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DROPS 6-9 by DROPS Design

Drops Short jacket in Retinella

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DROPS Retro 1980-1993

Size: Small-Medium(Medium-Large) – See measurement diagram

Materials: DROPS Retinella from Garnstudio
500 g colour no 018 , lime

DROPS Needle size 4 mm and 2.5 mm
DROPS Crochet hook size 3 mm

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DROPS Retinella DROPS Retinella
80% Cotton, 20% Viscose
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DROPS Needles & Hooks

Pattern instructions

Knitting tension: 19 sts x 28 rows on needle size 4 mm and texture pattern = 10x10 cm 21 sts in width on needle size 2.5 mm and garter st = 10 cm

Moss stitch: 1st row: K1, P1. 2nd row: Knit K over P and P over K. Repeat 1st and 2nd rows continuously.

Back piece: Cast on 95(105) sts on needle size 2.5 mm and knit 6 rows garter sts. Change to needle size 4 mm and knit texture pattern see diagram, at the same time cast off 5 sts evenly on lst row = 90(100) sts. Knit until piece measures 47 cm. Then knit moss sts over middle 52 sts. Cast off all sts in garter sts when piece measures 50 cm.

Left front piece: Cast on 51(58) sts on needle size 2.5 mm and knit 6 rows garter sts. Change to needle size 4 mm with texture pattern at the same time as casting off 3(5) sts evenly on lst row = 48(53) sts. Knit outermost 6 sts mid front in moss sts. When piece measures 27 cm cast off for neckline – knit 2 sts tog within moss stitch edge: 23 times in total alternating every 2nd and 3rd row (- on RS K tog and on WS P tog).
Cast off remaining 25(30) sts for shoulder when piece measures 50 cm.

Right front piece: Knit like left, but cast off for buttonholes in moss stitch edge: Knit 2 sts from mid front, cast off next 2 sts, knit 2 sts – and 2 new sts over the cast off sts on next row. Knit 1 buttonhole 2 cm from bottom edge. 1. Buttonhole in – transition to v-neck and knit 2 button holes between them with 8 cm between - 4 buttonholes in total. When casting off for v-neck do not knit 2 sts tog but – slip 1 sts as if to knit, knit 1 sts, psso.

Sleeve: Cast on 58 sts on needle size 2,5 mm, knit 6 rows garter sts. Change to needle size 4 mm and texture pattern at the same time inc 3 sts evenly on lst row = 61 sts. Continuing inc on each side 1 sts 21 times on every 5th row. Incorporate inc sts into pattern after each. Cast off when piece measures 42 (40) cm

Assembly: Sew shoulder seams. Crochet a row dc along neck line back to tighten in. Sew sleeves onto body and sew sleeve and side seams in on in outermost sts.


= P 1 sts – seen from RS
= K 1 sts – seen from RS

BRUYAT-DUPERRAY 14.10.2012 - 13:14:

Merci beaucoup ! Je recommence le tricot après une quinzaine d'années d'interruption... alors parfois je me pose des questions un peu "bêtes" !!! Je croyais qu'il fallait continuer chaque côté séparément d'où ma question. Encore merci.

BRUYAT-DUPERRAY 28.09.2012 - 13:54:

Bonjour, Sur les explications du dos, il est dit de tricoter jusqu'à 47 cm puis de tricoter au point de riz sur les 52 mailles centrales et de rabattre à l'endroit à 50 cm de hauteur totale. question : à partir du moment où on travaille sur les mailles centrales que fait-on des mailles de côté avant de tout rabattre à 50 cm de hauteur totale ?... rien n'est dit à ce sujet. merci de votre réponse.

DROPS Design 28.09.2012 kl. 15:06:

Bonjour Madame Bruyat-Duperray, pour le dos,à partir de 47 cm de hauteur totale, vous tricotez les 52 m centrales au point de riz et les autres mailles comme avant et vous rabattez toutes les mailles à 50 cm de hauteur totale. Bon tricot !

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