DROPS Cotton Light

A cool cotton yarn for summer!

  • Product image yarn CottonLight
  • Product image yarn CottonLight
  • Product image yarn CottonLight
  • Product image yarn CottonLight
  • Product image yarn CottonLight
  • Product image yarn CottonLight
  • Product image yarn CottonLight
  • Product image yarn CottonLight
  • Product image yarn CottonLight

Content: 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester
Yarn Group: B (20 - 22 stitches) / 8 ply / DK / worsted
Weight/length: 50 g = approx 105 m
Recommended needle size: 4 mm
Knitting tension: 10 x 10 cm = 21 sts x 28 rows
Machine wash on gentle cycle 40°C / Dry Flat

DROPS Cotton Light is a lovely soft yarn made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester micro. The micro fibers are thinner than silk strands and they do not take up moisture. This, combined with cotton, gives both summer and winter garments that breathe, have good shape stability and high durability.

DROPS Cotton Light is also the perfect yarn for children garments, as it is machine washable and comes in a wide variety of fun and vibrant colours. The quality is spun from multiple strands which gives a smooth and even stitch definition.

Please note, if you intend to use this yarn to crochet, that it tends to split due to the strands smooth and silky character.

Made in EU

This yarn has an Oeko-Tex® certification (certificate number 951032), Standard 100, Class I. This means that it has been tested and found completely free from harmful chemicals and that it is safe for human use. Class I is the highest level, and it means the yarn is suitable for baby articles (ages 0-3).

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0.94 GBP

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Store name Online price
0.94 GBP
The Novello Wool Shop
Godstone, Surrey
0.94 GBP
Purple Sheep Yarns
0.95 GBP
Bùth Bharraigh Ltd
1.00 GBP
Cotton Pod
1.00 GBP
Hop Stitch & Jumper
1.00 GBP
The Wool Factory
1.00 GBP
Wool Warehouse Direct Ltd
1.00 GBP

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26 Colours in DROPS Cotton Light

uni colour 02
off white
uni colour 01
pearl grey
uni colour 31
dark grey
uni colour 30
light beige
uni colour 21
uni colour 22
uni colour 28
uni colour 36
uni colour 35
dark red
uni colour 17
uni colour 32
uni colour 18
light pink
uni colour 05
light purple
uni colour 23
uni colour 24
light lilac
uni colour 25
uni colour 13
jeans blue
uni colour 26
blue bonnet
uni colour 33
light jeans blue
uni colour 34
ice blue
uni colour 08
uni colour 27
uni colour 14
uni colour 11
uni colour 12
uni colour 20
Please be aware that the colours shown may vary from screen to screen in the same way that shades may vary slightly from dye lot to dye lot.
(*) coming soon, (#) discontinued.

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yarn wash

Machine wash on gentle cycle 40°C / Dry Flat

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1) What type of fibers make the DROPS yarns?

Yarn can be made from a large number of natural and synthetic fibers. DROPS carries mainly yarns made from wool, cotton, alpaca, linen, mohair and silk. Each fiber type has its own qualities, and they are often mixed to take advantage of the best properties of each one. Coarse yarn has the advantage of being stronger and more durable, and finer fibers offer more softness and comfort. Here a bit about the main fibers we carry:

Alpaca fleece is the natural fiber harvested from an alpaca, and it is similar in structure to sheep wool fiber. Its softness comes from the small diameter of the fiber, similar to merino wool. It is a soft, durable, luxurious and silky natural fiber. Yarn made from alpaca fibers does not felt or pill easily, and it can be light or heavy in weight, depending on how it is spun. While similar to sheep’s wool, it is warmer, not prickly, and has no lanolin, which makes it hypoallergenic. Alpacas come in 22 natural colors, with more than 300 shades from a true-blue black through browns-black, browns, white, silver and rose-greys.

This fiber comes from the Angora goats, and it's considered a luxury fiber. Mohair yarn is warm as wool, but much lighter in weight; it is durable, dyes well and does not felt easily. Mohair fibers have also a distinctive luster created by the way they reflect light. Despite being a hard fiber, mohair is usually spun into a very fluffy yarn, resulting in airy and lustrous garments.

The wool fibers come from the skin of sheep and are relatively coarse fibers. Two striking characteristics of wool are its susceptibility to heat and its felting property, which is caused by the scales on the surface. Depending upon the breed of sheep, the appearance of the wool varies.
Wool from Merino sheep is considered the finest type of wool, having as characteristics that is finely crimped and soft. All the Merino wool in the DROPS yarns has its origins in South America, coming from sheep that have not been subject to Mulesing.
Pure new wool is wool made directly from animal fleece, and not recycled from existing wool garments. Machine washable wool is wool treated chemically to minimize the outer fuzzy layer of the fibers, and be therefore fitable for machine wash (see Superwash).

The silk fiber is a fine continuous fiber produced from the cocoon of a moth caterpillar known as the silkworm. While silkworm is cultivated, the wild or tussah silk is obtained from uncultivated silkworm cocoons. Silk fiber is one of the strongest natural fibers and makes a wonderful knitting yarn. It blends really well with other fibers, especially wool. Silk also dyes beautifully with natural dyes.

Vegetable fibers:
There are several varieties of vegetable fibers, found in the cell walls of plants or vegetables. Of all the varieties, two are recognized as major knitted or textile fibers. They are cotton and linen.
Cotton is the fiber surrounding the seeds in a cotton pod, and it is almost pure cellulose. Cotton is usually white in color but there are green and brown varieties as well. The cotton fiber is most often spun into yarn or thread and used to make a soft, breathable textile that is good for summer clothing and accessories, making a weaker yarn than silk or linen but stronger than wool.
Mercerized cotton is cotton that has been through a mercerization treatment. This treatment gives cotton fabrics and threads a lustrous yarn that is more lustrous than conventional cotton. It is also stronger, takes dye a little more readily, makes the yarn more resistant to mildew and reduces lint. It also may not shrink or lose its shape as much as "regular" cotton.
Linen is a fiber derived from the stalk of the flax plant that is durable and stronger than any other fiber. The linen fiber is relatively soft, straight and lustrous and becomes more beautiful with age. Linen is more comfortable to wear in hot temperatures than cotton, due to the fact that it absorbs moisture better and dries more quickly.

Other materials used in our yarns include synthetic fibers such as acrylic, viscose, polyamide (nylon) and polyester. These fibers are used mostly to give strength to a yarn (like our sock yarn, DROPS Fabel) or a special kind of structure (like our blown yarn, DROPS Air).

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2) What is polyamide?

The polyamide fibre, commonly known as nylon, is very strong, durable, lightweight, easy to care for (can be machine washed and dried), and elastic, which makes it perfect for blending with other fibres to produce hard-wearing yarns like sock yarn.

Compared to polyester, polyamide is softer and more flexible, but it also absorbs more water and dries slower.

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3) What type of information can I find on the DROPS yarn labels?

All DROPS yarn labels include information about fiber content (wool, cotton, etc.), weight in grams and ounces, length in meters and yards, washing instructions and symbols (explained here), color number, dye lot number and yarn group information.

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4) What are the DROPS yarn groups?

All DROPS yarns are classified into 6 different thickness groups (A to F). Yarns in a same group have similar knitting tension/gauge, and can therefore be interchanged in patterns; however the length may be different, so when substituting always calculate the amount of meters/yards needed for the pattern to know the amount of yarn you need to get.

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5) Can I use a different yarn than the one mentioned in the pattern?

Yes, as long as the yarn can be worked in the same knitting tension/gauge. Always swatch to make sure you get the same number of stitches in width and rows in height as given in the pattern.

Remember that different yarns with different textures, will give the garment different looks. The yardage/length may also be different, so when substituting always calculate the number of yards needed, in order to know the amount of yarn you need.

Read more about how to calculate the amount of an alternative yarn - and how to replace 1 thread of a yarn with 2 or more of another, here.

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6) What does it mean when a yarn is “Superwash”?

A superwash wool is a special wool product that has been treated or processed in a way that allows it to be machine washable. Many people are afraid to work with wool because it is so easy to shrink (though some shrink wool on purpose) and superwash wool can allow them to work with great fibers without worry. (Read more here).

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7) What does “Oeko-Tex® certified” means?

The Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 was introduced at the beginning of the 1990s as a response to the needs of the general public for textiles which posed no risk to health. The Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 is a globally uniform testing and certification system for textile raw materials, intermediate and end products at all stages of production. The test for harmful substances comprise substances which are prohibited or regulated by law, chemicals which are known to be harmful to health, and parameters which are included as a precautionary measure to safeguard health.

For more info go to www.oeko-tex.com

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8) Where are the DROPS yarns produced?

You can read about where all DROPS yarns are produced in each of the yarns shade cards and in our price list.

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9) Why are your yarns so cheap?

As Northern Europe's largest brand of hand knitting yarns and designs, we have unique opportunities to work with the very best raw materials and make savings that benefit you. That's why you can buy DROPS yarn 20-30% cheaper than similar products!

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10) How accurate are the colours on the shade cards online?

When obtaining images for the shade card, we do our best to achieve the highest level of color accuracy. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee how images will appear on your computer screen. Every monitor displays color differently, some colors might look darker than they really are, and some colors might be more saturated on some screens. If you experience that many of the yarn colors looks different on your screen than the actual color of the skeins, you can adjust the setting on your monitor.

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11) What is a micron? What does super fine / extra fine mean?

The fineness of yarn fibers is measured in microns (thousands of millimeters). Super fine alpaca wool is 26-28 microns. Fine merino wool is less than 21.5 microns and extra fine merino is under 19.5 microns. The less microns the softer and more delicate a quality can be, the more microns the more hard wear the quality will be.

The reason why the microns in a yarn’s fibers are important is that the yarn will eventually become something else, and how delicate or coarse a yarn is will determine in part what we use it for. That’s why we recommend the softest yarns (like DROPS Baby Merino) for baby clothing, or why we choose to use a more hard wear yarn like DROPS Snow, for a seating pad or slipper.

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12) Why are the colours in my skeins of print yarn different?

The reason why two skeins of a same print yarn look different can be 1) that both skeins are part of different dye lots; 2) that the skeins have been dyed using a technique called "magic print" (the one used for example in DROPS Delight), which provides unique patterns and smooth colour transitions to each skein, meaning also that within one dye lot, lighter or darker varieties might appear. This is no fault or defect, but part of the yarn's character.

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13) My store doesn’t have the colour I want, what can I do?

If your DROPS store doesn’t have the yarn colour you want, try contacting a DROPS Super Store (the ones with the golden badges) - they will make sure to get a hold of the colour even if they don’t have it in stock themselves. See a list of all DROPS stores here.

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14) Where can I find a specific dye lot of a colour?

Always try contacting your DROPS store first. If they do not have the dye lot you want we recommend you to ask other knitters and crocheters in the DROPS Workshop in Facebook or Ravelry, which may have the dye lot in their stash and might be willing to part from it.

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15) Why does my yarn shed?

Yarn sheds because there's not enough twist to hold all of the fibers together. All yarns have excess fibers (from production) that might come off as lint or shedding, in varied degrees that depend on how the yarn is spun. Brushed yarns ("hairier" yarns) like DROPS Melody, have more of these loose fibers than other yarns, and therefore shed more. Shedding also depends on what is worn under or over the garment, and whether this pulls at the yarn fibers. It’s therefore not possible to guarantee that there will be no shedding.

Below are some tips on how to get the best result when working with hairier yarns:

  • When the garment is finished (before you wash it) shake it vigorously so the looser hairs come off. NOTE: do NOT use a lint roller, brush or any method that pulls at the yarn.
  • Place the garment in a plastic bag and put it in your freezer - the temperature will cause the fibers to become less attached to each other, and excess fibers will come off easier. Leave in the freezer for a few hours before taking it out and shaking it again.
  • Wash the garment according to the instructions on the yarn label. Garments worked with hairier yarns usually need to be shaken once dry after washing, so that the hairs rise and any excess fibers can come off.

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Comments / Questions (122)

country flag Grethe 09.04.2021 - 16:03:

Hei. Hva skjer hvis jeg tørker plagget som er strikket med Cotton Light i tørketrommel. Jeg er redd mine barn kommer til å glemme at plagget skal tørkes flatt.

user icon DROPS Design 12.04.2021 kl. 09:19:

Hei Grethe. Kan ikke garantere hvordan plagget blir etter en runde i tørketrommelen. Plagget kan miste sin form og det kan bli for varm for polyester i en tørketrommel (kommer litt an på hvilken tørketrommel du/dere har). mvh DROPS design

country flag Marja Sluis 06.04.2021 - 15:36:

Goedemiddag, Van de drops cotton light uni colour lichtbeige 21 Dyelot 622 kom ik 3 bolletjes te kort ! Hoe weet ik nu bij mijn bestelling dat ik het juiste nummer en verfbad krijg? Ik moet beslist deze hebben anders zie je heel erg t verschil. Hopelijk kunt u mij helpen.

user icon DROPS Design 11.04.2021 kl. 14:35:

Dag Marja,

Voor vragen over beschikbaarheid van kleuren en verfbaden van bepaalde garens, kun je het beste even contact opnemen met de winkel waar je de garens besteld hebt.

country flag Maria Rosaria Di Marino 24.03.2021 - 21:59:

Va bene cotton light per uno zaino ai ferri?

user icon DROPS Design 26.03.2021 kl. 00:02:

Buonasera Maria Rosaria, se vuole realizzare lo zaino in cotone, è un filato adatto. Buon lavoro!

country flag Jeannette 14.03.2021 - 11:02:

I would like to order 100 yarn for sell in Athens Greece . I would like to know if I will have a discount . And if you will deliver. Here is my number

user icon DROPS Design 15.03.2021 kl. 10:03:

Dear Jeannette, please find the list of DROPS Sores in and shipping to Greece here - do not hesitate to contact them directely, even per mail or telephone. Happy knitting!

country flag Paula Filipe 20.02.2021 - 10:47:

Eu não encontro o esquema para poder fazer este modelo, e saber o quanto de fio vou usar para poder encomendar.

user icon DROPS Design 25.02.2021 kl. 09:24:

Bom dia, Pode indicar o número do modelo? Basta ir ver as explicações do modelo e enviar a pergunta para a ajudarmos.

country flag Marianne Edman 14.02.2021 - 19:15:

Hej Garn och mönster till att sticka disktrasor. NÅGOT ENKELT VILL JAG STICKA. OCH stickor. Vill ni ge förslag på vad jag ska köpa/beställa

user icon DROPS Design 15.02.2021 kl. 09:13:

Hei Marianne. Vi har veldig mange oppskrifter på kluter. Søk på kluter og du får opp veldig mange forslag, også enkle. Om du vil strikke i DROPS Cotton Light kan du velge oppskrifter som er skrevet i garngruppe B. Bare husk å sjekke strikkefastheten som er oppgitt i oppskriften. Evnt ta en titt på klutene i DROPS 152-32. mvh DROPS design

country flag Enza Danza 11.02.2021 - 10:27:

Hola hago bikini en crochet en fuerteventura , necesito bolsas de hilos en los colores blanco negro rojo amarillo y verde. De quanto ovillos son las bolsas y envían en Canarias graciad

user icon DROPS Design 28.02.2021 kl. 16:27:

Hola Enza, está página solo se dedica a los patrones, no vendemos las lanas. Puedes consultar las tiendas con envío a España en el siguiente link: https://www.garnstudio.com/findastore.php?action=local&id=23&cid=23

country flag Tosca 05.02.2021 - 18:42:

Ciao, volevo sapere se questi fili fanno bene per l'uncinetto da 2,75. mm. nelle istruzioni del lavoro che devo fare c'è scritto filato di grossezza DK o light worsted grazie mille

user icon DROPS Design 05.02.2021 kl. 19:23:

Buonasera Tosca, per quel tipo di misura può provare con DROPS Safran. Buon lavoro!

country flag Ester 02.02.2021 - 14:13:

Boa tarde enviam para a Alemanha e quais os portes de envio

user icon DROPS Design 05.02.2021 kl. 13:35:

Bom dia, Pode contactar directamente as lojas DROPS na Alemanha. Abaico encontra o link com a lista das lojas. https://www.garnstudio.com/findastore.php?id=9&cid=9 Bons tricôs!

country flag Janine 27.01.2021 - 15:36:

Ich würde gerne eine Temperatur-/ bzw Jahresdecke häkeln. Kann ich diese Wolle dafür nehmen (Drops Corona-Warn Light) ? Baumwolle pur wird ja evtl zu schwer....? Und wieviel Garn werde ich dafür wohl brauchen? Danke für die Hilfestellung

user icon DROPS Design 28.01.2021 kl. 10:26:

Liebe Janine, hier können Sie alle unsere Modellen für Decke, mit einem Garn der Garngruppe B wie Cotton Light gehäkelt werden, davon können Sich sich sicher inspirieren lassen - gerne wird Ihnen Ihr DROPS Händler damit weiterhelfen - auch telefonisch oder per E-Mail. Viel Spaß beim häkeln!

How can I replace this yarn? If you are looking to replace this yarn with another DROPS yarn, you can use another yarn within the same yarn group, or try our yarn converter!

Have a problem with the DROPS yarn you purchased? When you purchase yarn from the shade cards or patterns on our site, you are not buying directly from DROPS but from one of the hundreds of DROPS stores around the world. It is therefore important that you take contact with the DROPS store where you bought the yarn, and that you save the labels of all the skeins you purchased (they are your warranty). The DROPS store you contact will assist you and escalate the claim if necessary. Find a list of DROPS stores here.
Still can't find the answer you need? Then scroll down and leave your question so one of our experts can try to help you. This will be done normally within 5 to 10 working days.

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