DROPS Extra / 0-1301

Spot Luck by DROPS Design

Crochet DROPS pot holder with four-leaf clover in "Paris".

DROPS design: Pattern no w-608
Yarn group C or A + A
Measurements: approx. 22 x 22 cm / 8 3/4" x 8 3/4''
DROPS PARIS from Garnstudio
100 g color no 11, opal green
100 g color no 39, pistachio

DROPS CROCHET HOOK size 3.5 mm/E/4 – or size needed to get 18 dc = width 10 cm / 4''.

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Pattern instructions

NOTE: This pattern is written in American English. All measurements in charts are in cm. For conversion from inches to cm - click here. There are different terms for crocheting in American and British English. If this pattern includes crochet, click for "crochet terms" here. For this pattern in British English, please click here.
See diagrams A.1 and A.2.

Work ch 3, 1 dc in first ch

Work a pot holder in opal green and a pot holder in pistachio. Each pot holder consists of two parts that are worked tog with a crochet edge at the end.

Work 5 ch on hook size 3.5 mm/E/4 with Paris and form a ring with one sl st in first ch. Then work according to A.1. REMEMBER THE CROCHET GAUGE! When A.1 is done, cut the yarn. Then work back and forth along each side of square, work according to A.2 (on 4th row in A.2 turn in the middle of row, and finish each part separately - the yarn must be cut after 5th row both times). Work A.2 along the 3 remaining sides of square. Work another part the same way.

Place the two parts tog and work an edge through both layers around the entire pot holder as follows - beg between 2 leaves: Work 1 sc around ch-space, 25 ch (= strap), ** work 1 sc around ch-space, 1 PICOT - see explanation above, 1 sc around outermost dc on 1st row in A.2 * 1 picot, skip 1 row, 1 sc around outermost dc on next row *, repeat form *-* 1 more time, 1 picot, 1 sc around side of last dc at the top of leaf, 1 picot, 1 sc around next dc, 1 picot, 1 sc in dc between the 2 parts of leaf, * 1 picot, 1 sc around next dc *, repeat from *-* 1 more time, 1 picot, 1 sc around side of last dc at the top of leaf, * 1 picot, skip 1 dc, 1 sc around next dc on leaf *, repeat from *-* 1 more time, 1 picot, 1 sc around ch-space between 2 leaves **, repeat from **-** 3 more times, finish with 1 sl st in sc at beg of round. Fasten off.

This pattern has been corrected. .

Correction at bottom left side of diagram A.1.
Updated online: 03.08.2017


All measurements in charts are in cm.

= ch 5, 1 sl st in first ch ( see point on circle), round beg and ends here
= sl st
= dc in dc
= dc around ch-space
= ch

Comments (3)

Martine 30.07.2017 - 16:16:

Bonjour, Sur le diagramme A1 tout en bas à gauche, il est noté 2 m en l'air ...Dans les autres coins, il y en a 3... ? Merci d'avance.

DROPS Design 31.07.2017 kl. 10:18:

Bonjour Martine, il faut effectivement faire 3 ml dans chaque coin, le diagramme va être corrigé, merci. Bon crochet!

Linn Ingebretsen 25.06.2017 - 11:34:

Hva menes med st i st? Jeg finner ikke noen forklaring noe sted, og er nybegynner når det gjelder hekling.

DROPS Design 25.06.2017 kl. 18:35:

Hei Linn, det betyr å hekle en stav i en stav, så du hverken øke eller feller masker. Håper dette hjelpe. Vennlig hilsen, Deirdre

Dea 26.07.2016 - 11:57:

Buongiorno, c'è un piccolo errore nella legenda. Dove c'è il cerchio col puntino nero, c'è scritto 65 catenelle mentre in realtà sono 5 catenelle. ^_^

DROPS Design 26.07.2016 kl. 12:11:

Buongiorno Dea. Abbiamo corretto la legenda. Grazie della segnalazione e buon lavoro!

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