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Knitted DROPS head band with cables in ”Nepal”.

DROPS design: Pattern no NE-012
Size: one-size

Materials: DROPS NEPAL from Garnstudio
100 g color no 4311, gray/purple

DROPS STRAIGHT NEEDLES size 4.5 mm / US 7 - or size needed to get 18 sts x 23 rows in stockinette st = 10 x 10 cm / 4'' x 4''.

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Not sure which size you should choose? Then it might help you to know that the model in the picture is approx. 5 ft 7 in and uses size S or M. If you are making a sweater, cardigan, dress or similar garment, you will find a graphic with the measurements of the finished garment (in cm) at the bottom of the pattern.

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Pattern instructions

NOTE: This pattern is written in American English. All measurements in charts are in cm. For conversion from inches to cm - click here. There are different terms for crocheting in American and British English. If this pattern includes crochet, click for "crochet terms" here. For this pattern in British English, please click here.
GARTER ST (back and forth on needle): K all rows.

PATTERN: See diagram M.1, M.2 and M.3. Diagrams show the pattern from RS.

Piece worked back and forth on needle. Cast on 25 sts on needle size 4.5 mm / US 7 with Nepal and work 2 rows GARTER ST – see above. Work next row as follows from RS: 3 garter sts, M.1 (= 19 sts), 3 garter sts. After M.1 there are 30 sts on needle. Now work M.2 with 3 garter sts each side until piece measures approx 52 to 57 cm / 20½"-22½'' – adjust to after row 11 or 23 in M.2. Now work M.3 with 3 garter sts each side = 25 sts on needle. After M.3 work 2 rows garter st and bind off.
Sew the head band tog mid back with the 2 garter st rows towards each other.


All measurements in charts are in cm.

= K from RS, P from WS
= P from RS, K from WS
= work 2 sts in this st
= K2 tog
= slip 4 sts on cable needle in front of piece, K4, K4 from cable needle
= slip 4 sts on cable needle behind piece, K4, K4 from cable needle

Luisa 25.08.2019 - 13:04:

Sorry one question how do I work the wrong side or it is on the diagrams for both sides wrong and right sides thanks much

DROPS Design 25.08.2019 kl. 15:32:

Dear Luisa, this pattern is worked flat, back and forth on needles. The diagram shows both right and wrong rows: start to read it from bottom right corner to left for right side rows and from left to right for wrong side rows. Happy knitting!

Tammy 18.11.2018 - 22:53:

This ear warmer looks soooo cute. Is there a written pattern or only the chart? I’ve tried to do charts but I just haven’t been able to do them successfully.

DROPS Design 19.11.2018 kl. 09:19:

Dear Tammy, there are only diagrams to this pattern - 1 square in diagram = 1 row - both RS and WS rows are shown in diagram. Start M.1 from the right side reading from the right towards the left (= you increase 5 sts) then work M.2 starting on the bottom corner on the left sdie from WS towards the right - and work RS rows from the right towards the left. See diagram key to know how to work each stitch. Happy knitting!

Patty 18.09.2018 - 19:14:

I actually figured it out how to get 30 stitches. Please clarify which direction to read the different rows on the chart. Thanks much!

DROPS Design 19.09.2018 kl. 09:28:

Dear Patty, M.1 is worked from RS = from the right towards the left. M.2 is worked beginning from WS = start on the bottom corner on the left side and read WS rows from the left towards the right and the RS rows from the right towards the left. M.3 will be then worked from RS = from the right towards the left. Happy knitting!

Patty 18.09.2018 - 19:02:

I have read over this several times. After M1, I am not sure how you get 30 stitches?? the 3 garter stitches, M1 (19 stitches) and 3 garter stitches = 19 + 6 = 25. So after M1 I end up with 25 stitches. Please clarify. It seems like many people have had the same question. Thank you

DROPS Design 01.10.2018 kl. 15:47:

Hi Patty. It is correct that M.1 is worked across 19 stitches, but in 5 of those stitches you'll work 2 stitches in one = 5 stitches increased. So after M.1 is worked once, you'll have 30 stitches on the needle: 3 garter + 24 M.1 (including 5 increased) + 3 garter. Happy knitting.

Sharon F. 06.01.2018 - 00:58:

Just made this but am confused. Based on my counting (since the rows are not numbered like American patterns), I thought row1 of M.2 was supposed to be on the right side, but then the cabled ended up being on the wrong side. I just repeated the past row. Are you supposed to start R1 on the wrong side? I am starting another one and want to make sure this is done correctly. Also, can you do a provisional cast on and attach with the Kitchener stitch?

DROPS Design 06.01.2018 kl. 12:55:

Dear Sharon, when you start the piece and setting up the pattern, you start with the pattern M.1 which you knit on the right side, then start with M.2; its first row from the wrong side. That way you will do the cables in the RS. I hope this helps. Also, if you prefer kitchener stitch, you can start with provisional cast on. Happy Knitting!

Marjorie Odor Elizondo 29.02.2016 - 07:18:

Gracias por compartir tanta belleza, sin egoismo,y desinteresadamente. Exitos por siempre !!!!

Renee Goldman 20.12.2015 - 00:28:

I have reached M2 of the Drops 126-24 and find that the pattern is only for 27 stitches, while I have 30 stitches after M1? What happens to the three stitches (The 27 stitches includes the 3 garter stitches).

DROPS Design 21.12.2015 kl. 10:32:

Dear Mrs Goldman, after M1 you have a total of 30 sts and work these 30 sts as follows: 3 sts in garter st, 24 sts in M2 (1st row in M2 = WS = K4, P5, K1, P4, K1, P5, K4), 3 sts in garter st = 30 sts. Happy knitting!

Linda Carney 13.12.2015 - 10:24:

Love the pattern and the headband!! Making for friends an family.

Heather 23.11.2015 - 17:48:

Can you please tell me the width measurement for this headband, thanks.

DROPS Design 24.11.2015 kl. 09:09:

Dear Heather, with the given tension, it will be a bit less than 12 cm (cables tighten work). Happy knitting!

Pat 01.09.2015 - 19:36:

I don't know how you got to the 30 stitches. I casted on 25 stitches and then work first two rows in garter stitch. How do I get to the 30 stitches? Thanks! Pat

DROPS Design 02.09.2015 kl. 09:41:

Dear Pat, after the first 2 rows in garter st, you work diagram M.1 (= 19 sts) with 3 sts in garter st in each side - M.1 = 1 row including 5 inc - see diagram and text to diagram. Happy knitting!

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