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DROPS 69-26 by DROPS Design

DROPS Crocheted Purse in Muskat or Vienna

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Size: approx. 21 cm [8.25"] wide in Muskat
approx. 23 cm [9"] wide in Vienna.

100% mercerized Egyptian cotton,
50 g./100 m./109 yards
100 g. col. no. 04, lilac.

or use:
90% mohair, 10% polyester, 50 g./95 m./103 yards
100 g. col. no. 36, light pink.

Alternate yarns:
53% Egyptian cotton, 47% linen, 50 g./85 m./93 yds
100% superwash wool, 50 g/110 m/120 yards
70% lambswool, 30% angora, 50 g/145 m/158 yds

Sequins to sew around top edge of purse.

DROPS 3.5 mm [US D] crochet hook, or size needed to obtain correct gauge.

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Not sure which size you should choose? Then it might help you to know that the model in the picture is approx. 5 ft 7 in and uses size S or M. If you are making a sweater, cardigan, dress or similar garment, you will find a graphic with the measurements of the finished garment (in cm) at the bottom of the pattern.
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Pattern instructions

NOTE: This pattern is written in American English. All measurements in charts are in cm. For conversion from inches to cm - click here. There are different terms for crocheting in American and British English. If this pattern includes crochet, click for "crochet terms" here. For this pattern in British English, please click here.
Crochet gauge:
Muskat: 20 sc x 25 rows = 10 x 10 cm [4" x 4"].
Vienna: 18 sc x 20 rows = 10 x 10 cm [4" x 4"].

Popcorn Pattern:
Row 1: Ch 3, 3 dc in the 1st sc, take hook out of loop, put hook in the first dc (the last of the ch 3), then in loop from last dc, yo and pull through both loops on hook (= 1 popcorn), * ch 2, skip over 2 sc, 4 dc in the next sc, make popcorn as explained above *, repeat from * - *, finish with ch 2 and 1 sl st in first popcorn.
Row 2: * 1 sc in popcorn, 2 sc in ch-st loop*, repeat from * - *, finish with 1 sl st in first sc.
Repeat rows 1 and 2.

Purse: Begin at the bottom of purse. Ch 18.
Row 1: Crochet sc along one side of the chain – in the first ch make 2 sc, then 1 sc in each of the following 16 ch, in the last ch make 4 sc - put a marker in center of 4 sc (the side) then 1 sc in each of the 16 ch on the other side, finish with 2 sc in the first ch (there are 4 sc in this ch - put a marker in center of these 4 sc – the side). 40 sc on row.
Rows 2 through 12: Work 1 sc in each sc from previous row, but in 1 sc at each side of markers crochet 2 sc - this increase 4 sc per row. = 84 sc on row. Then work 4 rows sc, without increasing.

Change to Popcorn Pattern - see instructions above for approx. 9 cm [3.5"], then work 3 rows sc.

Strap: Work sc back and forth over 32 sc at one side (16 sc each side of marker) - work 1 sc less at end of each row until 8 sc remain, continue on these sc until strap measures approx. 20 cm [7-7/8"] or to desired length. Make second strap on other side.

Assembly: Crochet together straps with sc. Sew on sequins around purse in sc over the Popcorn Pattern.

Hatice 19.03.2019 - 01:25:

Det är jätte fina modeller ni har kan ni vissa lite tydligt hur man virkar väskorna

Hatice 19.03.2019 - 01:23:

Harika modelleriniz var ellerinize sağlık

Maria 25.01.2017 - 09:28:

Hi! Thank you for the wonderful work! About this pattern: in the UK version I am looking at, the pattern is for another set of bags (I think 69-25). I 'll get the pattern from another language version ;) but for now I 'm guessing it's the wrong link.

Brenda Judd 12.04.2016 - 07:56:

Would you please make a video tutorial...it is so much nicer and easier for me and I think I am speaking for alot of others if we can see a visual....thanks for letting me comment on your pattern

DROPS Design 12.04.2016 kl. 09:28:

Dear Mrs Judd, you will find under tab "Videos" the videos related to the techniques used in that pattern, ie for popcorn pattern, see video below, alt. 2. Happy crocheting!

Catalina 10.07.2015 - 20:40:

Hermosa bolsa, espero poder hacerla y te mando una imagen cuando la termine. Gracias por compartir tus diseños. Saludos desde Monterrey Nuevo León, México. Catalina

Yvonne 02.07.2014 - 21:27:

De tasjes zijn kleiner dan gedacht

Maria Serena 30.06.2014 - 17:46:

A me non tornavano le mb perchè la prima la lavoravo a partire dalla penultima catenella, comunque la borsetta è finita ed è veramente bella :)

Maria Serena 28.06.2014 - 21:05:

Ho notato un errore nella realizzazione del modello, per poter avere le 40 maglie basse alla fine del primo giro bisogna iniziare il lavoro con 19 catenelle anzichè 18

DROPS Design 30.06.2014 kl. 10:24:

Buongiorno Maria Serena, deve iniziare avviando 18 cat, e poi lavorare 2 m.b nella 1° cat, quindi 1 m.b in ognuna delle successive 16 cat, nell’ultima cat lavorare 4 m.b (= 22 m.b), poi mettere un segnapunti al centro delle 4 m.b e lavorare 1 m.b in ognuna delle 16 cat dall’altro lato e finire con 2 m.b nella 1° cat (= 18 m.b), in totale 40 m.b sulla riga. Buon lavoro!!

Mª Jose 23.07.2013 - 16:53:

Hola, he aprovechado la super sale y me estoy haciendo este bolso precioso.Las vueltas se cierran con un punto enano? y luego como continuo, en redondo seguido, o de ida y vuelta? muchas gracias.

DROPS Design 23.07.2013 kl. 23:14:

Hola Mª Jose. El bolso tiene forma ovalada, se trabaja en redondo con vtas cerradas (finalizamos cada vta con 1 p.e. en el 1er p.b. del inicio de la vta).

Silvia Kapitza 21.07.2013 - 18:10:

Ich konnte in der Anleitung die Angaben für den Taschenboden, wie Maschenanschlag und Ausführung der Häkelreihen, nicht finden.

DROPS Design 22.07.2013 kl. 07:58:

Liebe Silvia, in der Anleitung ist zunächst das Muster beschrieben, dann die konkrete Anleitung für die Tasche.

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