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Winter Woof by DROPS Design

DROPS dog coat in ”Eskimo”.

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Size: S – M - L
The measures of the dog:
Burst: approx 40/44 – 50/52 – 58/60 cm
Back length: approx 32/34 – 40/42 – 48/50 cm
Examples of sizes of dogs: S = Bichon Frise, M = Cocker Spaniel, L = border Collie

Materials: DROPS Eskimo from Garnstudio
200-250-300 g colour no. 21, jeans blue

DROPS circular needle 40 cm long + double pointed needles size 7 mm– or the size needed to obtain the correct knitting tension.

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Pattern instructions

NOTE: This pattern is written in British English. All measurements in charts are in cm. For conversion from cm to inches - click here. There are different terms for crocheting in British and American English. If this pattern includes crochet, click for "crochet terms" here. For this pattern in American English, please click here.
Tension: 12 sts x 16 rows in stocking sts = 10 x 10 cm.

Increasing tips: Inc. in the first P st before 2 K sts and in the last P st after 2 K sts. Inc. as follows: Pick up 1 st from previous round and P this st.

The piece is knitted round from neck and down.
Cast on 40-48-56 sts on circular needle size 7 mm with Eskimo. Knit as follows:
Size S-L: K1 , *P2, K2 *, repeat from *-* and finish with P2 and K1. Continue the Rib.
Size M: P1, * K2, P2 *, repeat from *-* and finish with K2 and P1. Continue the Rib. When the piece measures 15-18-20 cm knit 2 rounds of garter sts.
Knit the next round as follows: K 5-7-9 sts, P2, K2 (= mid shoulder), P2, K18-22-26 sts, P2, K2 (= mid shoulder), P2 and K 5-7-9 sts. Continue with K over K and P over P – at the same time inc. 1 st each side of the ”P2, K2, P2” part of the shoulder – see increasing tips on every other row a total 8-9-10 times = 72-84-96 sts. Continue with K over K and P over P until the piece measures 26-31-36 cm.
Knit the next round as follows: K 5-7-9 sts, put the next 22-24-26 sts on a thread or a stitch holder for leg, cast on 6-8-10 new sts, K 18-22-26 sts, put the next 22-24-26 sts on a thread or a stitch holder for leg , cast on 6-8-10 new sts and knit the 5-7-9 sts on round = 40-52-64 sts on needle – beg. of round = mid underneath of stomach.
Knit in stocking sts for 5-7-9 cm, then knit Rib = * K2 / P2 * for 5-6-7 cm. Then cast off 6-10-14 sts mid underneath the stomach (i.e the last 3-5-7 sts on round + the first 3-5-7 sts on round) and finish knitting back and forth on needle. Continue the Rib at the same time cast off 2 sts each side on every other row a total of 3-4-5 times = 22-26-30 sts left on needle, cast off these sts.

Leg: Put 22-24-26 sts from 1 thread or stitch holder back on needle and pick up in addition 6-8-10 sts as in the sts cast on at the back of the leg = 28-32-36 sts. Spread the sts onto double pointed needles size 7 mm, and knit in Rib = * K2 /P2 *for 8-10-12 cm, cast off loosely with K over K and P over P. Repeat for sts on the other thread or stitch holder.

Comments (9)

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Jess 24.11.2018 - 00:16: https://www.garnstud ...

Rozmiar M- Jak długa od góry (nie wliczając sciagacza) ma być robótka żeby podzielić ja na brzuch i nogi? Czy to ma być 11cm?

DROPS Design 26.11.2018 kl. 14:27:

Witaj Jess! W rozmiarze M musisz przerobić od ściągacza jeszcze 13 cm (31-18=13) i dopiero wtedy dzielisz robótkę. Pozdrawiamy (także pupila:) !

Ina Torne 10.11.2016 - 21:38:

Ich verstehe gegen Ende vorletzter Absatznicht, was gemeint ist mit "und die Arbeit hin und zurück fertig stricken." Wie viele Runden? Weieter dann: Wo soll mit dem Bündchen weiter gestrickt werden??? Insgesamt etwas wirrer Aufbau der Anleitungen, sie könnten übersichtlicher aufgebaut sein mit Reihenangaben!!! Das war ein Kommentar... mfg Ina

DROPS Design 11.11.2016 kl. 10:01:

Liebe Torne, nachdem Sie 5-6-7 cm Bündchen in der Runde gestrickt haben, dann müssen die mittlere 6-10-14 M (Bauch) abgekettet werden, dann weiter in Bündchen hin- und zurückstricken (= nicht mehr in der Runde), gleichzeitig werden 2 Maschen am Anfang jeder Reihe 3-4-5 x abgekettet (= 22-26-30 M übrig). Viel Spaß beim stricken!

Margaretha Nilsson 31.03.2015 - 20:13:

Hej! Jag undrar om detta mönster skall stickas runt på rundstickan eller skall man sticka fram och tillbaka på rundstickan. Tacksam för snabbt svar så jag kan börja sticka :-) Mvh Margaretha

DROPS Design 15.05.2015 kl. 09:52:

Hej Den stickas runt på rundsticka mesta delen, men under magen stickas det fram och tillbaka. Lycka till!

Mindy 15.06.2013 - 22:33:

I am confused about this pattern. it is Mitt from the neck down but I do not see any place in the pattern where it makes the leg holes. can you please let me know how this is done?

DROPS Design 17.06.2013 kl. 10:20:

Dear Mindy, you are correct, it starts from the neck down, then when piece measures 26-31-36 cm [10 ¼”-12 ¼”-14 1/4”], you will work a round at the same time putting sts for legs onto a st holder and caston new sts on same row to continue body. Happy knitting!

Dee Dee Jones 27.12.2012 - 01:56:

This is my first time working your pattern. I need to know if you useonly circular needle or does cn mean long+double pointed needle. I think that I use only circular needle

DROPS Design 29.12.2012 kl. 18:05:

Dear Mrs Dee Dee Jones, for this pattern you will need a short circular needle (15 3/4" long) + double pointed needles for the legs. Happy Knitting!

Valbjørg 19.09.2012 - 12:50:

Jeg har strikket denne, og den fungerer veldig bra til min Bichon Frise. Men jeg laget et knapphull over 4 m, 15 cm fra oppleggskanten, midt oppå genseren. Hun bruker sele og kan da ha genseren utenpå selen. Bruker man vanlig halsbånd, så tilpass plassering av knapphull etter det.

DROPS Design NL 02.12.2007 - 19:31:

Goedenavond Monique. Dat klopt! Ik heb het originele patroon bekeken, en hier staat wat anders. Dat was een foutje - en het is nu gewijzigd. Onze excuses voor het ongemak ;o)

Monique 29.11.2007 - 16:04:

Volgens mij klopt de steekverhouding niet van dit patroon: Eskimo 21st x 28 nld kan niet ???

Monique 29.11.2007 - 15:53:

Volgens mij klopt de steekverhouding van dit model niet: Eskimo 21st x 28 nld, kan niet ???

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