DROPS Extra / 0-518

Basket o' Plenty by DROPS Design

Crochet DROPS basket for Christmas nuts in ”Eskimo” and ”Glitter”.

Height: approx 7-9 cm [2¾”-3½”]
Diameter: approx 16-16 cm [6¼”-6¼”]

Materials: DROPS ESKIMO from Garnstudio
100-150 g color no 08, red
50 - 50 g color no 01, off-white
And use: DROPS GLITTER from Garnstudio
3-3 spools red
DROPS CROCHET HOOK size 7 mm [K/10½] – or size needed to get approx 15 sts (= * 1 sc, 1 ch *, repeat from *-*) with 1 thread Eskimo and 3 threads Glitter = width 10 cm [4’’].

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Pattern instructions

NOTE: This pattern is written in American English. All measurements in charts are in cm. For conversion from inches to cm - click here. There are different terms for crocheting in American and British English. If this pattern includes crochet, click for "crochet terms" here. For this pattern in British English, please click here.
BASKET: Height of basket is either 7 or 9 cm [2¾” or 3½’’], diameter is the same for both sizes.
Crochet 3 ch with crochet hook size 7 mm [K/10½] and 1 thread red Eskimo + 3 threads Glitter and form a ring with 1 sl st in first ch. Continue as follows (finish each round with 1 sl st in first st from beg of round):
ROUND 1: 1 ch, 6 sc in ring
ROUND 2: 1 ch, 2 sc in each sc = 12 sc.
ROUND 3: 1 ch, * 1 sc in first sc, 2 sc in next sc *, repeat from *-* = 18 sc.
ROUND 4: 1 ch, * 1 sc in each of the first 2 sc, 2 sc in next sc *, repeat from *-* = 24 sc.
ROUND 5: 1 ch, * 1 sc in each of the first 3 sc, 2 sc in next sc *, repeat from *-* = 30 sc.
Continue like this, inc 6 sc per round until piece measures 8 cm [3 1/8’’] from the middle = diameter 16 cm [6¼”].
Continue as follows:
NEXT ROUND: 2 ch, * skip 1 sc, 1 sc in next sc, 1 ch *, repeat from *-*.
NEXT ROUND: 1 ch, * 1 sc round next ch, 1 ch, skip 1 sc *, repeat from *-*.
Repeat the last round until the basket is 10-14 cm [4”-5½”] high, cut the thread.
Change to off-white Eskimo and crochet a border as follows: 1 sc in first ch, * 4 ch, 1 dc in the first of these 4 ch (= 1 picot), skip 1 sc + 1 ch + 1 sc and work 1 sc in next ch *, repeat from *-*.
Cut the thread and fasten. Fold the top 4-6 cm [1½”-2 3/8”] towards RS.

Kirsten 02.11.2018 - 07:44:


Nath'Aries 04.12.2015 - 17:22:

Facile à faire, joli résultat pour une déco de fête ! Easy, nice, for a Christmas decoration !

RisRosOgKlaging 18.11.2013 - 17:25:

Jeg forstår ikke hvordan jeg gjør dette: NESTE OMG: 1 lm, * 1 fm om lm, 1 lm *, gjenta fra *-*. Kan noen forklare litt på en annen måte?

DROPS Design 18.11.2013 kl. 18:03:

Hei RisRosOgKlaging. Det betyder at du starter med 1 lm, saa gentager du beskrivelsen imellem stjernene = *-* paa resten af omgangen. Er det bedre?

Poppy 23.10.2013 - 16:00:

Hello, can you please explain how to proceed to this round: * 1 dc round next ch, 1 ch, skip 1 dc *, repeat from *-* I cannot understand the first part.Please be so kind to exlain to me because I've stopped to that point.Thanks a lot!

DROPS Design 23.10.2013 kl. 16:29:

Dear Poppy, on this round, you work *1 dc around the ch = insert crochet hook in the 1 ch-loop from round below, 1 ch, skip 1 dc from previous round* and continue that way the whole round. Happy crocheting!

Franca 12.02.2013 - 10:10:

Ho ricevuto in regalo a Natale questo cesto confezionato da un'amica e mi è piaciuto un sacco. Ho deciso che per il prossimo Natale ne farò più di uno. Grazie

Stina 20.11.2012 - 23:14:

Bei der zweiten Reihe der "Wand" kann was nicht stimmen.... Die Erklärung: "* 1 fM in die nächste Lm, 1 Lm überspringen*, von *-* wiederholen" fehlt da nicht eine Lm zwischendrin??? So würden es ja immer weniger Maschen werden von Reihe zu Reihe.... Oder? Danke!

DROPS Design 21.11.2012 kl. 09:28:

Liebe Stina, vielen Dank für den Hinweis, das ist richtig. Wir haben die Anleitung nun korrigiert.

Drops Design France 12.11.2011 - 09:25:

Bonjour Françoise, Vous devez crocheter 1 ms autour de chaque ml du tour précédent et 1 ml au-dessus de chaque ms du tour précédent,vous répétez ainsi tout le tour et jusqu'à la hauteur voulue. Bon crochet !

Françoise 11.11.2011 - 19:22:

Sur le dernier tour : est-ce réalisable : 1MS autour de la ML, 1 ML ,sauter 1 MS. puis recommencer ???

Zohra 31.03.2009 - 20:36:

Se model est trés original. sa me sa ma fait plaisir de le crocheter més j'ais voilé l'envoyer a une ami et sa marche pas elle na rien ressu. il y a un probléme peut etre. merci pour le site il super et utile. bisou

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