DROPS Baby / 14 / 28

Funny Jester by DROPS Design

Hat and soft toys in Alpaca

Size: 1/3 – 6/9 – 12/18 months (2 – 3/4 years)
To fit head circumference: 40/42 – 42/44 – 44/46 (48/50 – 50/52) cm

Materials: Alpaca
150-150-150 (200-200) g colour no 2917, light turquoise
Drops circular needle and double pointed needle size 4.5mm

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Pattern instructions

NOTE: This pattern is written in British English. All measurements in charts are in cm. For conversion from cm to inches - click here. There are different terms for crocheting in British and American English. If this pattern includes crochet, click for "crochet terms" here. For this pattern in American English, please click here.
Knitting tension: 18 sts x 23 rows with 2 threads of Alpaca on needles size 4.5mm in stocking sts = 10 x 10 cm.

Garter sts (on circular needle): Knit 1 round, purl 1 round

Knit round from bottom up.
Cast on 144-153-162 (180-198) sts with 2 strands of Alpaca on needle size 4.5mm and knit 8 rounds garter sts – see above. Continue in rib as follows: *P7, K2*, repeat from *-*. When piece measures 3-4-4 (5-5) cm dec all purled sections to 6 by purling tog the first 2 purled sts = 128-136-144 (160-176) sts on round. Repeat the dec on every other row a total of 4 times = 64-68-72 (80-88) sts (= P2, K2 all the way round). Piece now measures approx 7-8-8 (9-9) cm. Continue in rib until piece measures 11-12-13 (14-15) cm and insert a marking thread mid back and mid front. Measure piece from here from now on! Continue in stocking sts. When piece measures 1-2-2 (3-4) cm from marking threads put the 10-10-12 (12-14) sts mid front on a thread (= opening for the face).
Read all of the following section before knitting it!
Knit stocking sts back and forth on needle, at the same time dec 1 st each side on every other row a total of 2-2-2 (3-4) times. At the same time inc 1 st on both sides of marking thread mid back on every other row a total of 4-4-4 (5-5) times. After all inc and dec are complete there are 58-62-64 (72-76) sts on row. When piece measures 11-12-13 (14-15) cm inc each side towards mid front on every other row: 1 st 4-4-4 (5-5) times. Now cast on 6-6-8 (8-12) sts towards mid front over the opening = 72-76-80 (90-98) sts. Continue round on circular needle. When piece measures 19-21-22 (24-26) cm from marking thread cast off all sts loosely.

Assembly: Fold the hat double and sew top seam with neat sts. Pick up approx 68 to 88 sts, incl sts from thread (divisable by 4) with 2 threads of Alpaca on needle size 4.5mm round the opening for the face. Purl 1 round, knit 1 round and continue in rib, K2, P2. When the edge measures 4-4-5 (5-6) cm cast off in rib. Fold the edge double towards the wrong side and attach.

Make two pompons with a diameter of approx 4 cm and attach to each side at the top of hat.

SOFT TOYS: see pattern 13-34

Comments (60)

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May Lindstrøm 11.09.2018 - 14:21:

Hei. Nå har jeg fulgt oppskriften til punkt og prikke men har ikke fått den med sånne "ører" som pong pongene skal sitte på. Ifølge oppskriften skal jeg nå lage en søm på midten av hodet men på bildet er det ikke en sånn søm. Hvor står det hvordan jeg skal få til sånn det er på bildet? Den blir jo helt ordinær uten.

DROPS Design 12.09.2018 kl. 15:04:

Hej May, jo men hjørnerne i hver side formes automatisk, når du har syet huen sammen ovenpå hovedet fra side til side. Huen formes af barnets hoved. God fornøjelse!

BRUNEL Anne 23.05.2017 - 06:29:

Malgré le forum, je ne comprends pas . Ma cagoule finie les petites pinces sont côté cou, en bas de la cagoule. ...A l envers! Où me suis je trompée? Merci de me répondre

DROPS Design 23.05.2017 kl. 09:01:

Bonjour Mme Brunel, essayez de montrer votre ouvrage à votre magasin ou de poster une photo sur le forum, il sera ainsi plus facile de vous répondre et de vous aider en voyant ce que vous avez fait. Bon tricot!

Lathe 04.12.2016 - 19:02:

"Monter ensuite côté milieu devant pour au dessus de l'ouverture 6-6-8 (8-12) m = 72-76-80 (90-98) m. ." je ne comprends pas ces explications , que dois je faire et où? merci pour votre réponse

DROPS Design 05.12.2016 kl. 09:54:

Bonjour Mme Lathe, montez ces mailles en fin de rang de chaque côté, vous augmentez maintenant pour le dessus de la tête et quand toutes les mailles sont montées, continuez en rond. Bon tricot!

Nana 25.10.2016 - 13:41:

Was bedeutet bitte "gegen vorne aufnehmen"?

DROPS Design 25.10.2016 kl. 14:11:

Liebe Nana, die Aufnahmen sind gegen vorne gemacht, dh am Anfang und am Ende jeder Reihe, und neue Maschen sind dann angeschlagen, um die Mütze zu "schliessen" und die Arbeit ist dann wieder in der Runde gestrickt.

KarenMarie Skytte 20.01.2016 - 13:21:

Hej Et spørgsmål til opskrift babydrops 14-28 Jeg er usikker på hvad der forståes med at at tage ud "Når arb måler 11-12-13 (14-15) cm tages der ud i hver side mod midt foran på hver 2.p: 1 m 4-4-4 (5-5)" skal man dele mellem de to mærkninger? Tusind tak 😊

DROPS Design 09.03.2016 kl. 16:16:

Hej Jo du tager 1 m ud i hver side mod midt foran på hver 2.p, så du får flere masker mod ansigtet. God fornøjelse!

Jocelyne Moreau 12.01.2016 - 13:40:

Quel type d'augmentation et de diminution utilisez vous sur ce modèle?

DROPS Design 13.01.2016 kl. 10:40:

Bonjour Mme Moreau, quand aucune indication ne figure dans les explications, vous pouvez utiliser votre méthode préférée pour diminuer/augmenter. Bon tricot!

Arlene 13.09.2015 - 13:34:

Could you please explain mid front and mid back? don't quite understand how many sts on either side. Thank you

DROPS Design 14.09.2015 kl. 09:19:

Dear Arlene, you should have same number of sts between markers, in 1st size for ex. you have a total of 64 sts, you will have 32 sts between both markers. Happy knitting!

Neval 17.04.2015 - 22:55:

Many thanksss dear DROPS Design

Neval 17.04.2015 - 22:52:

Many thanksss dear DROPS Design :)

Neval 16.04.2015 - 11:49:

Please send video this model, thank you

DROPS Design 16.04.2015 kl. 13:00:

Dear Mrs Neval, you will find related videos to that pattern under tab "videos" at the right side of the picture, find more under our video index. You are welcome to ask your question here or to contact your DROPS Store for any individual assistance. Happy knitting!

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