DROPS / 102 / 41

Tweedle Dee by DROPS Design

DROPS dog coat knitted with ”Fabel”, ”Alpaca” and ”Puddel”.

Tags: hood, pets,

Size: XS - S - M
All of the coat is knittet in Rib, and looks small when finish, but will stretch quite alot. The measures of the dog:
Chest width: approx 28/32 – 40/44 – 48/52 cm
Back length: approx 24 – 32 - 40 cm
Examples of sizes of dogs: XS = Chihuahua, S = Bichon Frise, M = Cocker Spaniel

Materials: DROPS Fabel from Garnstudio
50-100-150 g colour no. 521, black/brown/bluegrey
And use: DROPS Alpaca from Garnstudio
50-50-100 g colour no. 6309, bluegrey
And use: DROPS Puddel
50-50-50 g colour no. 08, charcoal grey

DROPS Double pointed needles size 4 mm – or the size needed to obtain 19 sts x 25 rows stocking st with 1 thread of each quality on 10 x 10 cm.
DROPS double pointed and circular needles size 3 mm
DROPS Crochet hook size 6 mm

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Pattern instructions

NOTE: This pattern is written in British English. All measurements in charts are in cm. For conversion from cm to inches - click here. There are different terms for crocheting in British and American English. If this pattern includes crochet, click for "crochet terms" here. For this pattern in American English, please click here.
Knitting tension: 19 sts x 25 rows in stocking sts with 1 thread of each quality = 10 x 10 cm.

Coat: Knit the coat round from neck and down.
Cast on 48-64-80 sts on double pointed needles size 4 mm with 1 thread of Fabel + 1 thread of Alpaca. Knit in Rib = K2/P2 for 4-6-8 cm. Then P 1 round (used for pick up sts for the hood). Knit another round of Rib as before and on the next round inc. 1 st in every other P part from 2 P sts to 3 P sts = 54-72-90 sts. Continue with Rib until the piece measures 6-10-14 cm and then inc. in the remaining P parts from 2 P sts to 3 P sts = 60-80-100 sts. Continue with Rib = K2 /P 3. When the piece measures 8-12-16 cm split the piece for the forelegs as follows: Cast off 2 K sts, put the next 13-18-23 sts on a thread or a stitch holder (= mid underneath the stomach), cast off 2 K sts and knit the remaining 43-58-73 sts as before. Continue with Rib over these sts (= the back piece) for 5-8-10 cm from the split, and then put these sts on a thread or a stitch holder. Put the remaining 13-18-23 sts underneath the stomach back on needle and knit Rib for 5-8-10 cm. Then put all sts back on needle – at the same time cast on 2 new sts each side in between the stomach and back piece = 60-80-100 sts. Continue the Rib as before. When the piece measures 19-27-34 cm cast off 9-10-13 sts mid underneath the stomach. Then complete the work knitting back and forth on needle – at the same time cast off each side on every other row: 2 sts 2 times, 1 st 2-5-7 times, 2 sts 1 time and 3 sts 1 time. Cast off remaining 29-42-55 sts. The piece measures approx. 24-34-44 cm.

Leg: Pick up 36-52-64 sts with 1 thread of Fabel on double pointed needles size 3 mm around one of the openings of the leg. Knit Rib = K 2/ P 2 for 3-5-7 cm, cast off with K over K and P over P. Repeat around the other leg.

Hood: Put the neck inside the coat at the P round knitted earlier. Hold the coat so that the P round points away from you. Then pick up sts in the round with Fabel on a small circular needle size 3mm – do not pick up sts in 6-10-14 sts mid underneath the stomach, but pick up in the remaining sts = = 42-54-66 sts. P 1 row back – at the same time inc. evenly distributed to 70-90-110 sts (i.e. knit 1 sts, inc. in the next 2 sts). Knit in stocking sts back and forth with 3 garter sts each side until the hood measures 12-16-20 cm. For a nice result knit the hood tog. at the top instead of casting off, but if this is to difficult cast off and sew tog. with grafting sts. Crochet edge: Crochet with Puddel and hook size 6 mm around the opening of the hood, at the bottom of the legs and around the opening of the coat at the back.
Crochet as follows: 1 dc in the first st, * 1 ch, skip 1 cm, 1 dc in the next st*, repeat from *-*.

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Dan 30.05.2018 - 23:02:

Thank you for the pattern! I have split the piece for the legs, and I worked back and forth for 8 cm. Now I want to continue knitting the stomach section, but my working yarn is at the end of the back piece. How do I work it back into the piece since it is 8cm away from where I am starting to knit again? I hope this question makes sense- I am a beginner.

DROPS Design 31.05.2018 kl. 08:16:

Dear Dan, when you have worked the 8 cm over top part, cut the yarn, sliip these sts on a thread. You will now work sts for the stomach section, join the yarn at the beg of row and work for 8 cm. Happy knitting!

Nina 06.10.2017 - 19:19:

I was wondering if it is possible to work on straight needles. Do you have a pattern for straight needles? Thanks a bunch

DROPS Design 08.10.2017 kl. 22:36:

Dear Nina, I think it is possible to knit this pattern back and forth on straight needles. If I wanted to do it I would make the seam at the bottom part and sew the piece up there later, putting the pieces edge to edge and sew to the outmost loop. If you look for the database there are a couple o patterns for dogs written for straight needles, for example the 102-2, or DROPS Extra 0-81. I hope this helps. Happy knitting!

Elin Pedersen 03.03.2017 - 14:45:

I oppskriften står det: "Strikk 1 omg vrbord som før, på neste omg økes annenhvert vrang-parti fra 2 vr til 3 vr = 54-72-90 m. Strikk vrbord til arb måler 6-10-14 cm, nå økes de resterende vr-partier fra 2 vr til 3 vr = 60-80-100 m. Fortsett med vrbord = 2 r / 3 vr. " Slik jeg leser det er det to ganger at det skal være 3 vr. Hva skal økes når arb måler 6-10-14 cm?

DROPS Design 06.03.2017 kl. 14:56:

Hej Elin. Du tager ud förste gang i annenhvert vrang-parti (dvs, du har 2 r, 3 vr, 2 r, 2 vr, 2 r, 3 vr, osv indtil 6-10-14 cm. Her tager du ud i resten af vrang-partierne saa du har 2 r, 3 vr over alle masker

Judy Shroyer 20.11.2016 - 19:11:

When you bind off 2 for the forelegs the instructions say to put 13 on a thread or holder (for xs). Should they 13 stitches be worked in the pattern and if not, do you begin a new thread on the other side of the holder/thread?

DROPS Design 21.11.2016 kl. 09:58:

Dear Mrs Shroyer, these sts will be worked as in pattern so that you don't have to cut the yarn, ie work this row as follows: bind off 2 sts, work the next 13 sts and slip them on to a st holder, bind off the next 2 sts and work the next 43 sts as before, turn and work now these 43 sts back and forth for 5 cm. Happy knitting!

LAPLACE 19.02.2016 - 11:27:

Bonjour, je souhaite réaliser le pull pour chien Tweedle dee mais la qualité Drops Puddel n'existe plus, par quelle laine puis je la remplacer ? Merci de votre réponse. Cordialement.

DROPS Design 19.02.2016 kl. 15:02:

Bonjour Mme Laplace, vous trouverez une idée d'alternative pour remplacer DROPS Puddel. Bon tricot!

SAINT REQUIER 16.10.2015 - 14:30:

Bonjour, Je voudrais commencer à tricoter ce modèle "Tweedle Dee by DROPS Design" mais en lisant le début des explications "Avec 1 fil Fabel + 1 fil Alpaca....", j'ai déjà une question. Est ce que cela veut dire que je dois tricoter les côte 2/2 avec les deux laines. Merci pour votre réponses et pour votre aide.

DROPS Design 16.10.2015 kl. 16:49:

Bonjour Mme Saint Requier, tout à fait, le manteau se tricote entièrement avec 1 fil Alpaca + 1 fil Fabel (sur la base d'un échantillon de 19 m x 25 rangs jersey = 10 x 10 cm avec ces 2 fils). La bordure des pattes avant et la capuche se tricotent avec 1 seul fil Fabel. Bon tricot!

Ester 15.09.2015 - 13:08:

I loved this pattern. But my dogs are really big. Is there any chance you would design something big enough for a labrador and a Brazilian Mastiff (Fila Brasileiro)? I can send the measurements if you want.

DROPS Design 15.09.2015 kl. 17:16:

Dear Ester, sorry, we do not have any patterns for such larger dog, but you can adjust yours with the help of the indications for check width & back length. You can get help from your DROPS Store if required. Happy knitting!

Laura 31.03.2015 - 10:49:

Just read the pattern through and at least in the Finnish edition there is a typing error in the length of the hood. I do doupt if the M size sweater needs a hood 120cm long! ;)

Catherine Lucas 23.11.2014 - 04:56:

Is the hood knitted in one piece? It says to stitch or graft the top together but I don't have a seam... I just picked up hood from one side of the belly to the other side... I wonder if this is right...

DROPS Design 24.11.2014 kl. 13:52:

Dear Mrs Lucas, when you have done the hood (worked until piece measures 12-20 cm - see size), you can either bind off or graft them together as shown in the video below (cast on row in the video = picked up sts in this project). Happy knitting!

Graça Guedes 13.11.2014 - 22:59:

Ola não consigo entender a parte do capuz ja tentei 2 vezes mas não fica bem e a carreira do avesso e feita tambem em meia ou trico obrigada

DROPS Design 18.11.2014 kl. 16:39:

Depois de levantadas as ms/pts para o capuz, as carreiras do avesso são tricotadas em tricô (e as do direito em meia). Se não conseguir compreender como se monta o capuz, pode sempre consultar os vídeos (que encontra nas explicações, num dos separadores que estão ao lado da fotografia). Bom tricô!

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