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Lily of the Valley by DROPS Design

Crochet DROPS poncho with squares in ”Safran”. Size: S - XXXL.

Tags: lace, ponchos, square,

DROPS design: Pattern no E-184
Yarn group A
Size: S/M - L/XL - XXL/XXXL
Materials: DROPS SAFRAN from Garnstudio
250-300-350 g color no 17, white

DROPS CROCHET HOOK size 4 mm / G/6 – or size needed to get 1 square = approx. 8.5 x 8.5 cm / 3 1/4" x 3 1/4".

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Not sure which size you should choose? Then it might help you to know that the model in the picture is approx. 5 ft 7 in and uses size S or M. If you are making a sweater, cardigan, dress or similar garment, you will find a graphic with the measurements of the finished garment (in cm) at the bottom of the pattern.
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Pattern instructions

NOTE: This pattern is written in American English. All measurements in charts are in cm. For conversion from inches to cm - click here. There are different terms for crocheting in American and British English. If this pattern includes crochet, click for "crochet terms" here. For this pattern in British English, please click here.
Ch 3, work 1 dc – but wait with last pull through (= 2 sts on hook), work 1 dc the same way in the same st, pull thread through all 3 sts on hook = 1st bobble on round.

Work 1 dc – but wait with last pull through (= 2 sts on hook), work 2 dc the same way in the same st, pull thread through all 4 sts on hook.

The poncho is worked in two parts and sew tog when finished.

Ch 5 on hook size 4 mm / G/6 with Safran and form a ring with 1 sl st in first ch.
ROUND 1: ch 1, 12 sc in ch-ring.
ROUND 2: * ch 15, 1 sl st in next sc *, repeat from *-* the entire round, finish with ch 10 and 1 tr in 1st sc from beg of 1ST ROUND, turn = 12 ch-spaces.
ROUND 3: Sl st until the middle of 1st ch-space, in the same space work [1 BOBBLE START - Read explanation above, ch 4, 1 BOBBLE - Read explanation above] = 1st corner, * [ch 4, 1 sc in next ch-space] 2 times, ch 4, in next ch-space work [1 bobble, ch 4, 1 bobble] = corner *. Repeat from *-* the entire round. When repeating from *-* the last time do not work [1 bobble, ch 4, 1 bobble] but finish with 1 sl st in 1st bobble. Fasten off.

Work 28-32-40 squares in total.
Sew squares tog alongside and then across. Place the squares with 4-4-5 squares in width and 7-8-8 squares in height.
Place 2 and 2 squares on top of each other and crochet them tog as follows: Work 1 sc in ch-space in the corner on 1st square, ch 2, 1 sc in ch-space in the corner on 2nd square, * ch 2, 1 sc in next ch-space on 1st square, ch 2, 1 sc in next ch-space on 2nd square *, repeat from *-*, finish with ch 2, 1 sc in ch-space in the corner on 1st square, ch 2, 1 sc in ch-space in the corner on 2nd square.
NOTE: Make sure that the transitions between every square are pretty when the squares are worked tog alongside. Piece measures approx. 36-36-45 cm / 14 1/4"-14 1/4"-17 3/4" in width and 63-72-72 cm / 24 3/4"-28½"-28½" vertically.

Work the same way as on PART 1.

Crochet the parts tog as follows: Place the short side on part 1 against right long side on part 2 (36-36-45 cm / 14 1/4"-14 1/4"-17 3/4" up on the bottom edge). Work the 2 parts tog the same way as before (1 sc in the corner, ch 2 and 1 sc in next ch-space etc.). Then work the short side on part 2 against part 1 the same way but against the left long side on part 1.

1 fringe = 6 threads of approx. 40 cm / 15 3/4''. Fold the threads double, pull the loop through 1 ch-space and pull the thread ends through the loop (so that 12 threads hang down in every fringe).
Put fringes on the diagonal sides on the poncho as follows: put 1 fringe in the ch 3-spaces between the corners on every square and 1 fringe in the ch-space between the squares.


All measurements in charts are in cm.

Jost Regina 27.04.2019 - 09:32:

Habe passendes Video (Zusammenhäkeln) gefunden. Bei diesem Modell aber immer 2 LM?

DROPS Design 29.04.2019 kl. 08:29:

Liebe Frau Jost, ja genau, bei diesem Modell wird es immer 2 Lm zwischen den Vierecken gehäkelt. Viel Spaß beim häkeln!

Regina Jost 27.04.2019 - 09:15:

Nach Zusammenhäkel von 2 Vierecken vertikal jeweils wieder 2 LM zum Übergang bis zum nächsten Dreieck? bis gewünschte Höhe erreicht ist (4-5). Oder nach dem Zusammenhäkeln von 2 Vierecken Immer Faden abschneiden? Danke

DROPS Design 29.04.2019 kl. 08:29:

Liebe Frau Jost, alle Quadraten werden in Reihe bzw Streifen zusammengehäkelt, dh 4-5 Quadraten in der Breite und 7-8 Quadraten in der Höhe. Wenn Sie die 2. ersten Vierecke zusammengehäkelt haben, wiederholen Sie mit den 2 nächsten Vierecke, ohne den Faden abzuschneiden. Viel Spaß beim häkeln!

Pouic Pick 25.05.2018 - 21:57:

Bonjour Je suis perdue j’ai mes 16 bandes de 4 carrés pour une taille L mais je ne comprend pas comment les assembler puis je avoir de làide svp?

DROPS Design 28.05.2018 kl. 08:28:

Bonjour Pouic Pick, Cette vidéo montre comment assembler les carrés (en les crochetant en bandes, d'abord , dans un sens puis dans l'autre ) , puis quand vous avez vos 2 rectangles, assemblez-les en les crochetant de la même façon mais cette fois comme dans cette vidéo. Bon crochet!

Petra 14.02.2018 - 11:11:

Ik heb deze poncho gehaakt met garen dorps safean en is zeer mooi geworden. Nu na het wassen op de hand zijn alle draadjes van de franjes gespleten. Dit ziet er heel rommelig uit. Hebben jullie en idee wat ik hier mee kan doen. Knoopje onderin elk draadje staat niet mooi, en ik wil ze niet afknippen. De poncho is zo niet te dragen en dat is toch wel heel jammer.

DROPS Design 12.03.2018 kl. 10:56:

Hallo Petra, Dat is erg jammer om te horen. Het beste is om even contact op te nemen met het verkooppunt waar je het garen hebt gekocht, als er klachten of problemen zijn met het garen.

Marie 27.01.2018 - 00:15:

Bonjour, Pour une taille L, faut-il assembler 4 carrés 8 fois puis assembler les 8x4 carrés entre eux ? Bien à vous

DROPS Design 29.01.2018 kl. 08:46:

Bonjour Marie, tout à fait, on assemble les carrés par bandes, quand vous avez 8 bandes de 4 carrés, crochetez la 1ère bande à la 2ème puis la 3ème à la 2ème et enfin la 4ème à la 3ème. Bon assemblage!

Dorgi 03.11.2017 - 16:33:

Als ich dieses Model gesehen habe, dachte ich: das muss ich haben. Dank der Maschenprobe klappt es auch mit anderer Wolle. Der Poncho ist genau so raus gekommen wie auf dem Bild. Nur habe ich die Fransen weggelassen. Ich liebe dieses Teil.

Lois Simon 20.10.2017 - 23:44:

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I shouldn't have been so upset, because i knew there was an answer, i just couldn't figure it out and began to voice my frustration. Again I apologize. Sincerely, Lois Simon

Lois Simon 19.10.2017 - 23:04:

I apologize for my abruptness... Im just so upset about this. Thanking you for any help that you can give. Your video on how to put it together doesn't tell you how to make it go diagonally. Again i apologize. I'm just upset about this.

Lois Simon 19.10.2017 - 22:59:

Question 1: what is place 2 and 2 squares? Question 2: what do you mean by sew squares tog alongside and then across.. -- How? When... at what point? Question 3. for xtra large.... confusing how do u put it together. instructions are not clear

DROPS Design 20.10.2017 kl. 09:14:

Dear Mrs Simon, you will crochet squares 2 by 2 as shown in video (remember to follow pattern, video only shows technique). You firs sew the square together alongside = in a long row then accross = crochet the rows together. Happy crocheting!

LOIS SIMON 19.10.2017 - 22:54:

And now i just got that my comment is to long... Oh My God.... wow. And i have been crocheting for decades... I'm sorry that i started this pattern.

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