How to crochet a button cover

In this DROPS video we show how to crochet a beautiful button cover.

Chain 2 and then crochet 6 dc in the first of the 2 ch and finish round with a sl st in the first dc (= 1st round). Make sure to place a marker in 1st dc on each round.
2nd round: 1 ch, crochet 2 dc in each dc and finish with a sl st at beg of round (= 12 dc).
3rd + 4th round: 1 ch, 1 dc in each dc and finish with a sl st at beg. of round (= 12 dc).
5th round: 1 ch, crochet 1 dc in every other dc and finish with a sl st at beg. of round (= 6 dc).
Put the button inside the cover, sew around and pull tight.

You must read the pattern to be able to follow. You’ll find patterns where you can use this technique by clicking on the pictures below.

The video above can be used in the following patterns

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Mona Shora 28.05.2013 - 22:01:

I have no access to your supply,but your videos are very clear and very helpful even for beginners.THANKS.

DROPS Design 15.10.2014 - 14:04:

Dear Mona Shora, please click here to find a store in your country or list of worldwide shipping stores. Happy crocheting!

Hanaa Zahran 06.02.2013 - 12:07:

I'm from Egypt I wish to thank you for your great website it's really fantastic & helped me so much thank you

Cigdem 30.08.2012 - 14:00:

Irina thaks for your is veryclear and understandable

Irina Mihrova 08.08.2011 - 08:24:

Thanks. A remarkable film. All is very evident and clear.

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