How to work double crochet (dc)

How to work double crochet (dc)

When you have made a chain row (ch-row) you can continue back and forwards with different type of stitches. Here we let you know how to work double crochet (dc). Look here!

Figure 1: Insert the crochet hook in the second stitch from the hook. Grab the yarn that is over you index finger (working yarn) with the hook and pull it through the chain row (ch-row).

Figure 2: You now have 2 stitches on the crochet hook. Grab the yarn with the hook again.

Figure 3: Pull the yarn through both the loops on the crochet hook.

Figure 4: You have now made a double crochet (dc) and have 1 stitch left on the hook.

Figure 5:Start from the top again in the next stitch on the chain-row (ch-row).

Figure 6:When working double crochet you normally work through both loops of the stitch from the previous row. You will get different structures if working only in back loop, front loop or in both loops. If not stated in pattern, it will usually mean to work through both loops.

You can also look at this video

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Dana Kourkova 19.10.2021 - 14:26:

Jaky je rozdil mezi kratkym a dlouhym sloupkem?

Daisy 24.08.2021 - 15:34:

When I'm doing the double crochet am I missing one of the loops like in the beginning?

DROPS Design 25.08.2021 - 07:36:

Dear Daisy, I'm sorry, I'm not sure to understand what you mean here, the double crochet (UK-crochet terminology) is worked as shown on the pictures/video - the treble crochet will start with a yarn over before - see this lesson. Happy crocheting!

💩💩💩 12.01.2021 - 09:19:

Du kaki @Christiano

Cristiano 27.07.2019 - 18:19:

E muito legal 😎.

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