How to work the Pebble stitch

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In this DROPS video we show how we work a simple texture pattern, also called the "Pebble" stitch. Cast on a number of stitches divisible by 2, we have cast on 16 stitches + 1 edge stitch in each side (knit on each row) = 18 stitches. 1. ROW (right side): Knit all stitches. 2. ROW (wrong side): Knit 1 edge stitch, purl all stitches, but knit the last stitch (edge stitch). 3. ROW: Knit 1 edge stitch, knit 2 and 2 together all row, knit 1 edge stitch. 4. ROW: Knit 1 edge stitch, * knit 1, knit the string between the needles, repeat * - * entire row, knit 1 edge stitch. Repeat row 1 - 4 to desired length. We use the yarn DROPS Eskimo in the video

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