Replace Snow with Wish or 2 x Air

It's easy to substitute yarn! Did you knit that you can substitute 1 strand of DROPS Snow with 1 strand of DROPS Wish or 2 strands of DROPS Air? Find patterns where you can use any of these yarns See... (Read more)

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How to knit a dog jumper

Dogs can also feel chilly when the weather is cold, so why not knit a snuggly jumper with cables for your best friend? In this step-by-step lesson we’ll show you how to knit the The Lookout doggy sweater,... (Read more)

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How to follow a DROPS pattern

Is this your first time working with a DROPS pattern and are you having trouble understanding what to do first? Then read over this lesson, where we show you how to follow one of our patterns. The first... (Read more)

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How to knit the Sky High, basic baby hat

You can never have too many cute baby hats. This step-by-step lesson will assist you in working a simple baby hat with rib and earflaps, like the one shown in pattern DROPS Baby 20-9. Click here to see... (Read more)

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How to make the Court Jester slippers

Warm slippers on cold days are a must, plus they are also a wonderful present to give to others. So why not follow this lesson to learn how to knit the Court Jester slippers (DROPS 109-57), a simple,... (Read more)

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How to crochet a shopping bag

Crochet bags are all the rage this season! Never crocheted one before? Do not worry! Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to crochet the bag Pacific Blues (DROPS 199-15), so you can easily get to work... (Read more)

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How to work a jumper top down

Several of our jumpers are worked top-down, and this is primarily because it provides more flexibility in terms of adjusting the jumper to personal measurements or preferences. It is easier to adjust the... (Read more)

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How to read crochet diagrams

A crochet diagram consists of symbols, 1 symbol = 1 stitch (or a group of stitches) - the symbol definition explains what kind of stitch it is/how it is worked. The diagram shows all stitches seen from... (Read more)

category: Crochet lessons

How to read knitting diagrams

A knitting diagram consists of squares. 1 square = 1 stitch - the symbol definition provide information on how the stitch is worked. The diagram shows all stitches seen from the right side (unless otherwise... (Read more)

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English rib – an overview

English rib (sometimes referred to as Brioche) is a knitting technique where you occasionally use double stitches to achieve a clear and visible striped pattern in your work – similar to a rib edge.... (Read more)

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