DROPS / 138 / 20

Northern Comfort by DROPS Design

Knitted DROPS jacket with lace pattern in ”Alpaca” and ”Kid-Silk”. Size: S - XXXL.

DROPS design: Pattern no Z-606
Yarn group A
Size: S - M - L - XL - XXL - XXXL
Full length: 44-46-48-50-52-54 cm / 17¼''-18''-19''-19¾''-20½''-21¼''

Materials: DROPS ALPACA from Garnstudio
Color no 7120, light grayish green: 200-250-250-300-300-350 g
And use: DROPS KID-SILK from Garnstudio
Color no 06, light grayish green: 75-100-100-125-125-150 g

DROPS CIRCULAR NEEDLE size 5 mm / US 8 (80 cm / 32'') - or size needed to get 14 sts in diagram M.1 with 1 strand Alpaca and 1 strand Kid-Silk = width 10 cm / 4''.

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Not sure which size you should choose? Then it might help you to know that the model in the picture is approx. 5 ft 7 in and uses size S or M. If you are making a sweater, cardigan, dress or similar garment, you will find a graphic with the measurements of the finished garment (in cm) at the bottom of the pattern.
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Pattern instructions

NOTE: This pattern is written in American English. All measurements in charts are in cm. For conversion from inches to cm - click here. There are different terms for crocheting in American and British English. If this pattern includes crochet, click for "crochet terms" here. For this pattern in British English, please click here.
GARTER ST (back and forth on needle): K all rows.

See diagram M.1. The diagram shows the pattern from RS.

Worked back and forth on circular needle. Cast on 130-136-144-150-158-166 sts on circular needle size 5 mm / US 8 with 1 strand Alpaca and 1 strand Kid-Silk. Then work in garter st - see explanation above (1st row = RS). When piece measures 4 cm / 1½'', dec from WS 20-20-22-22-24-26 sts evenly = 110-116-122-128-134-140 sts. REMEMBER THE GAUGE!
On next row work diagram M.1 from RS with 1 edge st in garter st in each side. When piece measures 29-30-31-32-33-34 cm / 11 3/8''-11¾''-12¼''-12½''-13''-13 3/8'', insert a marker in each side of piece (armholes beg here).
Continue with pattern until piece measures approx. 42-44-46-48-50-52 cm / 16½''-17¼''-18''-19''-19¾''-20½'' (finish with 1 row from WS, i.e. with 2nd or 4th row in diagram M.1). On next row bind off the middle 18-18-18-24-24-24 sts for neck and finish each shoulder separately = 46-49-52-52-55-58 sts remain on each shoulder.
Continue with pattern and loosely bind off all sts when piece measures 44-46-48-50-52-54 cm / 17¼''-18''-19''-19¾''-20½''-21¼''.

Worked back and forth on circular needle. Cast on 68-71-76-76-79-84 sts with 1 strand Alpaca and 1 strand Kid-Silk. Then work in garter st (1st row = RS): When piece measures 4 cm / 1½'', dec from WS 8-8-10-10-10-12 sts evenly = 60-63-66-66-69-72 sts.
Work next row from RS as follows: 1 edge st in garter st, then diagram M.1 until 14 sts remain on needle, work the remaining sts in garter st (= 14 band sts mid front).
Continue with diagram M.1, 14 band sts mid front and 1 edge st in garter st in the side until piece measures 29-30-31-32-33-34 cm / 11 3/8''-11¾''-12¼''-12½''-13''-13 3/8''. Insert a marker in the side (armhole beg here).
Continue to work until piece measures 44-46-48-50-52-54 cm / 17¼''-18''-19''-19¾''-20½''-21¼''. At beg of next row from RS, bind off 46-49-52-52-55-58 sts for shoulder = 14 band sts remain for collar.
Continue in garter st over the 14 sts.
When collar measures 8-8-8-11-11-11 cm / 3 1/8"-3 1/8"-3 1/8"-4 3/8"-4 3/8"-4 3/8", bind off as follows: bind off the first 5 sts on the next 2 rows from RS = 4 sts remain, loosely bind off on next row from RS.

Cast on and work as left front piece but reversed.

Sew shoulder seams in front loop of outermost sts.

Worked back and forth on needle. Pick up from RS with 1 strand Alpaca and 1 strand Kid-Silk approx. 50 to 70 sts between markers along one armhole.
K next row (= WS) while at the same time adjusting no of sts to 52-56-60-64-66-70.
Work in garter st for approx. 2½ cm / 1'', loosely bind off all sts. Repeat along the other armhole.

Sew sleeve and side seams in one inside 1 edge st. Sew collar tog mid back and sew on to neck line at the back of neck.


All measurements in charts are in cm.

= K from RS, P from WS
= 1 YO between 2 sts
= slip 1 st as if to K, K 2 tog, psso

Comments (25)

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Krause, Ilona 29.04.2015 - 19:48:

Sehr geehrtes Team, woher weiß ich, in welcher Größe ich das favorisierte Modell 138-20 stricken muss - die Maßangaben sind zwar da, aber ich kenne ja nicht die Passform des Modell, weiß also nicht, ob es eng oder locker sitzen soll. Würde mich sehr freuen, wenn Sie mir weiter helfen können:-) Ihnen eine gute Woche und Danke im Voraus!

DROPS Design 03.05.2015 kl. 10:31:

Sie sehen ja auf dem Foto, wie die Jacke ungefähr sitzen sollte - es ist ein recht locker und luftig sitzendes Modell ohne körperbetonten Schnitt. Wählen Sie die Größe also dementsprechend aus.

Sio 03.03.2015 - 18:38:

Hello, I´m not sure with the two last sentences of the left front, regarding the direction the collar should be ended.I mean in which direction should it go up from the front to the rest or the other way around?I hope anyone understands what I mean. greetz

DROPS Design 04.03.2015 kl. 09:41:

Dear Sio, when piece measures 44-54 cm (see size) you cast off 49-58 sts for shoulder then continue in garter st over the remaining 14 sts for collar. (See also video for shawl collar below.) When collar measures 8-11 cm, cast off 5 sts at the beg of the next 2 rows worked from RS before casting off all sts. Happy knitting!

Aina 13.05.2013 - 21:31:

Har dere en video der dere viser hvordan man gjør det med ermekantene?

DROPS Design 14.05.2013 kl. 10:02:

Hej Aina. Vi har et par video'er hvordan du plukker om masker langs kanter. Se f.eks her:

Ghislaine 08.05.2013 - 18:06:

Trés beau rendu.premier tricot avec votre laine et vos explications...pas décue du tout;contente d'avoir découvert votre site.

Lene Monique Thorsen 12.12.2012 - 18:38:

Kjempefin jakke, men finner ikke ut av hvordan jeg strikker mønsteret M.1 Har dere noen video av dette? Eller noen enklere forklaring på hvordan jeg kan få det til.

DROPS Design 13.12.2012 kl. 16:34:

Du kan se video om et kast og ogsaa hvordan du skal tage ind (ta 1 m løst av p som om den strikkes rett, 2 rett sammen, løft den løse m over). Se minske: 1 m og minske: 2 m sammen.

Isabel 23.01.2012 - 12:32:

LLevo tiempo buscando un diseño como este. Me encanta. Es muy femenino.

FLORENCE 22.01.2012 - 18:43:

Très jolie forme et pour le point idem. Vivement que les explications soient en ligne.

Columba Galvan 19.01.2012 - 23:42:

Suetercito de entretiempo.

Gun Nilsson 19.01.2012 - 16:25:

Snygg och användbar.Hoppas mönstret kommer snart.

Sarah... 16.01.2012 - 00:44:

Superbe ! vite les explications !!! :o)

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