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Breath of Summer by DROPS Design

Crochet DROPS tunic with mussel pattern in “Alpaca” and “Cotton Viscose”. Size S - XXL

Size: S – M – L - XL – XXL
Materials: Drops Alpaca from Garnstudio
200-200-250-250-300 g colour no 1101, white
and use:
Drops Cotton Viscose from Garnstudio
300-350-350-400-450 g colour no 01, white

Drops crochet hook size 5 mm, or size needed to obtain the correct tension

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Not sure which size you should choose? Then it might help you to know that the model in the picture is approx. 170 cm and uses size S or M. If you are making a jumper, cardigan, dress or similar garment, you will find a graphic with the measurements of the finished garment (in cm) at the bottom of the pattern.
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Pattern instructions

NOTE: This pattern is written in British English. All measurements in charts are in cm. For conversion from cm to inches - click here. There are different terms for crocheting in British and American English. If this pattern includes crochet, click for "crochet terms" here. For this pattern in American English, please click here.
Crochet tension: 12 tr x 7 rows with 1 thread of each quality = 10 x 10 cm. 1 repeat of mussel pattern = width approx 12 cm.
Increasing tip 1: To inc 1 dc: crochet 2 dc in 1 dc.
Increasing tip 2: To inc 1 tr: crochet 2 tr in 1 tr (no ch in between).
Increasing tip 3: To inc 1 ch-loop: crochet 2 ch-loops in the same st.

Crochet info: At the beg of each round replace the first tr with 3 ch. Replace first dtr with 4 ch. Finish each round with 1 sl st in 3rd/4th ch from beg of round.

Pattern: See diagrams M.1 and M.2. The diagram is seen from the RS.

Measuring tip: Because of the weight of the wool all measurements should be made whilst the garment is hanging.

Back and front piece: The tunic is crochet in the round from the top down. Loosely crochet 71-75-75-79-83 ch on crochet hook size 5 mm with 1 thread Drops Alpaca and 1 thread Drops Cotton Viscose (double thread). Form a ring with a sl st in the first ch. Crochet next round as follows: 1 dc in each of the first 3 ch, *skip 1 ch, 1 dc in each of the 3 next ch*, repeat from *-* = 54-57-57-60-63 dc. Now crochet a round of dc, at the same time inc 22-15-19-20-21 dc evenly – see Increasing tip 1 = 76-72-76-80-84 dc. Continue in M.1 – see Crochet info. After M.1 there are 76-90-95-100-105 ch-loops on round (1 ch-loop = 1 tr + 1 ch). Continue with tr in ch and ch over tr until piece measures 10-11-12-13-14 cm.
Crochet next round as follows:
Skip 17-19-21-22-22 ch-loops from previous round (= right sleeve), crochet 8 ch (= under arm), crochet 21-26-26-28-30 ch-loops (= front piece), skip 17-19-21-22-22 ch-loops from previous round (= left sleeve), crochet 8 ch (= under arm), crochet 21-26-27-28-31 ch-loops (= back piece). Insert a marking thread each side, in between the 8 ch crochet mid under arm. Continue in ch-loops. NB! On the first round crochet the 8 ch under each arm as follows: 1 tr in the first ch, 1 ch, skip 1 ch, 1 tr in next ch, 1 ch, 1 tr in the same ch, 1 ch, skip 1 ch, 1 tr in next ch, 1 ch, 1 tr in the same ch, 1 ch, skip 1 ch, 1 tr in next ch, 1 ch and skip 1 ch (= 6 ch-loops under each arm) = 54-64-65-68-73 ch-loops on round in total. Continue in ch-loops in the round, at the same time inc 1 ch-loop – see Increasing tip 3 – on each side of both MT on every round a total of 4-4-6-6-7 times = 70-80-89-92-101 ch-loops.
After all inc piece measures approx 19-20-23-24-27 cm measured from ch-chain at neckline (you have now reached mid chest; if you wish to adjust this crochet additional rounds in ch-loops after the inc). Now crochet 1 round in ch-loops, at the same time inc 4-2-2-14-14 tr evenly on round – see Increasing tip 2 = 144-162-180-198-216 tr/ch.
Now continue in mussel pattern M.2 (beg at start arrow in diagram) = 8-9-10-11-12 horizontal repeats on round. Crochet 3 vertical repeats of M.2, but beg the second and third repeat by the Arrow-B in diagram. After M.2 crochet 2-3-3-3-4 rounds in dtr as follows:
Round 1: Remember crochet info! Crochet 1 dtr in each ch-loop with 1 ch in between each and finish with 1 dtr in the last tr = 72-81-90-99-108 dtr.
Round 2: crochet 1 dtr in each dtr from previous round with 2 ch in between each dtr (instead of 1) – finish size S here before the last mussel pattern = 72 dtr.
Round 3: crochet 1 dtr in each dtr from previous round with 3 ch between each dtr - finish size M, L and XL here before the last mussel pattern = 81-90-99 dtr.
Round 4: crochet 1 dtr in each dtr from previous round with 3 ch between each dtr - finish size XXL here before the last mussel pattern = 108dtr.
Now crochet a round in ch-loops as follows: 1 tr and 1 ch (= 1 ch-loop) in each dtr from previous round, at the same time inc 1 ch-loop – see Increasing tip 3 – in every 3-3-4-4-4 dtr. NB! For size L and XL finish with 1 tr and 1 ch in each of the last 2-3 dtr = 96-108-112-123-135 ch-loops. Continue with 1 round of ch-loops, at the same time inc 6-0-10-6-0 tr – see Increasing tip 2 = 198-216-234-252-270 tr/ch. Now crochet M.2 again (beg at start arrow in diagram), but finish the pattern after row 7.


= 1 ch
= 1 dc
= 1 tr
= 2 tr in 1 ch
= 1 picot (= 3 ch, 1 dc in the first ch)
= this row is described in the pattern, beg by start arrow
= 7th row

Comments (154)

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NieKohle 03.06.2017 - 21:26:

Ich habe jetzt nach 8 gescheiterten Versuchen aufgegeben. Im 8. Versuch musste ich schon die Maschenanzahl erhöhen, da diese nicht annähernd auf eine XL zugeschnitten ist. Bereits der Halsausschnitt ist wesentlich enger als auf dem Bild, selbst bei sehr (!) lockeren Lm. Die Anleitung an sich ist gut. Schade nur, dass man selbst noch hin und her rechnen muss.

NieKohle 01.06.2017 - 13:00:

Hallo. Ich verzweifle an M1. ich habe jetzt 5 Mal angefangen und 5 Mal wieder alles aufgeribbelt, weil ich nach M1 nicht auf die angegebene Maschenzahl komme. Bei mir sind es jedes mal 20 maschen weniger als angegeben. Mir ist auch nicht ganz klar, wie ich von Runde zu Runde arbeiten kann, ohne eine sichtbare Kante zwischen Rundenende und Rundenanfang zu erhalten. Außerdem bin ich mir nicht sicher, wie ich M1 zu lesen habe. Von links nach recht in jeder Runde? Vielen Dank schonmal.

DROPS Design 01.06.2017 kl. 13:42:

Liebe NieKohle, Diagram lesen Sie von unten nach oben und jede Runde von rechts nach links, dh 1. Rd (alle Größe): *1 Stb, 1 Lm, 1 M springen, 1 Stb, 1 Lm, 1 M springen*, von *-* wiederholen. Bei 2. Rd: *1 Stb um die Lm, 1 Lm, um die nächste Lm häkeln Sie: 1 Stb, 1 Lm, 1 Stb*, von *-* wiederholen (= 1 Stb wird in jedem M.1 zugenommen). Viel Spaß beim häkeln!

Silke 23.04.2017 - 09:33:

Hallo, ich beziehe mich auf die Anleitung nachdem ich M1 gehäkelt haben. Ich verstehe nicht, wie ich eine Luftmasche in Stäbchen häkle? Mir ist klar, Stäbchen in Luftmasche zu häkeln, aber wie häkle ich eine Luftmasche irgendwo hinein? :-) Sorry, bin Anfängerin und vielleicht klingt die Frage etwas ungewöhnlich. Bin aber gerade etwas hilflos!

DROPS Design 24.04.2017 kl. 09:54:

Liebe Silke, Sie werden jetzt wie im letzten Runde in M.1 häkeln:1 Stb um jeder Luftmasche und 1 Luftmasche über jedes Stb. Viel Spaß beim häkeln!

Suzie De Feijter 20.04.2017 - 21:22:

Wat doe ik verkeerd? Ik heb na M1 44 lboogjes ipv 105

DROPS Design 24.04.2017 kl. 16:06:

Hallo Suzie, Vanaf hier kan ik helaas niet goed meekijken wat er bij jou precies verkeerd is gegaan. Misschien kun je nog een keer heel goed het patroon door lezen. Heb je ook de meerderingen gemaakt die beschreven zijn in de tekst? En heb je telpatroon M1 voor jouw maat genomen?

Janice 13.04.2017 - 13:14:

Thanks for the reply on my question regarding increasing in this pattern at the beginning. I had figured out the part about dividing the stitches by the amount needed to increase but here is my dilemma: I have 54 sc and need to increase by 22. 54 divided by 22 is 2.45 so no matter which way I crochet this I only end up with 18 on the increase. I have tried increasing after every 2nd stitch, with various compilations but nothing works out to 22 on the increase. HELP :)

DROPS Design 18.04.2017 kl. 08:50:

Dear Janice, you will work 2 sts, inc in next st, and repeat this all the round a total of 18 times (= 18x3= 54 sts), finishing with 4 sc: 18 x 4 + 4= 76 sc. Happy crocheting!

Janice 11.04.2017 - 14:28:

New to crochet and haven't worked in diagrams. I am having a hard time with increasing from 56 stitches to 78 at the beginning of the pattern. How do I work out where I do the increase on the sc.

DROPS Design 12.04.2017 kl. 12:03:

Dear Janice, you will find here how to increase evenly on a round. Happy crocheting!

Lee 16.03.2017 - 07:02:

Can I please ask how many gms of yarn you use for this pattern. Many thanks Lee

DROPS Design 16.03.2017 kl. 08:57:

Dear Lee, you will find total amount of yarn required under tab "Materials", ie in size S for example, you need 200 g DROPS Alpaca + 300 g DROPS Cotton Viscose. Happy crocheting!

Valeria 15.01.2017 - 22:27:

Buongiorno una piccola domanda... quando inizio la seconda riga del diagramma m1 devo fare una maglia alta e poi 2 maglie alte in catenella a venire, oppure una maglia alta, 2maglie alte nella successiva, una maglia alta, 2nella successiva e così via? Grazie per l'aiuto

DROPS Design 15.01.2017 kl. 23:09:

Buongiorno Valeria. Lavora il secondo giro come segue: * 1 maglia alta nell’arco di catenelle, 1 catenella, 1 maglia alta nell’arco di cat successivo, 1 catenella, 1 maglia alta nello stesso arco di catenelle, 1 catenella * ; ripete queste istruzioni su tutto il giro. Buon lavoro!

Katrine Jensen 11.10.2016 - 19:54:

Når jeg skal igang med M2, så er der en stm som laves ned i ingenting? Jeg forstår simpelthen ikke de første to omgange. Eller jo - det er luftmaskebuer som jeg har lavet hele vejen, men hvordan starter jeg de to omgange? Når jeg starter med en stm, som jeg har gjort i foregående rækker, så vil jeg vel ende med 144 masker igen, men så tager jeg en ind på næste række, så passer maskeantallet ikke med 8*18 masker. Jeg må have misforstået noget, men hvad? :)

DROPS Design 12.10.2016 kl. 12:45:

Hej Karin. Jeg er ikke 100%, men jeg vil sige st denne förste st hörer til den sidste st fra sidste omg (se til sidst paa diagrammet - der har du 2 st - og der mangler en st). Dette var nok den nemmeste maade at tegne det paa. Saa jeg vil sige du starter med 1 st i den sidste st fra sidste omg, saa du kan starte en ny omgang med 1 lm, spring förste st over osv.

Barbara 29.09.2016 - 08:32:

Lovely pattern! I need to increase the neck line and underarm. Can I just start with more chains for the neck opening and increase the underarm from 8 stitches to 12?

DROPS Design 29.09.2016 kl. 09:16:

Dear Barbara, we are unfortunately not able to adjust every pattern to each individual request, you will have to recalculating with your gauge and required finished measurements - Further personnal assistance will be provided by the store where you bought your yarn. Happy crocheting!

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