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DROPS 76-20 by DROPS Design

DROPS Cardigan in Karisma Superwash and Puddel

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DROPS 76-20
Sizes: S - M - L - XL - XXL
Finished measurements: 94-104-112-120-130 cm

Materials: DROPS KARISMA SUPERWASH from Garnstudio
350-400-450-450-500 gr nr 54, light brown
200-200-250-250-250 gr nr 56, dark brown
50 - 50 - 50 - 50 - 50 gr nr 01, natural white
50 - 50 - 50 - 50 - 50 gr nr 40, pink
50 - 50 - 50 - 50 - 50 gr nr 50, green heather

and use: DROPS PUDDEL from Garnstudio
50 - 50 - 50 - 50 - 50 gr nr 03, brown

7 DROPS engraved button, nr 527

DROPS 3 mm and 4 mm circular and double-pointed needles, or sizes needed to obtain correct gauge.
DROPS 8 mm needles (for the collar), or size needed to obtain correct gauge.

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Not sure which size you should choose? Then it might help you to know that the model in the picture is approx. 170 cm and uses size S or M. If you are making a jumper, cardigan, dress or similar garment, you will find a graphic with the measurements of the finished garment (in cm) at the bottom of the pattern.
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Pattern instructions

NOTE: This pattern is written in British English. All measurements in charts are in cm. For conversion from cm to inches - click here. There are different terms for crocheting in British and American English. If this pattern includes crochet, click for "crochet terms" here. For this pattern in American English, please click here.
Gauge: 21 sts x 28 rows on larger needles with Karisma in stockinette st = 10 x 10 cm.

Rib: * K 2 , P 2 *, repeat from * - *.

Pattern: See chart. The pattern is seen from the right side and is knit entirely in stockinette st in Karisma Superwash.

Body: The cardigan is knit in the round after the rib with steeks at center front and for armholes.
Cast on 200-216-236-252-272 sts on smaller circular needles with light brown. Knit 5 cm rib, keeping 1 edge st at each side in garter st, and begin and end rib with K 2 after the edge st.
After the rib change to larger circular needles; cast on 3 new sts, join and place a marker at the join. The 3 new sts and the 2 edge sts are for the center front steek and are not knit in the pattern. Now knit Pattern 1, increasing 1-3-1-3-1 sts evenly distributed on the 1st row = 204-222-240-258-276 sts. After Pattern 1, repeat Pattern 2 two times, then knit Pattern 3, then Pattern 4, then knit light brown to finished measurements. At the same time when the piece measures 34-35-36-37-38 cm knit the next row as follows: 5 steek sts, 48-51-55-58-62 sts (for the front), bind off 4-6-8-10-12 sts for armhole, 95-103-109-117-123 sts (for the back), bind off 4-6-8-10-12 sts for armhole, 48-51-55-58-62 sts (for the front). On the next row cast on 5 new sts over the bound off armhole sts at each side for the armhole steeks (do not knit these sts in the pattern) = 206-220-234-248-262 sts. Dec 1 st each side of the 5 armhole steek sts at each side every other row 5-8-10-13-15 times = 186-188-194-196-202 sts remain.

Neck shaping: When the piece measures 46-48-50-52-54 cm bind off 13-13-15-15-17 sts (incl. 5 steek sts) at center front for neck = 173-175-179-181-185 sts. Now knit back and forth on needles. Bind off at each neck edge every other row: 3 sts 1 time, 2 sts 2 times and 1 st 6 times = 147-149-153-155-159 sts remain. When the piece measures 52-54-56-58-60 cm bind off the center back 29-31-31-33-33 sts for the neck. Then bind off 2 sts at each neck edge on the next row. Bind off the remaining 57-57-59-59-61 sts for each shoulder (incl. 5 armhole steek sts) when the piece measures 54-56-58-60-62 cm.

Sleeve: Cast on 52-52-56-56-60 sts on smaller double-pointed needles with light brown and knit rib for 5 cm. Change to larger double pointed needles and stockinette st.
Read the entire next section before knitting:

Pattern: When the piece measures 10 cm knit Pattern 5 - center the pattern on the sleeve - then repeat Pattern 2 to finished measurements.
When the piece measures 8 cm inc 1 st each side of marker a total of 12-14-14-16-17 times:
Size S: alternately every 9th and 10th row.
Sizes M and L: alternately every 7th and 8th row.
Size XL: every 6 rows.
Size XXL: alternately every 5th and 6th rows
= 76-80-84-88-94 sts - knit the increased sts in the pattern as you go along. When the piece measures 49-47-46-44-43 cm bind off 3 sts each side of marker and knit back and forth on needles. Now put sts on a st holder for sleeve cap at each side every other row: 3 sts 1 time, 2 sts 3-2-3-2-2 times, 1 st 2-7-7-12-14 times, then 2 sts at each side until the piece measures 56-56-56-56-56 cm, then 3 sts 1 time at each side. The piece measures approx. 57 cm. Put all sts from st holders back on needles and knit reverse stockinette st back and forth (for seam allowance over the cut edge on Body), increasing 10 sts evenly distributed on the 1st row. Bind off when seam allowance measures 2 cm.

Assembly: Sew a marker thread down into the center of the steek sts at center front and on each side. Sew two machine seams around the marker thread, first seam = 1/2 st from the marker thread, 2nd seam = 1/2 st from first seam. Cut for center front and armholes. Sew shoulder seams.

Button band: Pick up approx. 100 to 128 sts (divisible by 4) along left front on smaller circular needles with light brown. Knit rib for 2 cm back and forth keeping 1 st in garter st at each edge and begin and end rib with K 2. Then P 1 right side row for folding edge, then knit 2 cm stockinette st for facing. Bind off.
Repeat along right front, but after 1 cm make 7 buttonholes evenly distributed along buttonband - place top and bottom buttonholes approx. 1 cm from each edge. 1 buttonhole = bind off 2 sts and cast on 2 new sts over the bound off sts on the next row. Make buttonhole on facing. Fold buttonbands to wrong side and stitch down.

Collar: Pick up approx. 102 to 114 sts (divisible by 4 + 2) around the neck (incl. over buttonbands) on smaller circular needles 3 with light brown. Knit rib keeping 2 sts at each edge in garter st and begin and end rib with K 2 after the edge sts. When the rib measures 3 cm change to Puddel and largest needles and knit garter st, decreasing on the 1st row by K 2 tog across row = 51 to 57 sts. Bind off when Puddel edge measures 12 cm. Fold the collar double to right side and stitch down at each side of the center front so that the collar stays in place. Sew in sleeves and lay seam allowance on sleeve cap over the cut edge and stitch in place. Sew on buttons.

This pattern has been corrected. .

Updated online: 12.07.2019
Correction: M.2 is worked two times vertically on body


= light brown
= dark brown
= pink
= green heather
= natural white

Ingela Hill 12.07.2019 - 10:53:

M.2 ska stickas 4 ggr på höjden. På fotot endast 2ggr. Ser ändå lagom lång ut. ?? De bruna " trekanterna" stickas med 6 resp 8 varv ljusbrunt emellan. M.2 x 4=24 cm. På fotot x 2=12 cm. Stämmer inte. Vad är det jag inte förstår? Tacksam för förklaring

DROPS Design 12.07.2019 kl. 13:02:

Hei Ingela. Det har du helt rett i. M.2 strikkes kun 2 ganger i høyden. Vi skal få rettet dette snarest. Takk for beskjed og god fornøyelse

Ingela Hill 03.07.2019 - 21:20:

Här kommer frågan en gång till. Vet ej om den första gick iväg. Mått på övervidd på respektive storlek. Viktigt för att välja rätt storlek. Rundstickas längd.

DROPS Design 04.07.2019 kl. 06:56:

Hej Ingela. Du hittar alla mått i de olika storlekarna på måttskissen längst ner på mönstret. Lycka till!

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