How to work neck edge in 2 pieces

In this DROPS video we show how a neck edge is worked, that is used in the Valencia Cardigan in DROPS 202-10. We work the smallest size/stitch amount in DROPS 202-10 and we have already cast on 5 stitches and worked garter stitch approx. 6 cm = 2 3/8". We start the video showing SHORT ROWS 1 to first neck edge, then it is worked garter stitch to the piece measurement approx. 14 cm = 5 1/2". Cut the yarn and put neck edge aside. Then we show SHORT ROWS 2 to second neck edge (start from wrong side) and finish with 1 row knit from wrong side. Knit approx. 6 cm = 2 3/8" garter stitch, put the stitches over to the circular needle, cast on 52 new stitches and knit over the 5 stitches from the other neck edge. When the jacket is finish sew neck edge together mid back so that seam is facing inwards. Pull the neck edge light and sew neck edge to neck line in the back of neck. RS = right side WR = wrong side We use the yarn DROPS Air in the video. You must read the pattern to be able to follow this video properly. You’ll find the pattern by clicking on the picture below.

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