DROPS Extra / 0-1374

So Citric! by DROPS Design

Knitted and felted basket for Easter with multi-coloured pattern in DROPS Eskimo.

DROPS Design: Pattern no ee-589
Yarn group E or C + C
Measurements before felting: Diameter: approx. 35 cm. Height: approx. 21 cm.
Measurements after felting: Diameter: approx. 22 cm. Height: approx. 12 cm.
DROPS ESKIMO from Garnstudio (belongs to yarn group E)
200 g colour no. 24, yellow
100 colour no. 01, off white

DROPS DOUBLE POINTED NEEDLES AND CIRCULAR NEEDLE (80 cm) SIZE 8 MM – or the size needed to get 11 stitches and 15 rows stocking stitch on 10 cm in width and 10 cm in height.
After felting 13 stitches and 25 rows on 10 cm in width and 10 cm in height.

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Pattern instructions

NOTE: This pattern is written in British English. All measurements in charts are in cm. For conversion from cm to inches - click here. There are different terms for crocheting in British and American English. If this pattern includes crochet, click for "crochet terms" here. For this pattern in American English, please click here.
RIDGE/GARTER STITCH (worked in the round):
1 ridge = 2 rounds. Knit 1 round and purl 1 round.

See diagram A.1. All the stitches are worked in stocking stitch.

The piece is worked in the round with double pointed needles. Change to circular needle when you have increased enough stitches.

Cast on 8 stitches with double pointed needles size 8 mm and yellow.
ROUND 1: Knit. 
ROUND 2: * Knit 1, 1 yarn over *, repeat from *-*.
ROUND 3: Knit – the yarn overs are knitted twisted (i.e. in the back loop of the stitch instead of the front) to prevent holes (= 16 stitches). 
ROUND 4: * Knit 2, 1 yarn over *, repeat from *-*.
ROUND 5: Work in the same way as round 3 (= 24 stitches).
ROUND 6: * Knit 3, 1 yarn over *, repeat from *-*.
REMEMBER THE KNITTING TENSION! Repeat rounds 5 and 6, but each time you increase there will be 1 more stitch between the increases (change to circular needle when there are enough stitches on the needle).
When there are 112 stitches on the needle, knit 1 round where you increase 8 stitches evenly along the round = 120 stitches. The bottom is now finished. Purl 1 round. The piece is now measured from here!
Knit 2 rounds. Now work A.1 (= 24 stitches) 5 times along the round. NOTE: Be especially careful with the knitting tension when using more than one colour in the pattern so that the piece is not tight! When the whole diagram has been completed in height, work 2 RIDGES – see description above, with off white. Loosely cast off – Make sure the cast-off edge is not tight. The edge measures approx. 21 cm from the purled round.

Place the basket in the washing machine with a detergent without enzymes and optical bleaches. Wash at 40 degrees with normal centrifuge and without pre-wash. After washing, shape the basket to the required measurements whilst still wet. Later, the basket is washed by hand as a normal wool garment.


= yellow
= off white

Joyce 14.06.2019 - 18:33:

Very nice patterns

Malene 04.04.2019 - 20:31:

Hej. I toppen af denne opskrift er der en forklaring på retstrik, som lyder, at man strikker 1 omgang ret og 1 omgang vrang. Kaldes dette ikke glatstrik (hvor retstrik er ret på alle pinde)? Tak for hjælpen.

DROPS Design 05.04.2019 kl. 14:38:

Hej Malene, kurven strikkes i glatstrik, men når du kommer til efter mønsteret og skal strikke med natur, så skal du strikke 4 omgange retstrik. For at få 2 retstriks-riller strikker du hver 2.omgang vrang. God fornøjelse!

Åse Sundt 07.02.2019 - 18:14:

Det står at oppskrifta er gratis men jeg finner den ikke ?????

DROPS Design 08.02.2019 kl. 15:29:

Hej Åse, den er lige her :) So Citric!

Hanna Eide 15.12.2018 - 15:19:

Bunnen ble 26 cm og høyden 11 cm etter toving, ikke spesielt pent eller anvendelig. Med mindre bunn hadde det vært en veldig fin oppskrift!

Jorun Holmen 02.04.2017 - 21:01:

Både svensk og dansk oppskrift har oppskriften.. Prøv å endre språk Unni.

Unni Waksin 02.04.2017 - 13:25:

Får ikke opp noen oppskrift, bare bilde, garn osv.

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