DROPS / 190 / 35

Sweet Fedora by DROPS Design

Crocheted hat with edge in multi-coloured pattern. Piece is crocheted in DROPS Paris.

DROPS design: Pattern w-722
Yarn group C or A + A
Size: S/M – L/XL
Head circumference: 54/56 - 58/60
DROPS PARIS from Garnstudio (belongs to yarn group C)
150-150 g colour 16, white
50-50 g colour 29, light ice blue
50-50 g colour 41, mustard
50-50 g colour 102, spray blue

Piece can also be crocheted with yarn from:
“Alternative yarn (yarn group C)” - see link below.

DROPS CROCHET HOOK SIZE 3 mm - or size needed to get 20 treble crochets x 11 rows = 10 cm in width and 10 cm vertically.

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Not sure which size you should choose? Then it might help you to know that the model in the picture is approx. 170 cm and uses size S or M. If you are making a jumper, cardigan, dress or similar garment, you will find a graphic with the measurements of the finished garment (in cm) at the bottom of the pattern.

100% Cotton
from 0.95 £ /50g
DROPS Paris uni colour DROPS Paris uni colour 1.05 £ /50g
Wool Warehouse Direct Ltd
DROPS Paris recycled denim DROPS Paris recycled denim 0.95 £ /50g
Wool Warehouse Direct Ltd
DROPS Needles & Hooks
You can get the yarn to make this pattern from 5.70£. Read more.

Pattern instructions

NOTE: This pattern is written in British English. All measurements in charts are in cm. For conversion from cm to inches - click here. There are different terms for crocheting in British and American English. If this pattern includes crochet, click for "crochet terms" here. For this pattern in American English, please click here.

Replace first treble crochet on round with 3 chain stitches, finish round with 1 slip stitch in third chain stitch at beginning of round.
Replace first double crochet on round with 1 chain stitch, finish round with 1 slip stitch in first chain stitch at beginning of round.

See diagram A.4. Diagram shows colours in pattern. 1 square = 1 double crochet.

When changing colour work as follows: Work last double crochet with first colour but wait with last pull through, switch to next colour and work last pull through with the new colour, then work next double crochet. This way there will be a nice transition when changing colour.
When working with two colours place strand for the colour not worked over stitches from previous round, work around the strand so that it is hidden and follows when working.

Work in the round top down. Begin with a flat, oval top, then work down the hat (crown) before working an edge in multi-coloured pattern and then the brim.

Read CROCHET INFO! Begin at the arrow in the middle of A.1 and work on hook size 3 mm with white as follows:
4 chain stitches, form a ring with 1 slip stitch in the first chain stitch worked, work 14 chain stitches, work 1 slip stitch in 4th chain stitch from hook. You now have a chain stitch row with a loop in each end.
Work next round as follows: 1 slip stitch in the first of the 10 chain stitch on row, 3 chain stitch (= 1 treble crochet), 1 treble crochet in each of the next 9 chain stitches, work A.2 around loop (begin with 1st row in diagram), work 1 treble crochet in each of the 10 chain stitch (i.e. on opposite side of where 10 treble crochets were worked first), work A.3 around loop in the other side and finish with 1 slip stitch in 3rd chain stitch at beginning for round. Continue the pattern like this until 6 rounds have been worked in total. A.1 to A.3 are now done and there are 104 treble crochets on round in both sizes. Then work an edge at the top around the hat as explained below.

Work 1 round treble crochets with 1 treble crochet in every treble crochet and 4 treble crochet in the chain space in the middle of A.2 (work 1 treble crochet in both the first and the last chain stitch and 2 treble crochets in the middle chain stitch), but on this round work only in front loop of stitch (stitch loop closest to you) = 108 treble crochets on round. Insert 1 marker thread between 2 treble crochets in the middle of A.2 (= mid front of hat) and move the marker thread upwards when working.
Work 1 more round with treble crochets but now work every treble crochet through both the treble crochet from previous round (through both front and back loop) and in addition through stitch loop visible on the wrong side of piece. This gives a more distinct edge around the top part of hat. Then work the crown as explained below:

Work treble crochets in the round with 1 treble crochet in every treble crochet (work through both stitch loops).
AT THE SAME TIME on 1st round increase 1 treble crochet mid front by working 2 treble crochets in last treble crochet before marker thread. Increase like this 4-8 times in total in S/M: On every other round, and in L/XL: On every round = 112-116 treble crochets. NOTE: When increasing work 2 treble crochets alternately in first treble crochet after marker thread and last treble crochet before marker thread.
When piece measures 6-7 cm from edge at the top, work COLOUR PATTERN – see explanation above (= 28-29 repetitions of 4 stitches) and read COLOUR CHANGE TIP.
NOTE: On 2nd and 7th round work in back loop of stitch from previous round.
AT THE SAME TIME on last round in A.4 increase 0-4 double crochets evenly (increase 1 double crochet by working 2 double crochets in 1 stitch) = 112-120 double crochets.
When A.4 is done, work the brim with white as explained below.

ROUND 1: * Work 1 treble crochet in the first 7-7 treble crochets, 2 treble crochets in next treble crochet *, repeat from *-* the entire round = 126-135 treble crochets.
ROUND 2: Work 1 treble crochet in every treble crochet.
ROUND 3: * Work 1 treble crochet in the first 8-8 treble crochets, 2 treble crochets in next treble crochet *, repeat from *-* the entire round = 140-150 treble crochets.
ROUND 4: * Work 1 treble crochet in the first 9-9 treble crochets, 2 treble crochets in next treble crochet *, repeat from *-* the entire round = 154-165 treble crochets.
ROUND 5: Work 1 treble crochet in every treble crochet.
ROUND 6: Work 1 double crochet in every treble crochet = 154-165 double crochets.
Fasten off. Brim measures approx. 5 cm.


= 1 chain stitch
= begin here
= 4 chain stitches, form a ring with 1 slip stitch in the first chain stitch made
= 1 slip stitch
= treble crochet in stitch
= treble crochet around ring/chain space
= work around this ring
= 1 double crochet with white
= 1 double crochet with mustard
= 1 double crochet with light ice blue
= 1 double crochet with spray blue

Giusta 03.09.2019 - 17:26:

Ho fatto 3 cappelli per mia figlia e i miei nipotini poi irrigiditi con la colla vinilica bellissimi

Bénédicte 17.06.2019 - 15:42:

Bonjour, faut-il utiliser un double fil pour ce chapeau? J'ai commencé avec un seul fil mais je trouve que le résultat est beaucoup trop mou... Merci pour votre réponse

DROPS Design 17.06.2019 kl. 15:46:

Bonjour Bénédicte, on ne crochète qu'avec un seul fil Paris, mais vous devez avoir le bon échantillon soit 20 brides x 11 rangs = 10 x 10 cm - ajustez la taille du crochet si besoin, et pensez surtout à bien conserver la même tension lors de la réalisation du chapeau. Bon crochet!

Aleta 08.06.2019 - 18:48:

Grazie per la vostra risposta! Un'ultima domanda: nel diagramma A.2, tra la terza e la quarta maglia alta intorno all'anello di catenelle, devo fare 3 catenelle? Grazie e complimenti per i vostri video tutorial.

DROPS Design 08.06.2019 kl. 21:27:

Buongiorno Aleta. Sì ci sono 3 catenelle tra la terza e la quarta maglia alta. Buon lavoro!

Aleta 08.06.2019 - 08:55:

Buongiorno, come mai nel diagramma A.2 le maglie alte da lavorare intorno all'anello di catenelle sono 6 e invece nel diagramma A.3 sono 8? Grazie mille

DROPS Design 08.06.2019 kl. 09:45:

Buongiorno Aleta. La parte dove lavora il diagramma A.2 è quella del davanti, mentre quella del diagramma A.3 è quella del dietro: la parte dietro deve essere più ampia di quella del davanti e quindi necessita di un numero maggiore di maglie. Buon lavoro!

Yvonne 17.05.2019 - 19:15:

Was bedeutet bei der Krempe "je 1 Stäbchen in die 7-7 ersten Stäbchen" die 7-7? Etwa je 1 Stäbchen in die 7 ersten Stäbchen, etc? Vielen Dank im vorraus

DROPS Design 20.05.2019 kl. 09:07:

Liebe Yvonne, die Mütze kommt in 2 Größe deshalb wird es 2 Mal hier "7" geschrieben, in beiden Größen werden Sie je 1 Stäbchen in die 7 ersten Stäbchen häkeln, aber am Ende der Runde haben Sie entweder 126 Stb (=1. Größe) oder 135 Stäbchen (= 2. Größe). Viel Spaß beim häkeln!

Dinja 05.05.2019 - 19:46:

Klopt het dat je met haaknaald 3 moet haken? Drops Paris haak je eigenlijk met haaknaald 5. Het is ook best lastig haken. En in welk video zie ik de rand om de hoed, dat je zowel door de lus van de steek op de verkeerde kant van het werk haak en door de steek/stokje zelf? Alvast bedankt!

DROPS Design 09.05.2019 kl. 22:04:

Dag Dinja,

Ja, dat klopt. Deze hoed wordt met opzet met een kleinere haaknaald gehaakt, zodat hij wat stijver wordt.

En is helaas geen video voor de techniek, maar het is als volgt bedoelt: Je haakt eerst een toer waarbij je alleen in de voorste lus van de steek haakt. De toer daarna haak je in beide lussen alle steken plus de lus van de toer daarvoor waarin je niet had gehaakt.

Josi 05.05.2019 - 16:03:

Hallo, wozu brauche ich " je 1 Kettmasche in die ersten 10 Luftmaschen der Reihe, "? Funktioniert ohne auch. Danke

DROPS Design 06.05.2019 kl. 15:52:

Liebe Josi, es müsste: 1 Kettmasche in die 10. Luftmaschen (der 14 Lm) sein - Deutsche Anleitung wird korrigiert. Viel Spaß beim häkeln!

Lisa 05.05.2019 - 13:03:

Kurzes Hallöchen, ich möchte wissen, wozu ich diese Kettmaschen brauche, lt. Anleitung: "je 1 Kettmasche in die ersten 10 Luftmaschen der Reihe,"? Ich habe das Modell ohne diese gehäkelt und es fehlt eigentlich nichts! Übrigens ein sehr toller Hut :-) - ich habe ihn aus Bomull-Lin gemacht, sehr angenhmes Tragegefühl. Liebe Grüße Lisa

DROPS Design 06.05.2019 kl. 15:52:

Liebe Lisa, es sollten 1 Kettmasche in der 10. Luftmasche (nicht in die ersten 10 Luftmaschen), deutsche Anleitung wird korrigiert. Viel Spaß beim häkeln!

Michi 20.08.2018 - 16:47:

Hallo, bitte wie ist folgende Zeile zu verstehen: "in beide Maschenglieder der Vor-Runde und zusätzlich in das Mascheinglied, das auf der Rückseite der Arbeit sichtbar ist, einstechen" Ich hab leider keine Idee welches Maschenglied ich hier sehen soll :(

DROPS Design 24.08.2018 kl. 10:44:

Hallo Michi, damit ist das Maschenglied gemeint, in das in der vorherigen Runde nicht eingestochen wurde. Sie haben ja in der Runde davor nur in das vordere Maschenglied eingestochen, das hintere Maschenglied liegt noch auf der Rückseite der Arbeit. Wenn Sie auch noch in dieses Maschenglied einstechen, wölbt sich die Stäbchenrunde, die Sie aktuell häkeln, etwas nach vorne bzw. bekommt eine leichte Rundung und führt dadurch zu dem etwas markanteren Rand. Gutes Gelingen und viel Spaß mit dem Hut!

Monica 16.08.2018 - 22:30:

Hola. No tengo claro como realizar la 2ª vuelta de la orilla, donde dice " adicionalmente, a través del bucle del punto visible en el lado revés de la pieza". Muchas gracias por toda vuestra ayuda. Saludos.

DROPS Design 18.09.2018 kl. 11:16:

Hola Monica. Para marcar más la parte de la orilla del sombrero pinchamos en lugar de en los dos bucles del punto (como habitual) un poco más abajo, cogiendo el tercer bucle del punto ( que es más visible por el lado revés). Es decir, si le das la vuelta a la labor y la miras por el lado revés, el primer bucle de ese punto que se vea sería el que hay que trabajar

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