Crochet circle

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Sometimes a crochet pattern starts with a circle; like many flowers. This is how we do it. First form a ring. Then e.g make a number of dc's (US)/ tr's (UK) around the ring, start with ch 2-3 to get height. These first ch sts replaces the first dc/tr. Always end each round with a sl st in second/third ch in beg of round.

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Comments (4)

Žako_Andul 03.12.2019 - 18:01:

Blbí nefunguje video

DROPS Design 03.01.2020 - 18:15:

Milý/á Žako_Andul, video funguje bez problémů, zkuste, prosím, ověřit správné nastavení ve svém zařízení.

Di Herriot 22.08.2016 - 01:17:

An excellent starter video for beginners!

Ann 25.08.2011 - 02:08:

Hej. Nej, det är aldrig ljud till dem då de ska funka internationellt. Mvh Ann

Anne-Louise Wiksten 05.04.2010 - 12:08:

Hej! Är det något ljud tii instruktionsvideon? MVH Anne-Louise

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