DROPS / 109 / 21

Robin Foot by DROPS Design

Felted DROPS slippers in 2 threads ”Alpaca” with crochet border in ”Puddel”.

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EU: 35/37 - 38/40 - 41/43
UK: 3/4 - 5/6½ - 7/8
Foot length: 23 - 25 - 28 cm

Materials: DROPS Alpaca from Garnstudio
150 g for all sizes colour no 0618, light beige
and use: DROPS Puddel from Garnstudio
50 g for all sizes colour no 01, off-white

DROPS pointed needles size 5.5 mm – or size needed to get 16 sts x 20 rows in stocking st with 2 threads Alpaca = 10 x 10 cm before felting.
After felting: approx 24 sts x 29 rows = 10 x 10 cm.
Crochet border size 7 mm – for border.

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Pattern instructions

NOTE: This pattern is written in British English. All measurements in charts are in cm. For conversion from cm to inches - click here. There are different terms for crocheting in British and American English. If this pattern includes crochet, click for "crochet terms" here. For this pattern in American English, please click here.
Slipper: Worked in 1 piece with seams mid back and mid front. Beg mid back (see Fig-1). Loosely cast on 72-76-80 sts on needle size 5.5 mm with 2 threads Alpaca and work stocking st. Remember the knitting tension! When piece measures 3 cm dec 1 st each side on every row a total of 14 times (dec by K tog the first 2 sts and the last 2 sts on row) = 44-48-52 sts. When piece measures 10.5-12.5-14.5 cm inc 1 st each side on every row a total of 12 times (inc by working 2 sts in the first and last st on row) = 68-72-76 sts. When piece measures 17-18.5-20.5 cm cast off each side on every other row as follows: 4 sts 2 times, then on every 4th row: 1 st a total of 8-9-10 times = 36-38-40 sts. Continue until piece measures 34-38-42 cm, cast off loosely.
Assembly: Fold slipper double and sew tog mid back in outer loop of sts. Sew in the same way at front over the foot. Fig-2 shows the slipper sewn tog.
Make 1 more slipper.
Crochet border: Crochet round the opening of slipper with crochet hook size 7 mm and 2 threads Puddel as follows: 1 dc, * 3 ch, skip approx 1-1.5 cm, 1 dc *, repeat from *-* and finish with 1 sl st in first dc from beg of round. With 2 threads Puddel sew a very loose seam, up and down, in the seam mid front. Let the Puddel threads sit in small loops on top of seam.

Felt slippers in the washing machine – see below. To ensure the best possible fit, put the slipper on while it is still wet so that it forms to your foot in the right size.

Felting: Attach a small plastic bag inside each slipper at the toes with a safety pin to avoid it felting tog. Put slippers in the washing machine with a powder free of enzymes and optical bleach. Wash at 40 degrees without pre-wash and with normal spin. If after felting, the slippers are too big, you may felt them again. If they are too small, thoroughly wet them and pull them into the right shape and size. At subsequent washes, wash the slippers at a wool programme.


= heel mid back, sew to B
= heel mid back, sew to A
= mid under foot
= beg here
= knitting direction

Comments (20)

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Marianne 06.02.2017 - 09:59:

Kan ik voor dit patroon ook een C-garen (enekel draad) gebruiken of vilt dat dan anders?

DROPS Design 06.02.2017 kl. 12:37:

Hoi Marianne. Je kan de 2 draden Alpaca vervangen door 1 draad Alaska of Big Delight. Maar brei altijd eerst een proefje en vilt deze - dan weet je precies hoe het garen vilt in jouw machine en de ca. afmetingen.

Emily 28.04.2014 - 03:20:

I'm having a problem with binding off. I'm getting confused with there is says, "bind off on each side". Does that mean at the stitch marker?

DROPS Design 28.04.2014 kl. 10:31:

Dear Emily, when pattern says to bind off when piece measures 6¾”-7¼”-8 1/8”, you have to bind off each side of the piece, ie at the beg of every row each side. Happy knitting!

Jennifer Meynard 22.01.2014 - 16:37:

Erreur de traduction en français Il ne s'agit pas de réduire tous les deux rangs mais tous les rangs (suite vérification par rapport à l'anglais, et après avoir suivi la version française que j'ai du défaire).

DROPS Design 23.01.2014 kl. 09:09:

Bonjour Mme Meynard, il faut effectivement augmenter tous les rangs et non tous les 2 rangs, la correction a été faite, merci. Bon tricot!

Lila Ladue 03.02.2013 - 00:33:

2 days ago I found pattern 1-14 a sweater with batwing sleeves and a diagonal center.today I cannot find it looked through all your sweater patterns - not there. do you drop off old patterns when you add new ones? If so how can I get the directions for this pattern?

Inger Janson 16.04.2012 - 21:07:

Jag har stickat två parFörsta paret blev bra. Det andra parets ena socka tovades ihop i tån och fick en valk påovansidan. Jag måste klippa bort en del, för att det inte skulle bli för trångt. Tänkte att det ju alltid går att komålettera med ny ull på avigsidan och tovning på gammalt sätt med såpa och vatten. Än så länge har jag inte behövt göra detta. Jag satte plastpåsar i tovvlorna, som jag kastade fast i öppningen.

DROPS Design 18.08.2011 - 09:05:

Hi Jill, we have been felting quite a lot in alpaca, lighter colors usually need more agitation to felt than darker colors, some detergents also seems to be more gentle than other, and we once experienced a eco friendly detergent where it didn't felt at all. Top loaded machines are also known for increase the process. If it doesn't fel enought first time, keep washing it hot.

Jill 17.08.2011 - 14:33:

Hi, I used Drops Alpaca as stated in the pattern, 1 strand of Eco Off-White (0100) and 1 strand of Eco Dark Brown (0601). Tension was correct, knitted size was correct. I washed once at 40 deg C and again at 60 deg C. They are still 36 cm long I need them to come down to 25 cm. Does the action of a front loading machine as compared with a top-loading, paddle action machine make a difference? I have lived in the US and the paddle action is significantly rougher on clothes.

DROPS Design 15.08.2011 - 09:03:

Hi Jill How many times you need to wash would also depend a lot if you use original yarn or not, other yarn may not felt as the recomended yarns used in pattern. Our slippers were washed once.

Jill 05.08.2011 - 18:30:

Easy to make but when it came to felting... I followed the instructions and they got a little furry, quite nice actually but the stitches are still visble and they've barely shrunk at all! How many times do they need to be washed at 40 in the machine to get down to size? Any suggestions?

Kathrine 06.01.2009 - 12:33:

Det står: "Fest en liten plastpose i tuppen av tøffelen med en sikkerhetsnål slik at tuppen ikke toves sammen." Er det inni tøffelen det menes eller?

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