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DROPS 91-19 by DROPS Design

Crocheted pullover in Eskimo

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Sizes: XS/S - M/L - L/XL - XXL

Finished measurements:
Bust: 86-100-114-126 cm
[33-7/8" - 39-3/8" - 44-7/8" - 49-5/8"]
Waist: 80-94-106-120 cm
[31.5" - 37" - 41.75" - 47.25"]
Hem: 96-108-120-132 cm
[37.75" - 42.5" - 47.25" - 52"]
The rib will pull in the hem measurement approx. 5 - 8 cm. The measurements on the schematic show the hem as stretched.

Garnstudio ESKIMO
250-300-300-350 gr nr 32, dark purple heather
150-150-150-200 gr nr 21, denim blue
100-100-100-100 gr nr 05, turquoise
100-100-100-100 gr nr 06, dusty pink
50 -100-100-100 gr nr 13, camel
50 - 50 - 50- 100 gr nr 11, grey green

DROPS 10 mm [US P] crochet hook, or size needed to obtain correct gauge.
DROPS 8 mm [US 11] needles, or size needed to obtain correct gauge.

Not sure which size you should choose? Then it might help you to know that the model in the picture is approx. 5 ft 7 in and uses size S or M. If you are making a jumper, cardigan, dress or similar garment, you will find a graphic with measurements (in cm) at the bottom of the pattern.

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NOTE: This pattern is written in American English. All measurements in charts are in cm. For conversion from inches to cm - click here. There are different terms for crocheting in American and British English. If this pattern includes crochet, click for "crochet terms" here. For this pattern in British English, please click here.
Crochet gauge: 3 tc-groups in width and approx. 3.5 rows in height = 10 x 10 cm.

Crochet tips: Replace the first tc of each row with ch 4. Every row ends with 1 tc in the ch 4 at the start of previous row.

Rib: * K 3, P 3 *, repeat from * - *.
Pattern: See the chart (Diag. 1) for Model No. 19 on page 48 of Drops No. 91.

Stripe pattern: See the charts for Model No. 19 on page 48 of Drops No. 91. 1 row of the chart = 1 row of tc-groups in Diag. 1.

Finishing-tips: Crochet over yarn ends as you crochet the next row, to avoid having to tuck them in later.

Decreasing tips (armhole and neck):
Dec as follows at the start of row: replace 1 tc-group with 1 sl st in each tc in group.
Dec as follows at end of row: turn piece when the number of tc-groups to be decreased or bound off remains and crochet back.

Front: First knit rib, then crochet the rest of front.
Cast on 50-56-62-68 sts with dark purple heather. P 1 row (wrong side row), then knit rib, keeping 1 edge st at each side in garter st throughout.
When the piece measures 10 cm K 2 rows (first row = right side). Then bind off all sts loosely.
Read Decreasing tips and Finishing tips.
First row crochet as follows with dusty pink: 1 sc in 2nd st, ch 4, 1 tc in the same st * skip over approx. 3 sts, 2 tc in the next st *, repeat * - * so that there will be 11-13-15-17 tc-groups, and finish with 1 tc in next to last st, turn the work.
Now crochet Pattern following Diag.1 in stripes following Pattern 1 (M.1 chart) to finished measurements.
When piece measures 15 cm, inc by crocheting one extra tc-group at the start of row. Turn piece and repeat inc at start of the next row = 13-15-17-19 tc-groups.
When the piece measures 37-39-40-42 cm bind off 1-2-2-3 tc-groups at each side – see decreasing tips above = 11-11-13-13 tc-groups on row.
When the piece measures 47-50-53-56 cm bind off for the neck as follows: crochet 4-4-5-5 tc-groups and finish with 1 tc at the neck instead of 2 tc, turn the work. On the next row bind off the 1 tc and 1st tc-group for the neck = 3-3-4-4 tc-groups on shoulder.
When the piece measures approx. 56-59-62-65 cm cut yarn and fasten. Repeat on the other side for the neck.

Back: Cast on and knit the same as the front, then crochet as on front but inc 1 tc-group at each side when the piece measures 30 cm (instead of when the piece measures 15 cm).
Bind off for armhole as on front and crochet continue until the piece measures 53-56-59-62 cm (one row remains to finished measurements).
Now crochet 1 row with 3-3-4-4 tc-groups at each side (do not crochet over the center 5 tc-groups = neck) – row finishes with 1 tc for the neck instead of 2 tc. Cut yarn and fasten, the piece measures approx. 56-59-62-65 cm.

Assembly: Sew right shoulder edge to edge.
Right sleeve: The sleeve is crocheted down from armhole – see Fig. 1. Crochet 11-12-13-14 tc groups evenly distributed along armhole with dark purple heather (finish with 1 tc after last tc-group).
Then crochet Pattern following Diag.1 in stripes following Pattern 2 (M.2 chart). When Pattern 2 has been crocheted 1 time in height continue with color in last stripe to finished measurements.
When the piece measures 3-7-7-10 cm from armhole, put a marker at each side – measure the work from here.
When the piece measures approx. 3-4-4-4 cm from markers bind off 1 tc-group alternately on right and left sides of sleeves every 11-10-10-9 cm a total of 3-4-4-4 times = 7-8-9-10 tc-groups.
When sleeve measures approx. 55-57-57-57 cm from armhole, cut yarn and fasten.

Neckband: Pick up approx. 48 - 54 sts (divisible by 6) around the neck on needles with dark purple heather. K 2 rows (1st row = wrong side). Then knit rib.
When neckband measures 4 cm bind off all sts loosely in rib.
Sew left shoulder the same as right and continue seam up along neckband – sew in the outermost sts so seam will not be seen.

Left sleeve: Crochet the same as right sleeve but crochet stripes following Pattern 3 (M.3 chart).

Assembly: Sew side seams edge to edge – be sure the seams are not too tight. Sew the rib using edge sts as seam allowance.
Sew sleeve seams in the same manner up to the markers and sew sleeves to Body where you bound off for armhole – the markers on sleeves should match up with the side seams on Body, be sure the seams are not too tight.


= 1 tc
= 1 ch
= camel
= dusty pink
= dark purple heather
= denim blue
= turquoise
= grey green

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