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On the Horizon by DROPS Design

Knitted jumper with stripes. Size: S - XXXL Piece is knitted in DROPS Nepal.

DROPS design: Pattern ne-260
Yarn group C or A + A
Size: S - M - L - XL - XXL - XXXL
DROPS NEPAL from Garnstudio (belongs to yarn group C)
550-600-650-700-750-850 g colour no 0501, grey
250-300-300-350-350-400 g colour no 8907, fog

Piece can also be knitted with yarn from:
“Alternative yarn (yarn group C)” - see link below.

DROPS DOUBLE POINTED NEEDLES AND CIRCULAR NEEDLE (80 cm) SIZE 5.5 mm – or size needed to get 16 stitches and 20 rows in stocking stitch = width 10 cm and 10 cm vertically.

DROPS DOUBLE POINTED NEEDLES AND CIRCULAR NEEDLE (40 and 80 cm) SIZE 4.5 mm for rib in moss stitch – or size needed to get 18 stitches and 23 rows in stocking stitch = width 10 cm and 10 cm vertically.

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Not sure which size you should choose? Then it might help you to know that the model in the picture is approx. 170 cm and uses size S or M. If you are making a jumper, cardigan, dress or similar garment, you will find a graphic with the measurements of the finished garment (in cm) at the bottom of the pattern.
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65% Wool, 35% Alpaca
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DROPS Nepal mix DROPS Nepal mix 2.10 £ /50g
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Pattern instructions

NOTE: This pattern is written in British English. All measurements in charts are in cm. For conversion from cm to inches - click here. There are different terms for crocheting in British and American English. If this pattern includes crochet, click for "crochet terms" here. For this pattern in American English, please click here.

GARTER STITCH (back and forth):
1 ridge = knit 2 rows.

ROUND/ROW 1: * Knit 1, purl 1 *, repeat from *-*.
ROUND/ROW 2: Knit over purl and purl over knit. Repeat 2nd round/row upwards.

* Work 10 cm with fog, work 10 cm with grey *, repeat from *-* 1 more time, work 10 cm with fog, then work with grey until finished measurements.

INCREASE TIP (applies to mid under sleeve):
Work until 1 stitch remain before marker, make 1 yarn over, knit 2 (marker is between these 2 stitches), make 1 yarn over. On next round knit yarn overs twisted to avoid holes.

Work piece back and forth on circular needle. Work sleeves in the round on double pointed needles.

Cast on 123-123-133-143-153-163 stitches on circular needle size 4.5 mm with grey. Purl 1 row. Work next row as follows from right side: 4 stitches in GARTER STITCH - see explanation above - * 5 stitches in stocking stitch, 5 stitches in MOSS STITCH - see explanation above *, repeat from *-* until 9 stitches remain, work 5 stitches in stocking stitch and 4 stitches in garter stitch. Continue like this until piece measures 9 cm and finish after a row from wrong side - REMEMBER KNITTING TENSION. Switch to circular needle size 5.5 mm and knit 1 row and decrease 11-5-9-11-13-15 stitches evenly (do not decrease over the 4 outermost stitches) = 112-118-124-132-140-148 stitches. Purl 1 row with 4 stitches in garter stitch in each side. Switch to fog and work STRIPES - see explanation above, and in stocking stitch with 4 stitches in garter stitch in each side. When piece measures 30 cm, insert 1 marker in each side (these marks vents). Cast on 1 edge stitch at the end of the next 2 rows = 114-120-126-134-142-150 stitches. Then work in stocking stitch with 1 edge stitch in garter stitch in each side. When piece measures 50-51-52-53-54-55 cm, insert 1 marker in each side (marks armholes). Continue to work until piece measures 66-68-70-72-74-76 cm. Now cast off for diagonal shoulder, AT THE SAME TIME cast off for neck when piece measures 68-70-72-74-76-78 cm, work as follows:
Cast off on every other row on each side as follows: Cast off 8-9-9-10-10-11 stitches 4 times, cast off the remaining 10-9-11-11-14-14 stitches (= 42-45-47-51-54-58 stitches cast off in total for diagonal shoulder in each side).
Cast off the middle 26-26-28-28-30-30 stitches for neck and finish each shoulder separately. Then cast off 1 stitch on next row from neck.

Work front piece the same way as back piece but begin neck decrease before beginning diagonal shoulder, work as follows:
Cast on and work as back piece. When piece measures 64-66-68-70-71-73 cm, cast off for neck, AT THE SAME TIME cast off for diagonal shoulder when piece measures 66-68-70-72-74-76 cm, work as follows:
Cast off the middle 20-20-22-22-24-24 stitches for neck and finish each shoulder separately. Then cast off stitches from neck as follows: 2 stitches 1 time and 1 stitch 2 times.
Cast off as on back piece.

Work sleeves in the round on double pointed needles.
Cast on 40-40-40-40-48-48 stitches on double pointed needles size 4.5 mm with grey. Knit 1 round. Work * 5-5-5-5-4-4 stiches in moss stitch, knit 5-5-5-5-4-4 *, repeat from *-* the entire round. Continue like this until piece measures 5 cm. Switch to double pointed needles size 5.5 mm and knit 1 round and decrease 6-4-4-2-8-6 stitches evenly = 34-36-36-38-40-42 stitches. Insert 1 marker at beginning of round (= mid under sleeve). Then work in stocking stitch. When piece measures 8-8-6-8-5-6 cm, increase 2 stitches mid under sleeve - READ INCREASE TIP. Increase like this every 3½-3½-3-2½-2½-2 cm 9-9-11-11-12-13 times in total = 52-54-58-60-64-68 stitches. When piece measures 40-39-38-37-35-34 cm (NOTE: Shorter measurements in the larger sizes because of wider shoulder), cast off - to avoid a tight cast-off edge, cast off with ½ needle size larger. Work another sleeve the same way.

Sew the shoulder seams. Sew side seams from markers at armholes and down to vent - sew inside 1 edge stitch in garter stitch. Sew in sleeves.

Pick up approx. 70-80 stitches around the neck on a short circular needle size 4.5 mm with grey. Knit 1 round while adjusting number of stitches to 70-70-70-80-80-80. Work * knit 5, 5 stitches in moss stitch *, repeat from *-* the entire round. Continue like this until neck edge measures 6 cm. Cast off stitches with knit over knit and purl over purl.


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Mw. Steffens 27.02.2018 - 14:03:

Kleinste maat, diagonale schouder achterpand: 114 - (2 x 42) = 30. Dan de middelste 26 st. afkanten en nogmaals 1 x 1. Ik houd daarna toch echt 2 st. over. Hetzelfde geldt voor het voorpand, dus ik vermoed dat ik een denkfout maak. Kunt u mij verder helpen?

DROPS Design 07.03.2018 kl. 20:30:

Hallo Mw. Steffens, Inderdaad je hebt gelijk, er blijven 2 steken over. Waarschijnlijk zijn de kantsteken niet meegerekend. Ik zal het doorgeven aan designafdeling. In dit geval zou je de overgebleven 11 steken af kunnen kanten, zodat je verder kunt.

Maartje De Boer 05.01.2018 - 15:43:

Ik heb een vraag over het achterpand, na 30 cm moet ik 1 kantsteek opzetten aan het einde van de volgende 2 naalden, en hiermee 2 steken meerderen. Nou snap ik hoe ik van een bestaande steek een kantsteek moet maken, maar hoe maak ik er een kantsteek bij zodat ik meteen een steek meerder? Bij voorbaat dank!

DROPS Design 12.01.2018 kl. 19:05:

Hoi Maartje, Je meerdert niet aan het eind van de naald, maar je zet extra steken op. Dit kun je eenvoudig doen door a.h.w. lussen op te zetten aan het eind van de naald. In deze video is dat uitgelegd

Federica 08.11.2017 - 11:58:

Non capisco l'intreccio per le spalle e il collo, è possibile una spiegazione più dettagliata per principianti? Grazie

DROPS Design 08.11.2017 kl. 12:46:

Buongiorno Federica. P.es per la taglia S, intreccia all’inizio del ferro sul diritto del lavoro le prime 8 maglie per la spalla, poi intreccia le 26 m centrali per lo scollo e lavora fino alla fine del ferro. Lavora ora le spalle separatamente. Gira, e sul rovescio del lavoro, intreccia le prime 8 m, lavora le altre m della spalla, gira e sul diritto del lavoro intreccia 1 m per lo scollo e prosegue sulle maglie della spalla. Su questa spalla intreccia poi all’inizio del ferro sul rovescio del lavoro 8 m altre 3 volte e poi intreccia le 10 m rimaste. Analogamente per l’altra spalla, intrecciando le 8 m all’inizio del ferro sul diritto del lavoro. Buon lavoro!

Asencio 04.10.2017 - 18:56:

Bonjour, je ne comprends pas bien les réductions sur le biais des épaules et l'encolure. Pourriez-vous m'expliquer plus clairement s'il vous plaît

DROPS Design 05.10.2017 kl. 08:55:

Bonjour Mme Asencio, vous rabattez d'abord 1 x 8-9-10-11 m (cf taille) en début de rang sur l'endroit, et, en même temps rabattez les 26-28-30 m centrales, vous terminez le rang et vous continuez maintenant chaque épaule séparément. Au rang suivant sur l'envers, rabattez 8-9-10-11 m, terminez le rang, tournez et rabattez 1 m pour l'encolure, terminez ce rang. Continuez à rabattre pour l'épaule encore 3 x 8-9-10-11 m puis les 10-9-11-14 m restantes. Reprenez les mailles de la 1ère épaule et procédez de la même façon en rabattant les mailles pour l'épaule + 1 m côté encolure. Bon tricot!

LaShyla Moore 05.09.2017 - 15:26:

When using 123 sts I had 8 sts remaining instead of 9 sts.

DROPS Design 05.09.2017 kl. 15:40:

Dear Mrs Moore, work the 123 sts as follows: 5 sts in garter st, *K5, 5 sts in seed st*, repeat from *-* a total of 11 times (= over the next 110 sts), finish with K5 and 4 sts in garter st = 5 + (5+5)x11= 110 + 5 + 4 = 123 sts. Happy knitting!

Dea 07.08.2017 - 20:56:

"550-600-650-700-750-850 g colore n° 0501, grey 250-300-300-350-350-400 g colour no 8907, fog" Sistemate la frase alcune parole sono ancora in inglese.

DROPS Design 07.08.2017 kl. 22:10:

Buonasera Dea. Abbiamo corretto il testo. La ringraziamo per la segnalazione. Buon lavoro!

Ellen 22.07.2017 - 09:05:

Flott fasong. Trange ermer med vidde rundt overkroppen. Virker slankende for oss med litt ekstra kurver.😉

Karin 16.06.2017 - 19:42:

I'm loving the return to looser fitting and oversize sweaters... after all some of us are built that way. ;-) And it doesn't hurt that these patterns will sell more yarn! Win-win.

Tina Laib 06.06.2017 - 09:14:

Super schöner Pulli! Genau das richtige für relaxte Tage....

Marzia 02.06.2017 - 07:35:

Belissimo oversize, vorrei saperlo fare!

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