DROPS / 107 / 28

DROPS 107-28 by DROPS Design

DROPS knitted shawl in “Fabel” with crochet border and button covers in “Alpaca”.

Tags: capes, flounce, shawls,
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Length: approx 70 cm.
Width: approx 144 cm.

Materials: DROPS Fabel, from Garnstudio
250 g colour no 159, red chilli
and use: DROPS Alpaca, from Garnstudio
50 g colour no 3620, red

DROPS circular needle (80 cm) size 3.5 mm - or size needed to obtain 23 sts x 45 rows in garter st = 10 x 10 cm.
DROPS crochet hook size 3 mm – for border and button covers
DROPS wooden button, no 502, 2 pcs.

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Pattern instructions

NOTE: This pattern is written in British English. All measurements in charts are in cm. For conversion from cm to inches - click here. There are different terms for crocheting in British and American English. If this pattern includes crochet, click for "crochet terms" here. For this pattern in American English, please click here.
Garter st, back and forth on needle: K all rows

Pattern: See diagram M.1 and M.2 A/B. The diagram shows the pattern from the RS side.

Shawl: Knitted back and forth on circular needle from bottom up. Cast on 3 sts on needle size 3.5 mm with Fabel and work 1 vertical repeat of M.1 (first row = WS) = 15 sts. Now work M.2-A at beg of row and M.2-B at the end of row (work sts in between in garter st). Remember the knitting tension! After 14 vertical repeats of M.2-A/B there are 295 sts on row. Now work 1 vertical repeat of M.2-A/B, but do not work the last 2 rows in diagram = 331 sts. Work 2 rows garter st on all sts. Change to Alpaca and work 4 rows garter st on all sts. Cast off loosely.

Crochet border: Crochet a border along top edge of shawl (casting off row) with crochet hook size 3 mm and Alpaca as follows:
Row 1: 1 dc in corner st, *2 ch (= 1 ch-loop), skip 2 sts, 1 dc in next st*, repeat from *-*.
Round 2: Crochet with double thread Alpaca. 1 dc in first ch-loop, *3 ch, 1 dc in next ch-loop*, repeat from *-*. At the same time after approx 27 cm, crochet a buttonhole by crocheting 5 ch instead of 3 ch and repeat after another 8 cm.
Button covers: Crochet 2 covers with crochet hook size 3 mm and Alpaca as follows:
2 ch, then 6 dc in the first ch, finish with 1 sl st in the first dc (= round 1).
Round 2: 2 dc in each dc = 12 dc.
Round 3: *1 dc in first dc, 1 dc in second dc, 2 dc in third dc*, repeat from *-* and finish with 1 sl st in first dc from beg of round = 16 dc.
Round 4, 5 and 6: 1 dc in each dc.
Round 7: 1 dc in every other dc and finish with 1 sl st in first dc from beg of round = 8 dc.

Put buttons inside cover, sew round the edge of cover and tighten thread. Fold shawl double and sew on buttons approx 6 cm from crochet border to fit buttonholes.

This pattern has been corrected. .

Updated online: 20.06.2008
diagram symbols
empty box = K from RS, K from WS


= K from RS, K from WS
= 1 yo between 2 sts
= cast off st.

Anna 04.01.2017 - 18:53:

Sto lavorando questo bellissimo scialle ma noto che le puntine si arrotolano sul retro del lavoro. Come posso fare per farle venire come nella fotografia? Grazie

DROPS Design 04.01.2017 kl. 18:59:

Buonasera Anna. Quando lava lo scialle lo può far asciugare su un materassino fissando ogni punta con uno spillo. Buon lavoro!

Elis 07.03.2016 - 10:40:

Hallo, bin gerade am Stricken des Tuches (Sockenwolle). Leider schlagen sich die Zacken von Anfang an nach hinten um, so dass ich Bedenken habe, ob dies nach dem Fertigstellen noch zu korrigieren ist. Hat eine Strickerin/ein Stricker Erfahrung damit? Gruß Elis

DROPS Design 07.03.2016 kl. 13:10:

Liebe Elis, auf dem Foto kann man erkennen, dass sich die Zacken etwas biegen. Sie können aber dsa Tuch spannen und damit die Zacken etwas glätten.

Amélie 17.02.2016 - 21:29:

Bonjour, Je n'ai pas trop l'habitude de tricoter et vu les explications, j'ai du mal à tout comprendre... Au bout du dessin, je suis à environ 10 cm, comment dois-je continuer après ? Merci d'avance de votre réponse, j'aime beaucoup ce modèle et après avoir acheté la laine, je serai déçue de ne pas pouvoir le réaliser !

DROPS Design 18.02.2016 kl. 10:02:

Bonjour Amélie, après avoir tricoté le diagramme M.1, vous tricotez ainsi: M.2A (à droite vu sur l'endroit), M.2B (à gauche vu sur l'endroit) - quand ces 2 diagrammes sont tricotés 1 fois en hauteur continuez de la même façon avec M.2 A à droite (vu sur l'endroit) et M.2B à gauche (vu sur l'endroit) et tricotez au point mousse les mailles entre les 2 diagrammes. Bon tricot!

Carina 24.05.2014 - 12:08:

Hej! Jag tycker att det är en fantastiskt fin sjal på bilden. Tyvärr får jag inte riktigt till det. Jag får inte de flikiga ytterkanterna runt sjalen. När jag stickar blir ytterkanterna jämna för jag gör ju ökningarna i samband med omslaget. Vag gör jag för fel? Hur ska jag göra? Det är ju de flikiga kanterna som gör den så snygg. MVH Carina

DROPS Design 20.06.2014 kl. 12:25:

Hej Carina. Du tager jo ud i hver anden pind, som saa gör at du faar 2 masker mere for hver anden pind. I den andensidste pind af mönstret lukker du 9 masker af = som saa former spidsen af kanten.

Röder 27.09.2013 - 15:48:

Der letzte Satz in der Anleitung ist nicht vollständig. Wie geht er zu Ende?

DROPS Design 27.09.2013 kl. 21:09:

Liebe Frau Röder - Danke für den Hinweis, wir werden die Anleitung gleich richtig ergänzen.

Mette Jensen 10.04.2013 - 18:29:

Den røde kant med alpaca er den strikket i glat eller i ret som den øvrige del af sjalet

DROPS Design 10.04.2013 kl. 19:19:

Hej Mette. Nej, den er haeklet. Se beskrivelsen under Hæklekant. God fornöjelse.

Theresa 09.04.2011 - 00:38:

I love the colour in this shawl, colours that capture me!!

Gisi 06.07.2010 - 15:43:

Habe es gestrickt, sieht einfach super aus...danke an drops für das tolle modell

DROPS Design 21.11.2008 - 19:27:

Last two rows are worked like this: bind off 9 sts; K3, yo, knit until 12 sts remains, yo, knit rem 12 sts, turn. Next and last row: Bind off first 9 sts , knit until end of row. Turn and start from beg of charts again.

Kathie 21.11.2008 - 19:13:

Last two rows of M.2-A/B I don't understand. I bind off 9 sts and knit across, then the next row does NOT start above the bound off stitches as shown on diagram to knit across and bind off 9 for M2/B.....and do you cut the thread for the last bind off, before starting the next vertical repeat?

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