#dropsfan gallery

Take a look at all the wonderful knitting and crochet projects from DROPS fans around the world!

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Julie Anne Scott, Afghanistan
DROPS 226-44
Sif Andersen, Denmark
DROPS 179-26
Tatsiana, United Kingdom
@hatnmade, Indonesia
@bezige.brei, Belgium
DROPS 219-4
Steffi VB, Switzerland
Nejlin, Germany
DROPS 172-1
Yanick, Switzerland
DROPS Extra 0-782
@maryshel.knitting, Russian Federation
DROPS Children 41-4/Christmas KAL 2021
Samantha, Norway
Angie Hodapp, United States
DROPS 139-25
@nereaknits, Spain
DROPS 214-70
peckthetech, United Kingdom
DROPS 135-3
Judit Horvath, Hungary
bmg32759, United States
DROPS Baby 16-1

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