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DROPS 105-37 by DROPS Design

DROPS crochet slippers in double thread “Alpaca”.

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Size: 35/37 – 38/40 – 41/43
Length: 22 – 24 – 27 cm

Materials: DROPS Alpaca from Garnstudio
100-100-100 g colour no 6347, grey-purple
DROPS Cotton Viscose from Garnstudio
A remnant colour no 01, white

For a more hard-wearing slipper use DROPS Fabel sock yarn.

DROPS crochet hook size 3.5 mm - or size needed to obtain 18 tr x 8 rows with 2 threads Alpaca = 10 x 10 cm.
DROPS pearl button, no 541, 4 pcs

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Not sure which size you should choose? Then it might help you to know that the model in the picture is approx. 170 cm and uses size S or M. If you are making a jumper, cardigan, dress or similar garment, you will find a graphic with the measurements of the finished garment (in cm) at the bottom of the pattern.
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Pattern instructions

NOTE: This pattern is written in British English. All measurements in charts are in cm. For conversion from cm to inches - click here. There are different terms for crocheting in British and American English. If this pattern includes crochet, click for "crochet terms" here. For this pattern in American English, please click here.
Crochet info: Replace first tr on round/row with 3 ch. Finish each round with 1 sl st in 3rd ch from beg of round. Finish each row with 1 sl st in ch from beg of previous row.

Decreasing tip:
Dec as follows at beg of row: replace 1 tr with 1 ch
Dec as follows at the end of row: Turn piece when number of tr to be dec remains and work return row.

Increasing tip: Inc by working 2 tr in 1 tr.

Foot: Crochet from toe towards the heel with crochet hook size 3.5 mm. Crochet 3 ch and form a ring with 1 sl st in first ch.
Round 1: 8 tr in ring – see Crochet info!
Round 2: 2 tr in each tr = 16 tr.
Round 3: * 1 tr in first tr, 2 tr in next tr*, repeat from *-* = 24 tr
Round 4: * 1 tr in each of the first 2 tr, 2 tr in next tr*, repeat from *-* = 32 tr.
Round 5, size 41/43 only: * 1 tr in each of the first 3 tr, 2 tr in next tr*, repeat from *-* = 40 tr.
On next round inc 2-6-2 tr evenly = 34-38-42 tr. Continue in the round with 1 tr in each tr until piece measures 9-10-11 cm. Now work 30-34-38 tr, turn the piece (do not crochet the last 4 sts = opening mid upper foot). Continue back and forth, at the same time dec 1 tr each side on first row – see Decreasing tip = 28-32-36 tr. Work 1 tr in each tr until piece measures 14-16-19 cm. Now inc 1 tr each side on every other row a total of 3 times – see Increasing tip = 34-38-42 tr. When piece measures 22-24-27 cm fold it double and crochet slipper tog mid back with a row of sl sts through both layers. Cut the thread and fasten.
Border: Crochet a row of dc with 2 threads Alpaca and crochet hook size 3.5 mm round the opening (crochet approx 2 dc in each tr). Cut the thread. Change to 2 threads Cotton Viscose and continue as follows: 1 dc mid back in first dc, * 3 ch, 1 tr in the first ch, skip 1 dc, 1 dc in next dc*, repeat from *-* and finish with 1 sl st in first dc.
Strap: Crochet 6 ch with crochet hook size 3.5 mm and 2 threads Alpaca. Work 1 tr in the 4th ch from hook (= 2 tr) and 1 tr in each of the last 2 ch = 4 tr. Work 1 tr in each tr – remember Crochet info – until strap measures 10 cm. Cut the thread and fasten. Sew strap to slipper with 1 pearl button each side – buttons are for decoration only.

Ethel 09.06.2016 - 06:12:

I do not understand what "inc 2-6-2 dc evenly" means. I know that the 2-6-2 is size, but what does "dc evenly" means. Round 4 ends with 32. I'm doing size 51/2. please explain how to crochet round 5 and the number of stich that I will end up with please. Thank you, Love the slippers.

DROPS Design 09.06.2016 kl. 07:54:

Dear Ethel, you've to work round 5 only if you're working size 41/43, otherwise, you've to work next round and increase at the same time: for example for size 35/37 you've ended up round 4 with 32 tr. On the next round you've to increase 2 tr (see increasing tip) and end up with 34 tr. Happy crocheting!

Céline 02.03.2014 - 09:41:

Bonjour, Je ne comprends pas très bien la confection de la bride de boutonnage : monter une chaînette de 6 ml, 1B dans la 4ème ml à partir du crochet (=2B). Faut il en fait monter 2 B dans la 4ème ml puis 1 B dans les deux suivantes pour obtenir 4 B à la fin du 1ier rang ? Merci

DROPS Design 03.03.2014 kl. 09:46:

Bonjour Céline, on monte 6 ml, on crochète 1 B dans la 3ème ml à partir du crochet (les 2 premières ml = 1ère B), on a ainsi 2 B, 1 B dans chacune des 2 ml (pas B, faute de frappe corrigée) suivantes = on a 4 B. Bon crochet!

Sophie 09.02.2014 - 14:03:

Très joli modèle mais j'ai modifié le modèle en faisant 5 diminutions au centre du chausson sur les 2 derniers rangs pour obtenir un talon tout rond

Sofia 30.10.2013 - 15:20:

Hur gör man om man vill virka barnstorlekar, till exempelvis en 3-åring?

DROPS Design 01.11.2013 kl. 09:26:

Jo men vi har flera virkade tofflor till barn. Gör ett sök med "virka" och "tofflor". Lycka till!

Patrice 28.09.2013 - 00:46:

What does "inc 2-6-2 dc evenly" mean??

DROPS Design 28.09.2013 kl. 09:49:

Dear Patrice, it means you will have to inc 2 sts in 1st size, 6 sts in 2nd size and 2 sts in last size evenly (crochet 2 sts in the same st evenly distributed on the row). Happy crocheting!

Edith 04.03.2013 - 16:05:

Kan man ikke få en opskrift på hæklet hjemmesko uden hæl

DROPS Design 12.03.2013 kl. 10:22:

Vi sender dit ønske videre til Design :)

Mandie 19.01.2013 - 22:57:

I do not understand what "inc 2-6-2 dc evenly" means. Does it mean that one round you increase the 1 dc in the next 4 dc and then 2 in the next dc and then the next round is 1 dc in the next 11 dc and then 2 in the next dc? or is the 2-6-2 all in one round?

DROPS Design 20.01.2013 kl. 19:29:

Dear Mandie, this refers to the different sizes.

Jocelyne 23.12.2012 - 22:38:

Modèle très facile et rapide à crocheter. Avec la laine Alpaca, très agréable à porter. Merci

Souhila 11.11.2012 - 18:25:

Bonjour je n'ai pas compris ceci: Continuer en allers retours, en même temps, diminuer 1 B de chaque côté sur le 1er rang – voir diminutions ci-dessus = 28-32-36 B. a partir de quel rang je commence a faire les diminutions. merci

DROPS Design 12.11.2012 kl. 09:17:

Bonjour Souhila, vous avez crocheté 1 rang sur 30-34-38 B, puis vous tournez, et sur ce rang, vous diminuez 1 B de chaque côté. Bon crochet !

Lori Cheney 26.08.2012 - 20:51:

I Love these Slippers & have made 4 pairs and keep loving them!

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