DROPS / 135 / 8

Snowfall by DROPS Design

Knitted socks for men, with Nordic pattern in DROPS Fabel. Size 35-46

DROPS design: Pattern no FA-161
Yarn group A
Size: 35/37 - 38/40 - 41/43 - 44/46
Foot length: 22 - 24 - 27 - 30 cm
Leg length: 42 - 44 - 46 - 48 cm
Materials: DROPS FABEL from Garnstudio
100-100-150-150 g colour no 200, grey
50-50-100-100 g colour no 100, off white

DROPS DOUBLE POINTED NEEDLES SIZE 2.5 mm - or size needed to get 26 sts x 34 rows in stocking st = 10 x 10 cm.

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Not sure which size you should choose? Then it might help you to know that the model in the picture is approx. 170 cm and uses size S or M. If you are making a jumper, cardigan, dress or similar garment, you will find a graphic with the measurements of the finished garment (in cm) at the bottom of the pattern.

75% Wool, 25% Polyamide
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Pattern instructions

NOTE: This pattern is written in British English. All measurements in charts are in cm. For conversion from cm to inches - click here. There are different terms for crocheting in British and American English. If this pattern includes crochet, click for "crochet terms" here. For this pattern in American English, please click here.
See diagram M.1, M.2 and M.3, all diagrams are worked in stocking st.
Dec as follows before marker: K 2 tog.
Dec as follows after marker: K 2 twisted tog (i.e. work in back loop of st instead of front).
1st row (= RS): Work until 9-10-10-11 sts remain, K 2 twisted tog (i.e. work in back loop of st instead of front), turn piece.
2nd row (= WS): Work until 9-10-10-11 sts remain, P 2 tog, turn piece.
3rd row (= RS): Work until 8-9-9-10 sts remain, K 2 twisted tog, turn piece.
4th row (= WS): Work until 8-9-9-10 sts remain, P 2 tog, turn piece.
Continue dec like this with 1 st less before working 2 sts tog until 14-14-16-16 sts remain on needle.

Worked in the round on double pointed needles.
Cast on 100-108-112-120 sts on double pointed needles size 2.5 mm with grey. Work rib = K 2/P 2 for 10 cm. K 1 round while at the same time dec 16-12-16-12 sts evenly = 84-96-96-108 sts. Continue with diagram M.1.
Continue with diagram M.2 – at the same time on first and last round in diagram M.2, dec 6 sts evenly = 72-84-84-96 sts. Piece now measures approx. 24 cm, insert a marker at beg of round. Continue with diagram M.3 – AT THE SAME TIME on 5th round, dec 1 st on each side of marker – SEE DECREASE TIP. Repeat dec every 5th round a total of 6-10-8-12 times. NOTE: Pattern will no fit mid back when decreasing but make sure that pattern fits around the sock otherwise. After all dec are done there are 60-64-68-72 sts on needle. When piece measures 42-44-46-48 cm, keep the first 15-16-17-18 sts on needle for heel, slip the next 30-32-34-36 sts on a stitch holder (= mid upper foot) and keep the last 15-16-17-18 sts on needle for heel. Finish piece with grey. Continue in stocking st back and forth over the 30-32-34-36 heel sts for 5-5½-6-6½ cm - insert a marker. Then work HEEL DECREASE - see explanation above!
After heel dec, knit up 13-14-15-16 sts along each side of heel and slip the 30-32-34-36 sts from stitch holder back on needle = 70-74-80-84 sts. Insert a marker on each side of the middle 30-32-34-36 sts on upper foot. Continue in stocking st in the round while AT THE SAME TIME dec in each side as follows: K tog the last 2 sts BEFORE marker on mid upper foot twisted (i.e. work in the back loop of st instead of front) and K tog the first 2 sts AFTER last marker on upper foot. Repeat dec every other round a total of 9-9-10-10 times = 52-56-60-64 sts. Continue until piece measures 18-20-22-25 cm from marker on heel (= approx. 4-4-5-5 cm remain). Insert a marker in each side so that there are 26-28-30-32 sts on upper foot and 26-28-30-32 sts under foot. Continue working stocking st while AT THE SAME TIME dec for toes on each side of both markers as follows: Work until 3 sts remain before marker, K 2 tog, K 2 (marker is between these 2 sts), K 2 twisted tog.
Repeat dec on every other round a total of 4-3-5-5 times and then on every round a total of 7-9-8-9 times = 8 sts remain on needle.
Cut the thread and pull it through the remaining sts, tighten tog and fasten.


= off white
= gray

Sandra Martins 14.03.2017 - 11:10:

Hello Drops team, I was doing this pattern, and everything was fine until I realised the diagram is in the wrong colours, comparing to the photo. That should be changed to prevent other people doing the pattern wrong. Thanks, Sandra

Knut 13.03.2016 - 16:32:

Det ska vara 48 i största storleken. Man kan alltid kolla det norska originalet!

Magdalena 12.03.2016 - 22:57:

Hej! På ett ställe i mönstret står det att man ska sticka tills arbetet mäter 42-44-46 cm. Det är dock fyra olika storlekar i mönstret, så man vet inte vilket antal cm som hör till vilken storlek.

DROPS Design 14.03.2016 kl. 09:02:

Hej Magdalena, Det skall stå; 42-44-46-48 cm och det är lagt in i mönstret. Lycka tll!

Anne Marie Glover 28.02.2016 - 22:53:

Continue with diagram M.2 – at the same time on first and last round in diagram M.2, dec 6 sts evenly = 72-84-84-96 sts. Piece now measures approx. 24 cm / 9½'' --- SORRY FOR THE LAST COMMENT IM FROM ENGLAND NOT CANADA, ANYWAY ID LIKE FURTHER HELP ON THIS PATTERN, I HAVE 21 STITCHES ON EACH 4 NEEDLES AND NEED TO DO THIS DECREASE ABOVE COULD YOU HELP OUT PLEASE.

DROPS Design 29.02.2016 kl. 10:00:

Dear Mrs Glover, please see here how to dec evenly. Happy knitting!

Anne Marie Glover 28.02.2016 - 22:22:

Continue with diagram M.2 – at the same time on first and last round in diagram M.2, dec 6 sts evenly = 72-84-84-96 sts. Piece now measures approx. 24 cm / 9½''

Anne Marie Glover 22.02.2016 - 15:11:

HI THERE, Im doing this pattern and i just nearly finishing the ribbing, using 5 needles 4 needles with stitches using 5th one now it tells me to knit a round but at the same time decrease 16, which leaves me with 84, now do i divide the stitches on 4 needles what would that be on each needle? the decreases are slightly confusing me cos im using 4 needles could you help cheers.

DROPS Design 22.02.2016 kl. 15:33:

Dear Mrs Glover, when working with 5 needles, you distribute 21 sts on each of the 4 dpn (21x4=84 sts). Happy knitting!

Campagnès Claire 28.12.2015 - 19:55:

Vous avez interverti les couleurs dans la légende du diagramme gris et écru...

Cecilia Annehed 03.11.2015 - 20:26:

Hej,varför kan jag Hej, det går inte att skriva ut mönsterdiagrammet till strumpmönster 135-8 Hur skall jag göra? Mvh Cecilia

DROPS Design 04.11.2015 kl. 09:35:

Hej. Om du trycker på knappen "Skriv ut: mönster" så ska både texten och mönsterdiagrammen komma med.

Ramon 20.10.2014 - 09:51:

In der Anleitung scheinen die Farben in der Legende vertauscht zu sein; ausgefüllt sollte grau und leer natur sein. Ändert sich damit der angegebene Garnverbrauch?

DROPS Design 20.10.2014 kl. 10:01:

Vielen Dank für den Hinweis, die Symboltexte wurden gerade korrigiert. Der Garnverbrauch bleibt wie angegeben. Viel Spaß beim Stricken!

Caroline 14.10.2014 - 14:24:

Hei :-) jeg har kommet til hælfelling, men lurer på om de 10 siste maskene (str 38/40) skal strikkes 2 vridd rett sammen 5 ganger (så 10 masker blir 5) eller om jeg skal strikke 2 vridd rett sammen og la resten stå igjen uten å strikke dem? Mvh Caroline

DROPS Design 17.10.2014 kl. 15:50:

Hei. Nei du skal strikke til det er igjen 10 m, så skal du strikke kun 1 gang 2 vr r sammen, så gjentar du disse fellingene på hver pinne til det gjenstår 14 m på pinnen. Dvs, du skal strikke 2 vr r sammen på hver pinne.

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