DROPS / 105 / 16

Flower Child by DROPS Design

DROPS crochet hair band with flowers in “Cotton Viscose”.

Tags: floral, headbands, lace,

Size: One size

Materials: DROPS Cotton Viscose from Garnstudio
50 g colour no 28, light pink
50 g colour no 27, lilac

DROPS crochet hook size 4 mm - or size needed to obtain width of 16 dc with 1 thread of each colour = 10 cm.

DROPS crochet hook size 2.5 mm – for flowers.

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Pattern instructions

NOTE: This pattern is written in British English. All measurements in charts are in cm. For conversion from cm to inches - click here. There are different terms for crocheting in British and American English. If this pattern includes crochet, click for "crochet terms" here. For this pattern in American English, please click here.
Crochet info: Replace first dc on row with 1 ch.

Decreasing tip: Dec 1 dc as follows: work 1 dc but wait with last pull through (= 2 sts on hook), work next dc and now pull thread through all 3 sts on hook.

Hair band: Crochet 2 ch with crochet hook size 4 mm and 1 thread of each colour.
Row 1: 2 dc in second ch from hook.
Row 2: See Crochet info! 2 dc in each dc = 4 dc.
Now crochet 1 dc in each dc until piece measures approx 35 cm. Dec 2 dc – see Decreasing tip – and then dec 1 dc = 1 dc left. Cut the thread and fasten.

Crochet flower: Large flower: crochet round 1 and round 2. Crochet 1 flower in lilac and 1 flower in light pink. Small flower: crochet round 1 only. Crochet 1 flower in lilac and 3 flowers in light pink.
Crochet 5 ch on crochet hook size 2.5 mm with 1 thread and form a ring with a sl st. Round 1: 1 dc in ring, *5 ch, 1 dc in ring*, repeat from *-* a total of 4 times and finish with 5 ch and 1 sl st in first dc from beg of round = 5 ch-loops. Finish small flower here.
Round 2: 1 ch, and crochet as follows in each ch-loop: 1 dc, 3 tr, 1 dc. Finish round with 1 sl st in first dc from beg of round.
Sew flowers to hair band as shown in picture. If desired, make additional flowers.

Strap: Cut 2 threads of each colour (= 4 threads in total) measuring 60 cm each. Twist them until they resists, fold them double and let them twist again. Attach one end to the hair band and tie a knot at the other end. Make 1 more and attach to the other end of hair band.

Lita Pedro 28.01.2014 - 14:47:


Wanda 03.09.2013 - 05:44:

I loved this pattern. My 17 y/o nephew was seeing his girlfriend for the 1st time since he came to live with us. It was their 1st anniversary & he asked me if I could make something for her. "She likes hippie stuff" he tells me. As soon as I saw this I knew this was exactly what a 17 y/o "hippie loving" girl would love. Made it in an about an hour. I am now his favorite aunt. Thank you

Pia 24.01.2008 - 13:28:

Det mener i vel forhåbentlig ikke........

Decb 13.01.2008 - 00:46:

No, no, no..

Lynn 10.01.2008 - 12:38:

Very feminine - rather boho - but lovely for summer keeping hair out eyes when gardening

Vibeke Antczak 08.01.2008 - 23:03:

Ja. den er bare fin - og jeg vil gerne lave flere - god som gaveidé til både voksne og piger

Vibeke Antczak 08.01.2008 - 23:03:

Ja. den er bare fin - og jeg vil gerne lave flere - god som gaveidé til både voksne og piger

Anne-Lise 23.12.2007 - 12:31:

Det kan I ikke mene. Mere 70'er bliver det vist ikke.

Camilla 19.12.2007 - 22:43:

Nej vel?!

Mia 15.12.2007 - 21:50:

Så läckert! Jag vill oxå göra - massor. Perfekt present, men vill ha flera själv!;o)

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