DROPS / 190 / 28

Rosalina by DROPS Design

Skirt with fan pattern, crocheted top down. Size: S - XXXL Piece is crocheted in DROPS Muskat.

DROPS design: Pattern r-729
Yarn group B
Size: S - M - L - XL - XXL - XXXL
DROPS MUSKAT from Garnstudio (belongs to yarn group B)
350-400-450-500-550-600 g colour 09, light brown

Piece can also be crocheted with yarn from:
“Alternative yarn (yarn group B)” - see link below.

DROPS CROCHET HOOK SIZE 4 mm - or size needed to get 18 treble crochets x 9 rows = 10 cm in width and 10 cm vertically.

DROPS MOTHER-OF-PEARL BUTTON ARCHED (white), NO 521: 5 pieces for all sizes

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Not sure which size you should choose? Then it might help you to know that the model in the picture is approx. 170 cm and uses size S or M. If you are making a jumper, cardigan, dress or similar garment, you will find a graphic with the measurements of the finished garment (in cm) at the bottom of the pattern.
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100% Cotton
from 1.60 £ /50g
DROPS Muskat uni colour DROPS Muskat uni colour 1.60 £ /50g
Wool Warehouse Direct Ltd
DROPS Needles & Hooks
You can get the yarn to make this pattern from 11.20£. Read more.

Pattern instructions

NOTE: This pattern is written in British English. All measurements in charts are in cm. For conversion from cm to inches - click here. There are different terms for crocheting in British and American English. If this pattern includes crochet, click for "crochet terms" here. For this pattern in American English, please click here.

See diagrams A.1 and A.2. Diagram A.1 shows how every row/round begins and ends (i.e. when working back and forth do not work 1 slip stitch in chain stitch at beginning of row).

At beginning of every row with treble crochets work 3 chain stitches (do not replace first treble crochet). 
At beginning of every row with double crochets work 1 chain stitch (does not replace first double crochet).

Increase on row/round 1, 4, 7, 11 and 12 in pattern A.2b (i.e. increase 6 stitches evenly 5 times in total per repetition of A.2b in height).
Increase by working 2 treble crochets in/around in same stitch. To calculate how often increase should be done on round, use the total number of stitches on row/round (e.g. 132 treble crochets) and divide by number of increases to be done (e.g. 6) = 22. I.e. in this example increase 1 treble crochet in/around/between every 22nd stitch.

Work top down. Work back and forth until vent in the side is done, then work in the round. 
Work 142-156-170-184-212-233 chain stitches (including 3 chain stitches to turn with) on hook size 4 mm with Muskat. Work first row as follows: Work 1 treble crochet in 4th chain stitch from hook (= 1 treble crochet) - read CROCHET INFO, 1 treble crochet in each of the next 5 chain stitches, * skip 1 chain stitch, 1 treble crochet in each of the next 6 chain stitches *, work from *-* = 120-132-144-156-180-198 treble crochets. Work 1 row with 1 treble crochet in every treble crochet. Work A.2a 20-22-24-26-30-33 times in total in width. When A.2a has been worked, work A.2b over A.2a (first row in A.2b is from wrong side) and increase as follows (i.e. increase on first round and A.2b is repeated in height): REMEMBER THE CROCHET TENSION! Increase 6 treble crochets evenly - read INCREASE TIP - 16-16-17-18-18-20 times in total = 216-228-246-264-288-318 stitches. For every increase work 1 more repetition of A.2b in width AT THE SAME TIME when piece measures 11 cm, end the vent in the side and continue piece in the round, begin round in the side. Fasten off when piece measures 38-40-42-44-46-48 cm, finish neatly according to pattern.

Work 1 double crochet in every chain stitch where treble crochets were worked in on first row =
120-132-144-156-180-198 double crochets. Work 3 rows in total with double crochets. Fasten off.

Along the opening on front piece work buttonhole loops (start at the bottom). Work 2 double crochets around every treble crochet row and 1 double crochet around every double crochet row as follows: Work 1 slip stitch around first row, 3 chain stitches, skip 1 cm, * work double crochets around next treble crochet/double crochet row, 3 chain stitches, skip approx. 1 cm *, work from *-* 4 times in total and finish with 2 double crochets around the last 2 double crochet rows at the top, turn and work back as follows: 1 double crochet in every double crochet and 3 double crochets in every chain space. Fasten off.

Along the other side of opening work 5 rows with 1 double crochet in every double crochet back and forth (on 1st row work 2 double crochet around every treble crochet row and 1 double crochet around every double crochet row), fasten off. Sew the buttons on to the button folding edge.


= chain stitch
= double crochet in stitch
= double crochet in back loop of stitch from right side and in front loop of stitch from wrong side
= double crochet around chain stitch
= treble crochet in stitch
= treble crochet between 2 treble crochets
= treble crochet around chain stitch
= skip 1 treble crochet, work 1 treble crochet in/around next treble crochet/chain stitch, 1 treble crochet in stitch that was skipped
= treble crochet group: Work 1 treble crochet in next treble crochet but wait with last pull through (= 2 loops on hook), work 2 treble crochets in same treble crochet the same way, pull yarn through all 4 loops on hook
= on first row/round work 1 chain stitch, on next row/round work 1 double treble crochet around chain stitch and in first and last double crochet in diagram
= increase evenly - see pattern
= first row is not worked, it has already been worked, it only shows how next row should be worked in stitches
= row begins with 3 chain stitches, round begins with 3 chain stitches and ends with 1 slip stitch in first stitch in A.2
= row begins with 1 chain stitch, round begins with 1 chain stitch and ends with 1 slip stitch in first stitch in A.2

Comments (24)

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Lone Skov Pedersen 28.10.2018 - 14:29:

Har lige lavet denne søde nederdel i str S til min datter... den blev SÅ flot😄

Clea 17.10.2018 - 14:50:

Hvilken måleenhed står tallene på tegningen af nederdelen i? Det passer hverken med cm eller tommer... Umiddelbart tænker jeg, jeg skal have en small, men jeg vil lige være sikker. Mvh Clea

DROPS Design 18.10.2018 kl. 12:00:

Hei Clea. Målene på målskissen står i cm. Husk at vidden kun er den ene siden av plagget (Når det ligger flatt), så om du vil ha målene hele veien rundt må du gange med 2. God fonrøyelse.

Lisa 02.08.2018 - 02:19:

Hi, I\'m making the Rosalina skirt. To make sure I\'m understanding the materials I need . . . for size small I need 7 skeins of the DROPS MUSKAT. Is that right?\r\n\r\nThank you!!

DROPS Design 02.08.2018 kl. 09:32:

Dear Lisa, that's right, in size S you need 350 g DROPS Muskat/50 g a ball = 7 balls Muskat. Happy crocheting!

Lisa 27.07.2018 - 01:52:

When it says to do a treble crochet -- is that the UK treble crochet or the American double crochet. Thank you for your help! Lisa

DROPS Design 27.07.2018 kl. 09:06:

Hi Lisa, If you are following a UK pattern then it is the UK treble crochet and if you are following an American pattern it is US double crochet. Happy crocheting!

Lisa 26.07.2018 - 23:37:

Hi! I'm still having trouble finding the number of ch to start this skirt. I'm making the size small. Can you please tell me the number ch. The rest I can get. Thank you!

DROPS Design 26.07.2018 kl. 23:42:

Dear Lisa, for size S you have to start with 142 chain stitch. Happy crocheting!

Lisa 26.07.2018 - 07:54:

I\'m looking at the Rosalina skirt pattern DROPS / 190 / 28. The instructions look incomplete. I can\'t find how many skeins it takes or how many chains to start with. Please tell me where to find the complete instructions for this skirt? Also is there a way to down size it to an XS?\r\n\r\nThank you for your help!\r\nLisa

DROPS Design 26.07.2018 kl. 10:24:

Dear Lisa, you will find required materials in each size in the header - the pattern instructions start somewhat below with first some explanations to the pattern, then pattern sitart under SKIRT. We are unfortunately not able to adjust every pattern to every individual request. You are welcome to contact the store where you bought the yarn or any crochet forum for any individual assistance. Happy crocheting!

Aina 04.07.2018 - 17:37:

Hei !\r\nPå omg 1 på A.2b betyr symbolet stav i masken. Skal det hekles 2staver i samme fastmaske for deretter å hoppe over 1 fm ?\r\nAina

DROPS Design 06.07.2018 kl. 15:44:

Hei Aina. Det stemmer at symbolet betyr stav i masken. Omgangen før (A.2a) er staver, så det blir 2 staver i hvert stavkryss fra omgangen før. Fastmasker er omgang 2 av A.2b og da skal det hekles en fastmaske i hver stav. God fornøyelse.

Lotsalia 30.06.2018 - 14:18:

Ich habe den Rock mit einem melierten grünen Baumwoll- Leinengarn gehäkelt. Er ist wunderschön und wird überall bestaunt. Aber Vorsicht - beim Tragen wird er immer weiter. Nun muß ich am Bund ein breites Gummiband annähen, sonst verliere ich den Rock während des Tragens, lach....

Els 13.06.2018 - 08:37:

Voor iedere meerdering haakt u nog 1 herhaling van A.2b in de breedte, wat wordt hiermee bedoeld?

DROPS Design 20.06.2018 kl. 13:10:

Dag Els, A.2b is 6 steken breed en bij iedere meerdering meerder je 6 steken op de toer, waardoor er een extra herhaling van A.2b bij past.

Louise Barratt 12.06.2018 - 09:42:

Do you offer video tutorials- I find it very hard to follow written patterns! Many thanks

DROPS Design 12.06.2018 kl. 10:07:

Hi Louise! Please see 'Tutorial videos' in each pattern on the left. Happy crocheting!

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