How to make the Court Jester slippers

Warm slippers on cold days are a must, plus they are also a wonderful present to give to others. So why not follow this lesson to learn how to knit the Court Jester slippers (DROPS 109-57), a simple,... (Read more)

category: Full patterns

Using 3 threads of DROPS Melody together

Are you looking for a feather light and super soft yarn, but you cannot find any that is thick enough? Then try combining 3 threads of DROPS Melody - Yarn Group D - and you'll have the perfect yarn for... (Read more)

category: Yarn alternatives

Replace Verdi with Brushed Alpaca Silk + Delight

Replacing yarns is very easy! Here's an sample of how it looks when you replace 1 thread of DROPS Verdi with 1 thread of DROPS Brushed Alpaca Silk + 1 thread of DROPS Delight. See 2 patterns using... (Read more)

category: Yarn alternatives