DROPS Extra / 0-867

Christmas Pinwheel by DROPS Design

Crochet DROPS star for Christmas in ”Cotton Viscose”.

DROPS Design: Pattern no n-137
Yarn group A
Measurements: approx. 10 cm / 4'' in diameter

50 g color no 01, white


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54% Cotton, 46% Viscose
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Pattern instructions

NOTE: This pattern is written in American English. All measurements in charts are in cm. For conversion from inches to cm - click here. There are different terms for crocheting in American and British English. If this pattern includes crochet, click for "crochet terms" here. For this pattern in British English, please click here.
Ch 5 on hook size 2.5 mm/ C with Cotton Viscose and form a ring with 1 sl st in first ch.
ROUND 1: ch 1, 7 sc in ch-ring. Finish with 1 sl st in 1st sc on round.
ROUND 2: ch 1, 2 sc in every sc the entire round. Finish with 1 sl st in 1st sc on round = 14 sc.
ROUND 3: ch 5, 1 dtr in first sc from previous round, *ch 6, skip 1 sc and crochet 1 dtr in next sc*. Repeat from *-* a total of 6 times. Finish with ch 6 and 1 sl st in 5th ch in beg of round (= 7 large ch-spaces).
ROUND 4: ch 1, 1 sc in first dtr, * 7 sc in next ch-space, and 1 sc in next dtr *, repeat from * -* a total of 6 times and finish with 7 sc in last ch-space and 1 sl st in first sc in beg of round = 56 sc.
ROUND 5: ch 1, 1 sc in each of next 4 sc, * ch 5, skip 1 sc, 1 sc in each of next 7 sc *, repeat from *-* a total of 6 times. Finish with ch 5, skip 1 sc, 3 sc, 1 sl st in 1st sc on round (= 7 large ch-spaces with 7 small ch-spaces at the top). Turn piece.
ROUND 6: ch 1, * ch 3, in the small ch-space work: 1 sc, ch 1, 1 dc, ch 1, 1 sc, ch 5, 1 sc, ch 1, 1 dc, ch 1, 1 sc. Then ch 3, 1 sc in st over next dtr from last round*, repeat from *-* a total of 7 times but the last time replace the 5 ch in the small ch space with 30 ch = strap, finish with 1 sl st in 1st ch on round.
Fasten off.

Comments (5)

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Germana 13.11.2017 - 22:36:

I have put the strap in the 4th chain space from the beginning of the round, makes the design symmetrical and in my opinion much nicer. And I have not turned the piece for the last round, not sure why this is in the pattern.

Evgenia 21.11.2015 - 15:57:

Thank you so much! I just finished my first snowflake ever! So happy, thank you!

Cecilia 27.11.2013 - 14:45:

Persoonlijk vind ik het mooier om 8 of 6 grote lussen te maken. Voor 8 lussen: eindig toer 3 met 6 lossen en een hv in de 5e lossen. De rest van de ster blijft hetzelfde, alleen heb je 1 boog meer. Voor 6 boogjes: haak in toer 1 6v, in toer 2 12v. Je hebt nu 6 boogjes. Haak in toer 4, 9 v in elk boogje, toer 5 *9v en 5l* en in de laatste toer 4l 1v 4l op de 9v van de voorgaande toer. Deze ster wordt iets kleiner.

Karin 19.11.2013 - 18:41:

Leider hat die deutsche Anleitung einige Fehler. Hier meine Korrekturen (abgeglichen mit der schwedischen Version): 3. RUNDE: 5 Lm, 1 Dreifach-Stb in die 1. fM, *6 Lm, 1 fm überspringen, 1 Dreifach-Stb*, ... 4. RUNDE: ... schließen mit 1 Kett-M in die 1.fM der Runde = 56 fM. 5. RUNDE: ... Schließen mit 5 Lm, 1 fM überspringen, 3 fM, 1 Kett-M in die 1. fM der Runde (= 7 große Bogen mit 7 kleinen Bogen oben). Arbeit wenden. 6. RUNDE: 1 Lm, *3 Lm, in den kleinen Bogen wie folgt häkeln: ...

Camille 27.10.2013 - 13:35:

Bonjour, je ne comprends pas bien l'explication du tour 3 : qu'entendez-vous par "5ml dans la 1ère ms" ? Je n'y arrive pas.... il faut peut-être faire une mc dans la ms avant les ml ? ou après ? Merci !

DROPS Design 29.10.2013 kl. 09:09:

Bonjour Camille, commencez le 3ème tour par 5 ml, et continuez tout le tour en répétant 6 fois (6ml, sautez 1 ms, 1 triple B dans la ms suiv), terminez le tour par 6 ml et 1 mc dans la 5ème ml du début du tour. Bon crochet!

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