROPS STRAIGHT NEEDLES size 6 mm / US 10 – or size needed to get 15 sts x 30 rows in garter st with 1 strand Fabel and 1 strand Kid-Silk = 10 x 10 cm / 4'' x 4''.

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Pattern instructions

NOTE: This pattern is written in American English. All measurements in charts are in cm. For conversion from inches to cm - click here. There are different terms for crocheting in American and British English. If this pattern includes crochet, click for "crochet terms" here. For this pattern in British English, please click here.
To make the scarf wider at the bottom edge, work more rows over the bottom sts than the upper sts. This is done as follows (1st row = RS and begins from bottom edge): * Work 2 rows over all sts, work until marker, turn, tighten thread and work back, work 4 rows over all sts *, repeat from *-*. I.e. 1 repetition = 6 rows at the top and 8 rows at the bottom.

Work 1 bobble from WS at the end of every 4th row (i.e. along bottom edge of scarf), this is done as follows: Cast on 5 new sts at the end of row, work 4 rows back and forth over these sts, turn, K 6 sts (i.e. the 5 new sts + 1 st on piece), then slip 2nd st on right needle over first st, then 3rd st over first st, 4th st over first st, 5th st over first st and finally 6th st over first st. Now all the 5 bobble sts have been bind off.

Cast on 3 sts on needle size 6 mm / US 10 with 1 strand Fabel and 1 strand Kid-Silk.
ROW 1 (= RS): K all sts.
ROW 2 (= WS): K 2, 1 YO, K 1, make 1 BOBBLE – see explanation above!
ROW 3 (= RS): K all sts.
ROW 4 (= WS): K until 1 st remains, 1 YO, K 1.
ROW 5 (= RS): K all sts.
ROW 6 (= WS): K until 1 st remains, 1 YO, K 1, make 1 BOBBLE.
Repeat row 3 to 6 upwards until there are 20 sts on needle (not counting bobbles).
Insert a marker in the middle of piece (i.e. 10 sts on each side of marker). Continue with K over all sts, inc and bobbles as before but in addition work SHORT ROWS – see explanation above.
When there are 30 sts on needle (not counting bobbles), finish inc but continue short rows. There should still be 1 lace row at the bottom before the bobbles, rows from WS are therefore worked as follows: K until 3 sts remain, K 2 tog, 1 YO and K 1 (in addition make 1 bobble on every 4th row as before).
When piece measures approx. 142 cm / 55 3/4'' at bottom edge (i.e. where bobbles are), beg to dec.
Work rows from WS as follows: K until 4 sts remain, K 3 tog, 1 YO, K 1, make 1 bobble (= 1 st dec). Continue to work until 20 sts remain, short rows are NOT worked any more. Continue with garter st, dec and bobbles as before until 3 sts remain on needle.
Loosely bind off. The piece measures approx. 160 cm / 63'' at bottom edge.

Comments (28)

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Ingela Lönn 15.12.2015 - 22:03:

Jag behöver ett snabbt svar på Lindas kommentar, för jag är mitt uppe i problemet. Ska jag verkligen sticka som det står? Det känns väldigt fel.

DROPS Design 17.12.2015 kl. 09:18:

Hej Ingela, Muscherna sticka på vart 4:e varv genom hela mönstret. Lycka till!

Linda 14.12.2015 - 14:46:

När man skall börja med minskningar så står det att det skall göras på varven från avigsidan - men vi antar att det behövs en liten rättelse här eftersom muscherna väl knappast skall göras på varje avigvarv utan på vartannat avigvarv som i starten av sjalen...

DROPS Design 17.12.2015 kl. 09:17:

Hej Linda, Ja det stämmer, muscherna stickas på vart 4:e varv genom hela mönstret. Lycka till!

Eva 19.03.2015 - 01:33:

I can't choose my language (German)!?

DROPS Design 19.03.2015 kl. 11:05:

Dear Eva, you can change the language by clicking on the arrow below the picture - click here to get the pattern in german. Happy knitting!

Edith 28.02.2015 - 16:43:

This lovely scarf has been on my list to make for ever! I finally did it, with two self-stripe sock sized yarns, held together (so the colors in each strand would not be the same at the same time), and it turned out beautifully. I used the same yarn (two strands held together again) to make a matching hat from Drops 158-43 pattern. So many compliments this morning just at the store :-)

Laura Davila 18.10.2013 - 00:35:

No entiendo las vueltas cortas tengo 6 vueltas inferiores y 4 arriba estoy confundida?

DROPS Design 21.10.2013 kl. 15:16:

Hola Laura. Aquí va el video explicativo:

Laura Davila 18.10.2013 - 00:32:

No entiendo las vueltas cortas me salen 6 inferiores y 4 superiores.gracias por su respuesta.

DROPS Design 21.10.2013 kl. 15:17:

Hola Laura. Aquí va el video explicativo:

Laura Starks 30.08.2013 - 18:00:

I love all of your patterns. Haven't seen one yet that I don't think--wow I want to make this. Not sure I understand making the bobbles though.

DROPS Design 31.08.2013 kl. 10:37:

Dear Mrs Starks, cast on new sts at end of row + work a bobble as shown in the video below. Happy knitting!

Ulla Hörnell 23.07.2012 - 13:32:

Lite svårt förstå muschen. Kanske om man flyttar över de 5+1 maskorna till den andra stickan? Jättesnygg halsduk annars.

Hantschelová Růženaa 17.07.2012 - 07:38:

Dobrý den, na kolik se začíná ? V popisu to není !!!!!!!

DROPS Design 10.11.2011 - 10:05:

Hvor står du fast?

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