How to make a chain ring with a slip stitch

How to make a chain ring with a slip stitch

When you have learned to make a chain-row (ch-row) you sometimes need to form a ring according. This you can do with a slip stitch (sl-st). Look here!

Figure 1: Make the number of chain stitches stated in the pattern.

Figure 2: Make a ring by inserting the crochet hook into the first chain stitch that was made.

Figure 3: Grab the working yarn(long tail) and pull it straight through the stich.

Figure 4: Continue by pulling the yarn through the stitch that is on the needle.

You have now made the ch-row into a ch-ring with a slip stitch (sl-stitch).

You can also look at this video

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Lavoine wrote:

Bonjour ,comment je doit faire pour mon prochain rang,j’ai donc monter 22 m en l’air et dans la 1er j’ai donc fait ma maille coulée pour fermer mon rang,pour mon prochain rang je doit faire 21 m serrée,est ce que je doit faire ma 1er m serrée sur ma m coulée ou sur la prochaine m,merci de votre explication,cordialement.

06.03.2020 - 22:51:

Beatrice Croneman Pileby wrote:

Om jag ska virka 20 om o sedan sluter den med en smygmaska. Det står sedan att jag ska virka 25 fm runt lmringen, men jag har ju endast 20 lm

29.07.2018 - 10:45:

DROPS Design answered:

Hej Beatrice, du kan virka många flera fm runt om lmringen (du skall virka om ringen inte i lm). Lycka till!

30.08.2018 - 15:59:

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