How to work half treble crochet (htr)

Here we have made a chain-row (ch-row). You start to crochet half treble crochet (htr)in the 3rd chain from the hook or in the stitch stated in the pattern. Look here! Figure 1: Grab the yarn with... (Read more)

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How to work double crochet (dc).

When you have made a chain row (ch-row) you can continue back and forwards with different type of stitches. Here we let you know how to work double crochet (dc). Look here! Figure 1: Insert the crochet... (Read more)

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How to make a chain ring with a slip stitch

When you have learned to make a chain-row (ch-row) you sometimes need to form a ring according. This you can do with a slip stitch (sl-st). Look here! Figure 1: Make the number of chain stitches stated... (Read more)

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How to make felted wool balls

Decorate with small felted balls, it`s cheap and easy. Use leftover yarn in pure wool and make balls in different sizes. Figur 1: Use a yarn made of pure wool (not superwash treated). DROPS Eskimo is... (Read more)

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Replace Verdi with Brushed Alpaca Silk + Delight

Replacing yarns is very easy! Here's an sample of how it looks when you replace 1 thread of DROPS Verdi with 1 thread of DROPS Brushed Alpaca Silk + 1 thread of DROPS Delight. See 2 patterns using... (Read more)

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How to make a tassel

It`s easy to make small decorative tassel to dress up hats, mittens, bags and interior. Choose the size and the material that you like. Cut a piece of cardboard into the length that you want on your tassel. Figur... (Read more)

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How to start to crochet

Have you never done crochet before? It`s not a problem, just follow this easy instruction and have a look at the pictures below - then you will be on your way! Figure 1: Hold the short tail under the... (Read more)

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How to make chain stitches (ch).

Have you learnt how to make the first slip stitch on your crochet hook, is it easy to continue with chain stitches (ch). Look here! Figure 1:Place the yarn with the long tail (the working yarn) over... (Read more)

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How to change yarns or yarn amounts

Changing 1 strand of yarn for another: If the yarn gives the same knitting gauge it is easy to change from one to the other. Follow the given knitting gauge in the pattern – remember needle size... (Read more)

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Can I adapt a pattern for circular needles into straight needles?

A number of DROPS patterns are worked on circular needles. This technique is very popular in many countries in Northern Europe, the UK and the US and is a method with many advantages; you avoid seems and... (Read more)

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