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Berry Ripple by DROPS Design

Crochet DROPS skirt with fan pattern and stripes in "Cotton Merino" The piece is worked top down. Size: S - XXXL.

DROPS design: Pattern no cm-050
Yarn group B
Size: S - M - L - XL - XXL - XXXL
100-100-100-150-150-150 g colour no 13, coral
100-100-100-100-150-150 g colour no 14, cerise
50-50-100-100-100-100 g colour no 07, bordeaux
100 g for all sizes of the following colours:
Colour no 05, powder pink
Colour no 01, off white
NOTE: Skirt worked in one colour = 350-400-450-450-500-550 g Cotton Merino.

DROPS CROCHET HOOK SIZE 4 mm – or size needed to get 18 tr x 9 rows = 10 x 10 cm.
DROPS MOTHER-OF-PEARL BUTTON: Round (light pink), NO 618: 5 pieces in all sizes

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Not sure which size you should choose? Then it might help you to know that the model in the picture is approx. 170 cm and uses size S or M. If you are making a jumper, cardigan, dress or similar garment, you will find a graphic with the measurements of the finished garment (in cm) at the bottom of the pattern.
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Pattern instructions

NOTE: This pattern is written in British English. All measurements in charts are in cm. For conversion from cm to inches - click here. There are different terms for crocheting in British and American English. If this pattern includes crochet, click for "crochet terms" here. For this pattern in American English, please click here.
See diagram A.1 and A.2. A.2 show how each row/round starts and ends (ie when working back and forth the sl st at the end of row will not be made).

Replace first tr at beg of every tr row with 3 ch.
Replace first dc at beg of every dc row with 1 ch.

Work A.1a as follows:
ROW 1: Coral
Then repeat A.1b in stripes as follows:
ROW/ROUND 1: Powder pink - NOTE: Inc on this row/round.
ROW/ROUND 2: Cerise
ROW/ROUND 3: Bordeaux
ROW/ROUND 4: Powder pink - NOTE: Inc on this row/round.
ROW/ROUND 5: Cerise
ROW/ROUND 6: Off white
ROW/ROUND 7: Bordeaux - NOTE: Inc on this row/round.
ROW/ROUND 8: Coral
ROW/ROUND 9: Off white
ROW/ROUND 10: Off white
ROW/ROUND 11: Cerise - NOTE: Inc on this row/round.
ROW/ROUND 12: Powder pink - NOTE: Inc on this row/round.
ROW/ROUND 13: Cerise
ROW/ROUND 14: Off white
ROW/ROUND 15: Coral

Inc on 1st, 4th, 7th, 11th and 12th row/round in pattern A.1b (i.e. inc 6 sts evenly 5 times in total per repetition of A.1b).
Inc by working 2 tr in/around same st. To calculate how often inc should be done, use the total no of sts on row/round (e.g. 132 sts) and divide by no of inc to be done (e.g. 6) = 22. I.e. in this example inc 1 tr in every 22nd st.

Continue to work A.1b but coral and off white switch places. I.e. on round where it says coral work with off white and vice versa.

Work top down. Work back and forth until the vent is finished, then work in the round.

Work 141-155-169-183-211-232 ch (incl 3 ch to turn with) on hook size 4 mm with off white. Work first row as follows: Work 1 tr in 4th ch from hook (= 2 tr) - READ CROCHET INFO, 1 tr in each of the next 4 ch, * skip 1 ch, 1 tr in each of the next 6 ch *, repeat from *-* the entire row = 120-132-144-156-180-198 tr. Work in STRIPES-1 - see explanation above. Work A.1a 20-22-24-26-30-33 times in total in width. When A.1a has been worked, work A.1b over A.1a (first row in A.1b is from WS). Continue with stripes. REMEMBER THE CROCHET TENSION!

Repeat A.1b vertically and inc as follows:
Inc 6 sts evenly - READ INCREASE TIP - 16-16-17-18-18-20 times in total = 216-228-246-264-288-318 sts. For every inc work 1 more repetition of A.1b in width AT THE SAME TIME when piece measures 12 cm, end the vent in the side and continue piece in the round, beg round in the side. When A.1b has been repeated 2 times vertically, continue with STRIPES-2 - see explanation above. Fasten off when piece measures 40-42-44-46-48-50 cm, finish neatly according to A.1b.

Work an edge in tr from first row on skirt with coral. Work 1 row with 1 dc in every tr and the work 2 rows with 1 dc in every dc = 120-132-144-156-180-198 dc.

Along the opening on front piece work buttonhole loops with coral as follows (beg at the bottom): 2 dc (work 2 dc around tr row and 1 dc around dc row), 3 ch, skip 1 cm, * work 2 dc around next tr/dc row, 3 ch, skip 1 cm *, repeat from *-* 3 more times and finish with 2 dc around last tr row at the top, turn and work back as follows: 1 dc in every dc and 3 dc in every ch-space. Fasten off.

Along the other side of the opening work 5 rows with dc back and forth with coral (on 1st row work 2 dc around every tr row and 1 dc around every dc row), fasten off. Sew the buttons on to the button folding edge.


= ch
= dc in st
= dc in back loop of st from RS and in front loop of st from WS.
= dc around ch
= tr in st
= tr around between 2 tr
= tr around ch
= skip 1 st, 1 tr in/around next tr/ch, 1 tr in st that was skipped
= tr-group: Work 1 tr in next tr but wait with last pull through (= 2 loops on hook), work 2 tr in same tr the same way, pull yarn through all 4 loops on hook
= on first row/round work 1 ch, on next row/round work 1 dtr around ch and down to dc on 2 rows/rounds before.
= on these rounds/rows inc evenly - see pattern
= first row is not worked, it has already been worked, it only shows how next row should be worked in st
= sl st

Sandy 10.02.2019 - 15:18:

I love this skirt but not a huge pink wearning girl. Can I please get some help picking earth tones. This type of pattern is a first for me. I am challenging myself to learn how to change colours. I have never had to purchase a collection of colours. Any hep and suggestions would be great. A l9ve fall type colours.

DROPS Design 11.02.2019 kl. 03:16:

Dear Sandy! You can always look at other multicolored patterns, to see which color combination look pleasing for you. Also ou can use the colorcharts of each yarn. If I would do ths skirt, I eould probably use the brown, the beige and the rusty orange for the mai colors, and the cream, and one of teh lighter greens for contrast, but that is just one possibility. You can also copy the pictures from the corocharts and put them beside eachother and see if you like a particular combinationor not. Happy Coloring!

Mary Selvi 16.12.2018 - 07:54:

Hi thank you for your free pattern....if u could explained the pattern in little more detail it would have been great for especially for beginners and intermediate.

DROPS Design 17.12.2018 kl. 10:36:

Dear Mrs Selvi, each symbol in diagram represents one stitch/group of stitch - see diagram key. Start reading the diagram at the bottom corner on the right side towards the left on every RS row (and every round when working in the round) - work the WS row reading from the left towards the right. Happy crocheting!

Marie 28.11.2018 - 12:43:

Volgens de beschrijving moet er 16 keer in totaal gemeerderd worden. Maar volgens het telpatroon en TIP VOOR HET MEERDEREN wordt er 5 keer gemeerderd per herhaling van A.1b. Dus bij 3 herhalingen van A.1b in de hoogte is er al 15 keer gemeerderd. Betekent dat dan dat er bij de vierde herhaling van A.1b nog één keer gemeerderd wordt op de 1e toer en daarna, op de 4e, 7e, 11e en 12e toer niet meer, ook al zegt het telpatroon van wel?

DROPS Design 12.12.2018 kl. 18:23:

Dag Marie

Per herhaling in de hoogte van A.1b meerder je 5 keer, maar je meerdert in totaal 16-16-17-18-18-20 keer, daarna stop je met meerderen. Dat betekent dus bijvoorbeeld in de kleinste maat dat je met 3 herhalingen van A.1b in de hoogte nog niet klaar bent met de meerderingen, want je hebt dan 15 keer gemeerderd, je meerdert dan nog 1 keer in de 1e toer van de volgende herhaling van A.1b in de hoogte.

Hopelijk heb ik het zo goed uitgelegd :). Je mindert dus daarna inderdaad niet meer.

Christine 30.07.2018 - 01:11:

I'm stuck on row 11 of A.1b - on first row/round work ch1, on next row/round work 1 tr around ch and down to sc on 2 rows/rounds before. Is there a video to demonstrate this?

DROPS Design 31.07.2018 kl. 09:32:

Dear Christine, on row/round 10, you will crochet 1 chain, on row/round 11 you will crochet 1 tr around the chain and down to sc 2 rows/rounds before (= in the sc from row/round 9). Happy crocheting!

Lisa 26.07.2018 - 09:05:

HELP! I would love to make the skirt but the pattern is unclear to me. I can't find how many chains to start with or skeins of yarn. From the diagram, it looks like the waist on a small is 33 inches, is that right? I'd like to try an XS. If you could please help me I'd appreciate it!

DROPS Design 26.07.2018 kl. 10:16:

Dear Lisa, you will find the number of sts to cast on and colours etc.. under written pattern (starting first with some explanations for the pattern then pattern starts under SKIRT). All measurements in diagram are taken flat from side to side and are given in cm - convert into inches here. Happy crocheting!

Alexandra 18.05.2018 - 10:50:

Thank you for a beautiful skirt! In the defined rows, do you always increase by 6 sts? Or is the number of inc always different ?

DROPS Design 18.05.2018 kl. 13:28:

Dear Alexandra, that's right you will increase 6 sts every increase row = 1 repeat so that you will have enought sts to work A.1 one more time in width after each increase row. Happy crocheting!

Ruby Huigen 11.04.2018 - 11:31:

Ook ik heb moeite met toer 11 in het strepenpatroon. Ik heb het idee dat ik hem nu snap maar wil het zeker weten. Naar mijn idee werkt hij zo: in toer 9 haak je de vasten om het waaiertje. In toer 10 worden vervolgens stokjes en lossen gehaakt. Als ik het goed begrijp, ga je in toer 11 over de lossen van toer 10 heen en steek je in in de vasten van toer 9. Nu dus de vraag: heb ik hem zo goed begrepen of moet ik nog even extra haaklessen gaan volgen, hihi? Alvast bedankt!!!

Reix 24.03.2018 - 12:44:

Bonjour, je souhaiterais annuler ma commande n° 224562. Je la recommanderais plus tard (finance oblige) en enlevant les aiguilles circulaires. Merci

DROPS Design 26.03.2018 kl. 10:57:

Bonjour Mme Reix, pour toute aide sur votre commande, merci de bien vouloir contacter le magasin où vous l'avez passée, retrouvez ses coordonnées dans la liste des magasins DROPS. Bon tricot!

Reix 23.03.2018 - 14:16:

Bonjour, combien de pelotes me faut il pour une taille 40 (l). Merci

DROPS Design 23.03.2018 kl. 14:50:

Bonjour Reix! Il vous faut: 2 pelotes coloris n° 13, corail; 2 pelotes coloris n° 14, cerise; 2 pelotes coloris n° 07, bordeaux; 2 pelotes Coloris n° 05, rose poudré; 2 pelotes Coloris n° 01, naturel. Au total 10 pelotes. Pour une jupe unie 450 g = 9 pelotes de la couleur choisie. Bon travail!

Antoinette Van Den Akker 21.01.2018 - 10:21:

De uitleg van symbool bij toer 11 snap ik niet. Er staat: haak op 1e toer 1l, haak op de volgende toeren 1 dstk om l en in v 2 toeren naar beneden. Is hier een andere uitleg voor of een instructie video?

DROPS Design 23.01.2018 kl. 09:51:

Hoi Antoinette, Dit symbool is eigenlijk opgesplitst over 2 toeren. In de eerste toer haak je een losse; in de tweede toer haak je een dubbel stokje in de losse van 2 toerendaaronder, waarbij je het dubbele stokje a.h.w over de losse van de vorige toer legt. Als je inzoomt op de foto, kun je zien dat hij eroverheen ligt. Ik zal er 'over' in plaats van 'om' de lossen van maken; dat is wat duidelijker.

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