Using 3 threads of DROPS Melody together

Are you looking for a feather light and super soft yarn, but you cannot find any that is thick enough? Then try combining 3 threads of DROPS Melody - Yarn Group D - and you'll have the perfect yarn for your next chunky project, in a thickness equivalent to Yarn Group F!

Jumpers, ponchos, cosy accessories - there is so much you can do with this combination - and because of the thickness your project will be done very soon!

How to work with 3 threads of DROPS Melody

Wind together 3 skeins of DROPS Melody into 1 bigger skein. It will be much easier to have control of the threads if they are part of the same skein.

See all the colours in DROPS Melody here!

The knitting gauge for 3 threads of DROPS Melody on needle 15 = US 19 will be then: 10 x 10 cm = 4" x 4" = 7 sts x 8 rows, which is a perfect fit for our Yarn Group F patterns. Just make sure to always follow the knitting/crochet gauge indicated in the pattern.

As you can see in the photo, the result is a very squishy, soft fabric - perfect to make warm and cosy garments, accessories or blankets! Already know what you will be making with it? Leave us a comment with your ideas to inspire everyone else!

See below for some inspiration of beautiful, free patterns that you can do with these 3 yarns together!

Pattern inspiration

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Lissa Budts 20.03.2020 - 16:48:

Ik wil graag deze drops melody garen gebruiken voor een bernadette truitje voor kindjes. Mijn patroontje is met naalden van 10 en 12. Kan ik dan ook 3 garen gebruiken of gaat dit te dik zijn? 2 garen gaat misschien te groten gaten geven? Wat is uw ervaring hiermee? Wil ook gerust combineren met een ander type wol. Maar de kleuren moeten mooi samen passen dan. Groetjes Lissa

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